Peninsula #10
126.6 to 140.7 km

Date: October 7, 2015

When we stepped out of our motel room before 7:00 am there was a light rain but it had stopped by the time we finished breakfast. We had found out the Emmett Lake Road was cloased to construction but we were able to get a car into the Parking Lot on the HalfwayDump Side Trail. We then drove to the Natioal Park Gate on Crane Lake Road to start the hike.

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Our leader Richard, Christine, Andy, Helgy, Steve and Case.  

It had rained the night before and as we started out we came across this feild still shrouded in mist and the cedats dripping with water

The ultimate 'Corduroy Road'  .... should have a sign 'Slippery when Wet' !

Should we ask him to join us?    Only if he promises to behave.

"Where do you think the rest of them went Andy ?"
"Maybe we were taking too many pictures and they got tired of waiting ?"

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Deep Roots and Tall Trees
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