Sydenham #4
44.0 km to 60.5 km

Date: June 19, 2015

Weather: Sunny, Cool, Breezy

 We started by hiking the rest of the re-route on the River Kwai Side Trail.  We crossed an old logging road and meandered through a hardwood forest for 1.5 km.  We then hiked through a field before crossing the River Kwai Bridge.  We turned right onto the St. Vincent-Sydenham Townline and followed it for 400 m to reach the intersection of Sideroad 24 to meet the main trail again. 

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View of Georgian Bay from the escarpment.

Richard, Steve, Andy, Karen, Christine, Helgy and Case.
Ann Giles joined us on this hike and took the picture.

We continued northeast to the escarpment edge.  The views for next 2.5 km over Georgian Bay were magnificent as we hiked along the scarp edge though the mixed cedar and hardwood forest.  We passed part of the Meaford Land Forces Training Centre. 

We continued past the National Defence property where the dust of tanks manuvering could be seen off in the distance.

We then headed south to St. Vincent-Sydenham townline.  We continued for 5.7 kms on the road to the end of the hike and drove home.

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Deep Roots and Tall Trees
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