Sydenham #9
115.0 to 131.4 km

Date: July 13, 2015

Weather:  Sunny, hot and muggy.

 Today Carolyn and Ann joined us for the hike.  We hiked the East Linton Access Trail to the main trail.  We dropped through a narrow crevice and for the next kilometre followed a series of spectacular crevices.

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Christine, Andy, Karen (our leader), Steve, Carolyn, Case, Helgy. and Ann Giles took the picture.

We then ascended to the top of the Escarpment for a fabulous view the passed through a mature forest where old stumps left by loggers a century ago are still scattered throughout the understorey.  This area is known at The Glen as it is like a bay of beautiful treetops.

We turned west and headed down through a crevice to the bottom of the Escarpment.  We crossed a stream and reached a field before re-entering a forest to the left.   The trail was through high ferns.

A short distance later we entered BTC-owned property by a large hay field and followed a fence line west for almost one km before turning sharply to the right along another fence line, before entering another hardwood forest. 

We continued north and slowly emerged from the overlying glacial tilt before crossing Lindonwood Rd.


More to come .....

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Deep Roots and Tall Trees
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