Caledon Hills #1
0.00 km to 18.3 km

Date: April 14, 2016

We hiked this section from North to South, starting at the intersection of Willoughby Road and Escarpment Sideroad, km 18.3, to the parking area at the north end of Chinguacousy Road at km 2.5. The section of the Trail from km 11.3 to km 14.1 was closed requiring us to follow the Quarryman's Side Trail. The actual distance hiked would be about km 12.5.
The section 0.00 to 2.59 km was hiked Feb. 2, 2016 when I hiked the last Toronto Section for the 2nd time 5a.

The weather was perfect for hiking, sunny and about 4 -5 C.

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Today's hikers; Case; Andy; Stefan; Anita; Karen our leader; John G; Micheal; Helgy; Christine; Liz; Annette; Eric and John Nourse.

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Deep Roots and Tall Trees
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