Featuring the Genealogy of the Founding Families of Paisley

In this project I am attempting to trace the genealogy of the founding families of Paisley to their present day descendants. To establish these early inhabitants I used a part the 1861 Census of Elderslie Township. The area bounded by Greenock & Saugeen Townships to the West, Brant Twp. to the South, 15 Sideroad on the East and Con. VII, to the north and includes the unicorporated village of Paisley.

1880 Partial Map of the Township of Elderslie

Names transcribed from the Ontario Archives microfilm date 1954.
This project was started in Oct. 2009 and I anticipate it may go on forever.

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1861 Census of Upper Canada - Elderslie Township
Partial list in alphabetical order

ANSTEAD William, Emily and three children Brickmaker
ASSELINE Julian - Single Lumberman
BALLENTINE William - Single Wagonmaker
BANE Hugh, Margaret and three sons Shoemaker
BARBOUR James and Hannah Wagonmaker
BARNES Thomas, Mary and five children Farmer
BENNETT Robert - Single Carpenter
BLACK George, Catherine and two children Con 5, Lot 11
BOX Aron - Single Apprentice
BRADLEY Mary - grandmother  
BREMNER George, Ann and two children Minister
BRENNAN Margaret - Single Servant
BRIGGS Mary Ann and six children Labourer
BRIGGS John - single Labourer
BRIGHTIE Thomas - Single Farmer
BROWN Henry, Matilda and two children Con 2, Lot 2
BROWN Henry and five children (see above)
BROWN Robert - Single - home in Hamilton Coal Master
BRUCE W. C., Elizabeth and daughter Merchant
BUCHANAN John, Forbes and six children Farmer
BURNS Patrick, Jane and daughter Labourer
BURNS William, Single Labourer
CAMERON John, Jane and five children Carpenter
CAMERON John - Single Lumberman
CAMPLIN Robert and Ann Con 1, Lot 16
CLARK John - Single Joiner
CASSELS Robert, Amelia and son Con 2, Lot 11
CASSELS William, Isabella and son Con B, Lot 5
CASTINGAY Anselone - Single Lumberman
COCHRANE N. Ann - Single Servant
COCHRANE Robert, Janet and son Alexander Farmer
COLBOURNE Alex and Margaret Saddler
COLMAN Jane E. - Single Servant
COOPER James, Margaret and Lilly Con 4, Lot 1
COOPER Jr. James, Jessie and William Con 4, Lot 1
CRAWFORD Grace - single Servant
CRAWFORD Matilda - Single Servant
CRAWFORD Stephen, Sydney and four children Doctor
CROSSWELL William - Doretta and three daughters Labourer
CURRIE Sarah, Single Servant
DEFARGE Louis - Single Lumberman
DEWSTOW William - Widower and seven children Miller
DIVINE Andrew - Single Labourer
DOCHERTY William - Single Shoemaker
DUVAL Fador - Married Lumberman
ELVES Alexander, Sarah and son Con 7, Lot 8
ELVES Edward - Single Apprentice
ELVES Sr. William, Mary Ann & 7 children Con 7, Lot 4
EWERT Margaret - home in Stratford Married
FALCONER Robert, Mary and four children Con 5, Lot 10
FARR William and Rebecca Shoemaker
FELLOON John, Charlotte and three children Bricklayer
FITZPATRICK James, Sarah and four sons Tenant
FLEMING George, wife Ann in Sydenham Twp.  
FLEMING Nancy - Widowed Grandmother
Samuel and five siblings Con. 4, Lot 8
FLOOD Francis, Lovina and son John Con 2, Lot 12
FOLLIS Robert - Elizabeth and two children Con 5, Lot 6
FORTUNE Thomas, Elizabeth and three children Con 1, Lot 15
FULTON John, Mary and four daughters Con 2, Lot 1
GILMOUR Robert, Single Surveyor
GREAVES Edward and Mary Ann Con A, Lot 3
GREAVES George, Sarah and daughter Con 2, Lot 13
GREAVES Samuel, Catherine and two daughters Con 2, Lot 13
GREEN William, Margaret and daughter Con A, Lot 5
GRIBBLE Samuel and Ann Con 7, Lot 2
GUEST John - Single Joiner
GUINN Elizabeth, sister to Mary A. Briggs  
HANNA James, Ann and eight children Millwright
HANNA Jr. James, and Jeanie Miller
HAWKS William - Single Painter
HAY Robt. M. Charlotte and three children Merchant
HEANY Thomas - Single Labourer
HELPIN Morrish - Married Grandmother
HEMBROFF John, Ellen and two sons Con 6, Lot 3
HEMBROFF Thomas, Mary and seven children Con 7, Lot 3;
HENDERSON Helen, Single Dressmaker
HILL Charles, Ellen and daughter Surgeon
HORNELL William, Henrietta and four children Labourer
IRVING James and four children Joiner
IRVING Thomas, Mary and three children Lathe & Plasterer
JOHNSON John, Harriet and two daughters Tavernkeeper
JOHNSTON Robert, Elizabeth and four children Con A, Lot 1
JONES William and sister ANN Con 1, Lot 3
KEYES Ellen - Single Servant
KIDD William, Margaret and two children Con 1, Lot 14
KIRBY Lilly - Widowed mother-in-law James Cooper
KYLES Rachel, widow and five children Housekeeper
LAVERTY Janet - Single Servant
LEASON Andrew Lumberer
LEF AVRE Francis - Single Lumberman
LEFAVRE Hilaire - Single Lumberman
LEFAVRE Lanander - Single Lumberman
LEROUX Alex'r - Single Lumberman
LEROUX Augustin - Single Lumberman
LEROUX Gabriel - Single Lumberman
LORTIE Oliver - Single Lumberman
LYON David, Mary and eight children Con 6, Lot 1
MAL?? Isaac - single Labourer
MAY Fleming - Single Teacher
McALISTER Donald, bros Alex & Malcolm Con 6, Lot 13
McALISTER Sarah, widow Housekeeper
McARTHUR James, Elizabeth and two daughters Con 3, Lot 12
McBETH Andrew, Margaret and two children Con 3, Lot 4
McBETH Barbara, Grandmother to Thomas  
McBETH Thomas, Isabella and two children Con 3, Lot 3
McBETH William and Elizabeth Con 2, Lot 4
McBRIDE William, Mary and five children Con A, Lot 7
McCALLUM Duncan - Single Labourer
McCARTNAY John, Sarah and eight children Farmer
McCAW Daniel, Isabella and five cildren Con 1, Lot 7
McCURDY John, Catherine and three children Con 1, Lot 9
McCURDY Michael, Mary and six children Con 1, Lot 5
McDONALD Alexander - Single Boy
McDONALD Elizabeth - Single Servant
McDONALD Joseph, Margaret and three children Blacksmith
McDONELL Alex - Single Lumberman
McGILL James, Isabella and two children Con 1, Lot 12
McGILVRAY Mary - single Servant
McINTYRE David - Single Farmer
McINTYRE Donald, Janet three children Con 5, Lot 5
McINTYRE George - single Tanner
McINTYRE Hugh, Isabella and two children Con 4, Lot 11
McKECHNIE John - Single Shoemaker
McKECHNIE Neil - Single Storekeeper
McKINNEY James, Ellen and four children Shoemaker
McLEAN Allan Lumberer
McLELLAND Andrew Lumberer
McLEOD Duncan Lumberer
McMILLAN John - Single Labourer
McNEIL John - Single Lumberman
McNEILL Mary, Single Servant
McNEILL Margaret, Single Servant
McRORIE John, Christina and five children Con 3, Lot 14
McTAVISH Peter, Sarah and four children Con 7, Lot 13
McWILLIAMS Alexander, Mary and four children Con 1, Lot 1
MEIKLE Alexander Lumberer
MEIKLE Isabella married and seven children Con 3, Lot 9
MILLER John - Single Carpenter
MONTGOMERY William - Single Labourer
MORROW Robert, and Margaret Con A, Lot 5
MUNN Alexander, Flora and three children Farmer
MUNN Angus, Single Con 6, Lot 12
MUNN Donald, Catherine and daughter Farmer
MUNN Flora, Single Servant
MUNN John - Single Labourer
MUNN Neil, Barbara and five children Con 6, Lot 11
MUNROE John - Single Labourer
MURDOCH J. A., Isabella and four children Tanner
OGG David, wife Jane and six children Gardener
ORCHARD Simon, Lily and four children Farmer
ORCHARD Thomas, Christina and five children Merchant
PARKER James - single Labourer
PARKER Joseph - single Sailor
PARKER Meriah - single Servant
PARKER Nancy - widowed Housekeeper
PARKER Thomas - married Hewer
PARKHOUSE Joseph - Single Tailor
PEARCE Edward, Ann and four children Miller
PEARCE Elizabeth - home in Grey County Married
PEARCE Thomas, Isabella, son and daughter Con 6, Lot 5
PERRY ?? Joseph - Single Lumberman
PETERS Alexander - Single Cooper
PETERS John - single Tanner
PORTER John and Mary Con 3, Lot 6
PORTER Thomas - Elizabeth and son David Con 2, Lot 6
RAE George - single Labourer
RAE James, widower and 5 children Con A, Lot 17
RAE Mary - Single Servant
RANKIN Archibald Farmer
REID William - Widowed Tailor
ROBERTSON William, Rebecca and three children Shoemaker
ROBILLARD Married Lumberman
ROSS Alexander, Frances and eight children Tavernkeeper
ROSS Janet - Single Apprentice
ROSS Philip - single Servant
ROWE Samuel T, wife and five daughters Farmer
RUSOE Lencruso - Married Lumberman
SAUNDERS Robert - Single Shoemaker
SCOFFIELD Isabella - Single Servant
SCOTT James and wife Farmer
SCOTT John - Single Labourer
SCOTT William, Agnes and five children Shoemaker
SCOTT Samuel and nine children Con. 5, Lot 8
SERGISON William, Margaret and six children Tavernkeeperr
SHANNON Samuel and sister Ann Tinsmither
SHEEPY Joseph - Single Con A, Lot 7
SHEPPELL George, Margaret and six children Framer
SICKLES Jacob - Single Labourer
SICKLES Luiza - Widow and three children Housekeeper
SIMPSON Hugh - Single Labourer
SMITH David - Single Nephew
SMITH George, nephew to Sam GRIBBLE  
SMITH William - Single Tailor
SOLTON George, Margaret and daughter Labourer
SPARROW Thomas, Susan and eight children Butcher
STEELE James - Single Blacksmith
STEWART Jane - Single Milliner
STODDART John, Elizabeth and son Con B, Lot 18
TAYLOR Alexander, Margaret and two children Con 6, Lot 15
TAYLOR Neil, Ann and two children Con 5, Lot 15
TEIRS William - single Labourer
TENWARDEN John - Mary Ann and daughter Cabinetmaker
THOMSON John, Eliza and five children Blacksmith
THOMPSON Rev. P. - Single Minister
VERNINGE Frederick - Single Labourer
WALKER James, Janet and three children Tailor
WATSON James and Janet Con B. Lot 2
WATSON John - Single Apprentice
WATSON William and Jane Con B, Lot 2
WATSON William, Jane and six children Con B, Los 3 & 4
WEIR William - Single Lumberman
WELSFORD Elijah - Single Sawyer
WELSFORD James, Mary and son Labourer
WELSFORD John, Mary and two sons Labourer
WELSFORD William, and Elizabeth Labourer
WOOD Alex'r - Single Lumberman
??? Malcolm - Single Clerk

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