Sydenham #2
14.5 km to 29.7 km

Date: June 4, 2015

Weather: Sunny and warm.

After positioning the cars we started the hike at the highest point in the area with great views out over the Bighead River Valley.  We turned left and followed 2nd Concession S for 600 m and then turned west on the Holland-Sydenham Townline.   We followed the road for 2.7 km to the 4th Concession S. and then turned right and headed north across the Bighead River.

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Andy, Case, Steve, Helgy and Christine
Karen our leader wasthe photographer.

We turned left through old fields and young bush before climbing to another high point.  We passed the Bighead Camp site and continued west with views to the south for 1 km before making a sharp right turn. 

We headed north through forest and fields before reaching Sideroad 2, where we had our lunch.  While having our lunch we me the two individuals from Guelph again.  They mentioned that there had been logging done on the trial further up and they we going to check the trail out.  They suggested that if the trial was not passable we could take the road instead.  

We crossed the road and passed through hardwoods and a wet area to the 6th Concession S.  We continued west through a cedar forest for 200 m and made a sharp right turn heading north and east through a plantation forest before reaching the 6th Cession S again.  We turned left and followed the road for 450 m and then turned right into a thick cedar forest to Sideroad 6.  While we did notice the logging activity, the trail was very passable.  We turned right and followed the road to the next intersection and turned left onto 4th Concession S and headed north to Derry Line, where we had parked our car.

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Deep Roots and Tall Trees
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