Peninsula #7
86.7 km to 98.1 km

Date: September 21, 2015

Four of us drove up from Oakville and we met Case at Hepworth. We proceeded to the Cape Chin South Road at 98.1 km and drove back to the start of our hike at the end of the Richmond Access Trail on Forty Hills Road. We then hiked in to km 86.2 on the main trail. It was beautiful hiking weather and no bugs!

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Case, Andy, Christine, Helgy and our current leader, Steve

The trail continues to the scarp edge where it turns left and climbs up to the White Bluff.

A beautiful view from the White Bluff across Whippoorwill Bay to Lion's Head Point.

Looking along beach toward Cape Chin

We made our way from the top of the escarpment down to the beach.

Andy misses the shot of a lifetime ......

Back up on the escarpment we came across an impressive rock slide that must have occured in 'recent' times.

After about five hours of magnificent hiking .... the car !   We drove back to the Forty Hills parking lot to pick up the other cars. I had missed hiking the previous section so it was suggested I hike into Loin's Head and pick up about 6 km on the previous leg. Helgy  drew the short straw and 'volunteered' to join me. (Thanks Helgy)

We hiked along the shore road, looking north across Whippoorwill Bay towards White Bluff

Looking south towards Loin's Head Point.

At Lion's Head we checked into our motel, a view from our rooms, and then had our evening meal on the outside porch of Rachel's Bakery.

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Deep Roots and Tall Trees
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