Peninsula #8
98.1 km to 114.1 km

Date: September 22, 2015

We had intended to get an early start on Tuesday morning but we were not able to get breakfast in Lion's Head before 8 am. We left Rachel's about 9 and drove to the Community Parking Lot on Dyer's Bay Road. We left two cars there and drove to back to the start where the Trail crosses the Cape Chin South Road at 98.1 km. It was beautiful hiking weather and no bugs!

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Case, Helgy, Andy, Christine and
our current leader, Steve

We climbed to the top of the escarpment and encountered several excellent lookouts over Georgian Bay.

At the tip of Cape Chin the trail turned inland where we encountered a beaver pond

We crossed several pastures and reached the Cape Chin North Road. We walked about 600 m and turned into the woods where we stopped for 'Elevensies'.

We came out to the escarpment edge where there was a spectacular vista of Dyer's Bay to the north and we stopped here for lunch.

We stopped at the Devil's Monument and took the stairs down to the base of the 'flower pot'.

From the Michiganers Arch we folowed the trail north to Dyer's Bay Road and our cars.

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Deep Roots and Tall Trees
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