Niagara - 15.2 km to 29.8 km

December 15, 3016

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June 10, 2015 




We hiked this section from The Decew House to the Woodend Parking Lot.It was a cold day -10C with a stiff breeze and we decided to hike west to east so the wind would be at our back.

Picture to the right; Glendale Ave. Bridge across the Welland Canal

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Today's hikers; John; Ann our leader; Christine; Annette; Eric; Steve; Stefan and Case

Lake Moodie

We see Brock University through the trees.

Tom Hortons in the middle of the hike, what a treat !

The remnants of a lock on the 2nd Welland Canal

The 1st Welland Canal was constructed in 1824 with 40 wooden locks. The 2nd canal was built along the same route through the town of St. Catherines in 1842 with 27 locks constructed of limestone, 14m x 82m.

The 3rd canal was constructed east of the present canal in 1887 with26 locks, 14m x 82m.

The 4th and final canal, shown here has 8 locks, 24m x 262m. This is the Twin Flight Locks as seen from the Glenview Ave Bridge.

Crossing the stile at Taylor Road. The cars, a welcome sight, are in the Woodend parking lot across the road.

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Deep Roots and Tall Trees
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