Descendants of Alexander TAYLOR & Margaret CUMMING

The following is a history, in genealogical format, of the descendants of Alexander TAYLOR and Margaret CUMMING. Their son William TAYLOR married Margaret BLACK and they lived in Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, through the 1840's, 50's and 60s. William and Margaret are pictured below.


William and Margaret's daughter Catherine TAYLOR (1848 - 1934) came to Canada with her uncle Davie BLACK in January 1877 and worked as a domestic for Mr. and Mrs. William BROCKIE on the Base Line of Greenock across the road from the LAMB Family farm. In October of 1877 she married William LAMB and moved into a log house on the east side of the farm then owned by William's brother Louis.

At a later time, another of William and Margaret's daughters, Hellen TAYLOR (1852 - 1929) came to Canada with uncle Davie BLACK. She married George LAMB in 1885 in Greenock Twp, Bruce County. George was the son of Jane LAMB and Catherine TAYLOR's brother-in-law.

Fortunately Catherine TAYLOR-LAMB maintained a wonderful family photo ablum that we still have today.
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Granny LAMB's Photo Album.

Katherine Louise 'Kathy' WATSON was born 1946 to John 'Jack' WATSON and Florence METCALFE in Greenock Township, Bruce County, Ontario. She is a direct descendant of the captioned couple. See Kathy's Pedigree Chart. (click on the underlined)

LAMB Family Descendant Journals. These Journals contain the Descendants of each Ancestral Family Line found on Kathy's paternal grandmother Catherie 'Kit'e LAMB, see her Pedigree Chart.

Ancestors for Catherine LAMB
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BARRON Common Ancestor
Other Ancestral Families closely associated with the
LAMB Family

For phtos of the above famlies go to Granny LAMB's Photo Album.

WATSON - METCALFE Family Ancestor (Afnentafel) Report
This Report incudes all the direct Ancestors of John "Jack" WATSON, and Florence METCALFE (Florence's adopted family.
Ancestor (Afnentafel) Reports for Kathy's biological grandparents Rene LEFEBVRE and Euphemia SAUNDERS

To see Descendant Journals connected to Kathy's father , Jack WATSON..

DNA Matches to Kathy VANDER PLAS nee WATSON on Ancestry or MyHertitage* in this Family Journal. Click on underlined to see Relationship Chart.
2nd Cousin
Betty BAKER - 270 cMs - 2nd cousin
Sharon SMITH nee COX - 135 cMs - 2nd cousin once removed.
Richard ALEXANDER - 135 cMs - 2nd cousin once removed.
Erin Lee GARDINER - 60 cMs - 2nd cousin once removed.
Sarah Marie ALEXANDER - 60 cMs - 2nd cousin twice removed.
Charlene LAMB - 58 cMs - 2nd cousin once removed.
3rd Cousin
Judith PATERSON - 94.7 cMs* - 3rd cousin.
Ann MURPHY - 49.6 cMs* - 3rd cousin.
Robert KEY - 34 cMs - 3rd cousin.
Bryon David LAMB - 8 cMs - 3rd cousin twice removed.
4th Cousin
Denelquin McGREGOR - 37 cMs - 4th cousin twice removed.
Beavdj LOW - 29 cMs - 4th cousin.
Andrew CRYLE - 29 cMs - 4th cousin twice removed.
Catherine BROWN - 20 cMs - 4th cousin.

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