Blue Mountain #3
30.1 to 47.1 km

Date: November 4, 2015

Section from the Devil's Glen Provincial Park parking lot on Hwy 124, to the Pretty River Access Trail at km 47.1. A feature of this section is the Standing Rock and Caves.

We left Oakville at 7 am and drove into fog on Hwy 10. There was an accident south of Orangevlle that resulted in us losing about half an hour of hiking time. To save time Steve and Ann dropped the the hikers off at the Devil's Glen Prov. Park to start their hike. They then proceeded to park the second car at the north end of the hike, returned to Devils Glen and struck out in 'Hot Persuit' to catch the rest of us. Lovely fall weather +/- 20C and sunny.

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Todays hikers; Steve, Ann, Case, Andy, Christine, Helgy and Karen our leader.

We left the parking lot and headed west about 50 m, turn left off the road following the 
edge of the escarpment were came upon this field of Milkweed going to seed.

We soon came back out at Hwy 124 where we crossed the fence and the the highway

We hiked along the side of a cornfield then turned left into a hardwood forest

Here we met a local porcupine taking advantage of the good weather.

At km 32.7 the Trail turns right on to Concession 10 and we follow it for 2.5 km.

More pictures to come ....

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Deep Roots and Tall Trees
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