Peninsula #11
140.7 to 146.5 km

Date: October 8, 2015

After our breakfast at the Leeside Restaurant in Tobermory we dropped off a car at Cyprus Lake and then headed down the Emmett Lake Road to the Halfway Dump Side Trail parking.

The weather was warm and sunny, great hiking weather.

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Case, Steve, Andy, Christine, Helgy and our leader Richard

We follow the Halfway Dump Side Trail for 900 m to the Georgian Bay shoreline

Clinging to the edge of the escarpment the Trail heads west toward Cove Point 
where it emerges on a dolostone shelf.

From The Storm Haven Overnight Rest Area we head along a logging road 
and emerge at a boulder beach


Another boulder beach

Halfway Rock Point

Indian Head Cove

We visit the Grotto and after a strenuous climb down Steve explores the Grotto.

The green water is where the underwater cave connects with the lake.
Then it dawns on Steve he has to find a way out .

We reach the boulder beach and turn on to the Marr Lake Side Trail 
that takes us to the parking lot in the Cypress Lake National Park

Marr Lake

On the shore of Cypress Lake we came across two red chairs that were immediately occupied 
by Helgy and Christine. Apparently Parks Canada has located 'Red Chairs' in most parks 
across Canada at stratigic scenic locations.

After retrieving our cars we headed down Highway 6 for the long dive back to Oakville.
(by way of Tim Horton's)

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Deep Roots and Tall Trees
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