Beaver Valley #8
98.7 km to 113.8 km

May 22, 2015

Weather:  Coldish and windy

After a great breakfast at thr Rocklyn Inn we positioned the cars and started the hike at the 3rd Line and Sideroad 25.  It was another perfect hiking day - coldish and windy with no bugs.

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Helgy, Christine, Case and Steve.
Karen our leader is also our photographer

We followed Sideroad 25 to the west and entered the Webwood Falls Property. The property contains the Webwood Falls which is fed by five coldwater streams that successfully spawn many species of fish. We followed Sideroad 25 to the west and entered the Webwood Falls Property.   This property was donated to the BTC in 2011.

On the property is the site of an old mill, of which a small stone wall is still visible beside the stream above the waterfall.  The water is falling over the Manitoulin Formation, a fine-layered dolostone and cutting into the Queenston Formation shale below.

We continued northwest and followed a row of walnut trees and a small stream to an open field and headed north.

We reached the Fairmount Wetlands complex and entered a sugar maple/hemlock forest passing between several types of wetlands.  These wetlands include both open marsh where wood duck boxes are maintained and an unusual sedge fen.   As we left the forest we crossed an open field to Grey Rd. 40.

Case, Steve and Helgy complete the Beaver Valley section.  Thanks to our intrepid leader, Karen, who just can't stop walking .........
We hopped into our cars and headed back to Oakville, meeting at Timmy's in Shelburne.

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