Peninsula #2
5.80 km to 20.6 km

Date: September 16, 2015

Weather: Warm and sunny 

Cars were positioned and we started at the Colpoy’s Bay Cemetery. It was ideal hiking weather,warm and sunny.

The bench opposite was located on the Bruce Trail by friends of Sharon France. Sharon, an ardent Bruce Trail hiker, unfortuately passed away suddenly in 2009.

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Leader Richard, Ann, Karen co-leader, Liz guest hiker, Helgy, Steve, Christine, Andy and Case

After skirting a hay field (where Wiarton Willie was obviously glad to see the last of us) and going through an old orchard we were in the trees skirting the edge of the escarpment along Colpoy’s Bay Bluff

We passed the Whicher Side Trail and near the Mallory Beach Side Trail we came across Sharon’s Bench. This is the view from the bench

The trail continued along the bluff edge with occasional spectacular lookouts over Colpoy’s Bay. The surprising lack of elevation change, shade from the trees and firm if occasionally rocky footing, made the hike very pleasant and we were able to maintain a good pace.

This continued all the way to Malcom Bluff where we had great views of the islands at the mouth of Colpoy’s bay, Hay, Griffiths and White Cloud

After Malcom’s Bluff the trail dropped down to follow the escarpment edge northwards. We remained in mature forest and came across some large blocks of dolostone tilting off the edge of the escarpment, apparently in danger of falling at any time. With the occasional view of Kings Point Bluff and Jones Bluff ahead we quickly found Coveney’s ST and headed out to the car.  


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Deep Roots and Tall Trees
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