Iroquoia #4
34.1 km to 46.1 km

January 8, 2015

Cloudy, windy and cold at -16C, with some sun later.  

From the Sam Lawrence Park (Jolly Cut) Hamilton we took the access side trail to the main trail. We followed the Jolly Cut down a paved sidewalk over Claremont Access to the underpass under Arkledun Avenue, where we put on our icers.

We gradually ascended a wooded ridge parallel to the Claremont Acecess and reached the sidewalk along the elevated road at the end of the James St. steps. The sidewalk took us over James Mountain Rd. We continued along the the trail crossing Beckett Drive and continued around Reservior Park and crossed the Dundurn Steps.

We continued through the woods before we descended along the lower part of the Chedoke Creek to an old railway line which operated from 1908 to 1931.  The line is now called the Chedoke Radial Trail.  We climbed a long set of steps leading to a lookout over Lower Chedoke Falls.

We climbed back into the woods above the Chedoke Civic Golf Course before reaching a set of metal steps which we descended to the golf club parking lot. 

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Case, Richard the co-leader, Helgy & Steve. Our leader Karen was not able to take any pictures after the first one because hrr camera froze up.  


We followed the radial railway line and entered the Iroquoia Heights Conservation Area and continued along the railway line through woods and open meadows before crossing over Highway 403 on the paved footpath to Filman Road.

At the end of the road we re-entered the woods.  After crossing a bridge we ascended to the escarpment brow and then descended sharply to Wilson Street.  We crossed the road and continued through a wooded and rocky area and descended to small creek before crossing Old Dundas Road.

We followed the trail along Ancaster Creek to Sherman Falls.  The falls was completely frozen; although we could here a small trickle of water under the ice.  We continued to Sherman Falls Access Trail and took the access trail back to our parked car. It was a cold, but beautiful hike.

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