Iroquoia #6
58.5 km to 67.6 km

January 15, 2015

Weather:  Hazy and cold with minimal wind.

After positioning the cars we started the hike at the Sydenham Lookout. We hiked the Sydenham Lookout Side Trail back to the main trail and followed the road into a small subdivision to reach Romar Drive.

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John N, John G, Mike, Annie, Ann, Steve, Case.
& Helgy, apparently still putting her boots on.
Karen Nurse was our leader and photographer.

We then entered the Royal Botanical  (RBC) Gardens Rock Chapel Nature Sanctuary which parallels the escarpment brow and then crossed a narrow concrete bridge.  We continued along the escarpment edge past a lookout with a view of Hamilton and Burlington Skyway Bridge to parking lot at Rock Chapel Road.
We continued north beside Rock Chapel Road to a bidge across Borer's Creek and then turned right into another RBC property with views of Borer's Falls.

We continued through woods and across a deep valley to Valley Road.  We crossed the road and entered another RGC property and continued to Patterson Road.  After crossing the road, we climbed the escarpment and followed its brow for 1.4 km.  We descended via a series of wooden steps to reach Old Guelph  Road.

We crossed the road and descended concrete steps and turned left to the tunnel under Highway 6.   We turned left and and climbed more concrete steps and after several turns passed the ruins of an old homestead.

We continued through woodlands and emerged at the lip of a restored quarry site and then turned a few times to cross a bridge at the Upper Quarry Cascade.   Several other trails crisscross the trail as it traverses an area of valleys and ridges.  We then crossed the railway and descended the ridge to Snake Road where we had left our cars. Of course we stopped at Timmy's on the way home.

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Deep Roots and Tall Trees
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