Blue Mountains #1
0.00 km to 16.3 km

Date: November 10, 2015

Section from the intersection of Lavender Hill Road and Centre Road to the intersection of Con. 10, S. Nottawasaga and 12/13 Side Road.

We left Oakville at 7 am and saw a lot of frost on the ground north of the GTA. We dropped off the first car at the end and drove back to the Lavender Cemetary to start our hike.

The weather started out sunny and warm until about noon when it clouded over and got a bit cooler. Perfect hiking weather.

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Todays hikers; Karen, our leader, Andy, Christine and Case.

We struck out north from the cemetary for m 550 to the tiny community of Lavender 
where the Blue Mountain Section actually starts.

At km 1.4 the Trail enters the Noisy River Nature Preserve. Over the next 2 kms the Trail moves  in and out of the woods and crosses pasture land to reach the escarpment edge and a senic outlook.

The Trail crosses the Noisy River where we begin the climb out of the valley. After a stop for elevesies we reach Simcoe Roadd 9, turn right for km 650 and turn left onto Concession 10.

Cattails going to seed

Refurbished School House at the corner of 6/7 Sideroad and 10th Concession.

Hiker's Lunch ..............................Woodpecker's Lunch ....

We hiked north on the 10th Concession to the 12/13 Sideroad where the car was parked.

After another successful and satisfying hike we arrive at the car just as it starts to rain.
We picked up the other car and headed home to Oakville.

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Deep Roots and Tall Trees
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