Beaver Valley #7
85.3 km to 98.7 km

May 21, 2015

Weather:  Sunny, cool and windy

We started the hike on Sideroad 13A and walked along the Escarpment edge into a mature forest.  At Sideroad 16C we turned left and headed west for 800m.  

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Steve, Helgy, Christine and Case
Karen, our leader, is also our photographer.

We then turned right into a field and passed through dense hardwood growth and open fields, with many apple trees in bloom. 

We then reached Sideroad 19.  We turned right and hiked for 300 m before entering a field where we came upon a bridge.  Here we had our elevensies overlooking a beaver pond before entering a cedar bush.

Lunch break ..... and then we continued east to the 3rd Line. 

We turned left and followed the 3rd Line road allowance to Sideroad 25, the end of the hike. We picked up the othwr car and went the Rocklyn Inn to fereshen up and the off to the Leaky Canoe in Meaford for the Wednesday special, two for one hamburgers.

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Deep Roots and Tall Trees
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