Iroquoia #1x
0.0 km to 2.1 km

March 30, 2015

Weather:  Cloudy and coldish.

This is Fourty Mile Creek, the end of the Niagara Section and the start of Iroquoia. I made up this 2.1 km in conjunction with the Monday morning hikers.

From the bridge we hiked along Gibson Street for 50 m and then turned left and climbed steadily to the top of the Escarpment.

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Steve and Case
Karen was our leade and photographer

From the top we turned right and followed the Escarpment brow north to several lookout points at Grimsby Point Bluff.

From here we took the Grimsby Point Side Trail to the Beamers Falls Side Trail to Beamers Falls. 

After observing the falls we made our way back to the beach to our cars.

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Deep Roots and Tall Trees
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