Niagara 5a
55.0 km to 70.6 km

Date: January 6, 2016
(Second Time)

This Section was started at the Ball's Falls Conservation Area parking lot to the Mountainview Conservation Area parking lot on Mountainview Road. The weather was cool and sunny.

We left the parking lot at Ball's Falls Conservation Area and followed the west bank of the Twelve Mile Creek south. where we got an excellent view of the ice covered falls.

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Today's hikers: Case; Ann; Andy; Karen our leader; Christine; Steve; Helgy and Richard.

We left the parking lot at Ball's Falls and followed the west bank of the 
Twelve Mile Creek south. where we got a good view of the falls.

The Trail turns west, crosses a stream to Fifth Line.

We cross Victoria Avenue, then follow a hedgerow through a couple of meadows 
and into a wooded area.

The Trail passes the Vineland Estate Winery and crosses Moyer Road. At the crest
 of the hill, it enters the woods and begins a diagonal descent of the escarpment.


The Trail climbs steeply over a ridge and dolstone boulders to the escarpment crest.
Icers were a definite advantage when traversing this climb.

"Wow, that's a big step"

Several interesting rock formations are found here. Large slabs, left by glaciers,
sit atop the escarpment.

Your guess is as good as mine  ??.
One of our party observed "It certainly isn't a bobcat."

After passing through the East Dell Estate Winery property the Trail goes along the road
and passes the Mike Weir Winery. It then turns left onto Locust Lane and right onto Mountainview Road.

We reached the car parked in the lot on Mountainview Road after another great hike in
good weather.

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Deep Roots and Tall Trees
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