Niagara #6
70.6 km to 80.4 km

April 30 2015

Weather: Sunny and warm with a little breeze.

We started the hike at the Mountain View Conservation Area and climbed steeply to the top of the escarpment through a mixed forest to Walker Road. The trail was very rocky with lots of crevices and several ups and downs.  The floor of the forest was covered with wild flowers including trilliums, dutchmans breeches, dog tooth violets - also known as trout lillies, blood roots, violets, coltfoot and many others.

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Case, Christine and Andy
Karen, our leader and photographer

We hiked Walker Road to Thirty Road before descending into a wooded area crossing Thirty Mile Creek at a waterfall.

We continued along the escarpment through woods and clearings over stream beds to Park Road.

We climbed Park Road to Ridge Rd. East following Ridge Rd. East for 200 metres to a steep downhill through the woods.  We followed the crest of the escarpment back to Ridge Road which we followed for 500 metres.  After passing the intersection of Russ Road we entered a road allowance and continued along the escarpment brow and steeply climbed to the intersection of Mountain Road and Ridge Road.

We continued along Mountain Road for 50 metres before turning left onto the Escarpment.  We descended steeply to Mountain Road.  After 100 metres we turned left onto Gibson Street and continued across the pedestrian bridge over Forty Mile Creek, the end of the hike.

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Deep Roots and Tall Trees
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