Dufferin Hi-Land #3
29.4 km to 41.7 km

Date: November 25, 2015

Section from the BTC Parking Lot on 1st Line East just south od Dufferin County Road 17 to the intersection of Prince of Wales Drive and 20 Sideroad in Mulmur Township.

We got out of our car as the sun broke through the early morning fog with a temp of about -3C. It remained a sunny day with temp rising to about 5C.

Today's Hikers: Andy; Karen our leader; Steve and Case

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We started out at the BTC parking area and walked about 120m north on 1st Line East before turning left into a forest of cedar and alder. As you can see we had about 2 inches of nice white snow underfoot.

The Trail follows the base of a dolostone outcrop and eventually reaches the top where
 crevices and caves abound.

At the top of the escarpment the trail passes through a mature hardwood bush

The Trail breaks out onto County Road #17 and we turn right at Whitfield Church 
onto Centre Road

The Trail follows Centre Road north and make a lengthy descent into the Pine River Valley
 arriving at the River Road. We follow the River Rd for 200 m and turn left just before a 
bridge over the Pine River.

The Trail enters the Pine River Provincial Fishing Area and follows the riverbank past the 
 concrete shell of the Dufferin Light and Power Company generating station

The Trail turns right and follows the banks of the Pine River Fishing Pond.

We took a 70 m side trail to the Bell Lookout where we had our Elevnsies

We attempted to identify the many tracks the appeared in the fresh snow.  The prints on the left are Lepus europaeus, most common Hare in Southern Ontario.  The track on the right was identified as that of the  Andras Debreceni, rare north of the  GTA but recently spotted along various sections of the Bruce Trail.

The print on the left is most likely that of a Odocoileus virginianus or commonly know as a White Tailed Deer. The trail on the right looks like that of a dog but Steve was adamant that it must be a Lynx rufus, commonly know as the Bobcat.

The Trail goes through mixes forests and after climbing to a lookout we desceend to Prince of Wales Road which we then follow back to our car. We picked up the other car and drove to Timmy's at Orangeville for sustinance and then home to Oakville

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