Peninsula #1
0.00 km to 5.80 km

Date: September 15, 2015

Weather: Warm and sunny 

This hike was an extension of the last Sydenham section. Peninsula #1 starts at the waterfront park in Wiarton and finished at the cemetary in Colpoy's Bay.

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We followed Bayview St out of Wiarton past the Marina and the water treatment plant walking along the lake edge until we reached the magnificent spiral staircase leading up to the Corran ruins.

We emerged from a cattle pasture to cross Bruce Rd 9 just above the village of Colpoy's Bay. The trail takes the back-roads and fields behind the village and we joined Bruce Rd 9 again at the end of the village at Kribbs Mill.

At the mill there was a wooded stream, little water fall and some comfortable benches, so after getting their shoes from the car at the cemetery that was where the car-less waited for the their shuttle.

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Deep Roots and Tall Trees
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