Iroquoia #3a
23.2 km to 34.1 km

Second Time
January 28, 2016

We hiked this section from West to East starting at the Sam Lawrence Park Side Trail km 34.1 and finishing at the Felker's Falls Conservation Area.

The weather was overcast and the temperature was just below freezing. 

The picture of downtown Hamilton on the right was taken from the Sam Lawrence Park Side Trail at the Jolly Cut.

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Today's Hikers; Richard; Ann; Andy; Micheal; John G; John N; Eric; Anita; Karen, our leader; Annette; Christine; Steve; Helgy and Case.

We parked the cars on the brow of the escarpment at the Sam Lawrence Park, popularly known as the Jolly Cut. We followed the Side Trail down to km 34.1 of the Bruce Trail.

It soon became evident we would all have to wear our icers.

After a short hike we emerged from the woods and crossed the Sherman Access.

We descended the Wentworth Street steps to the Escarpment Rail Trail.

Lunch Break ...

We cross the Red Hill Creek'

Ice forming as water seeps out of the limestone.

Felker's Falls in January.

Back to the cars after a great hike.

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Deep Roots and Tall Trees
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