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Jan van der PLAS & Christina GUTTER

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John WATSON & Florence METCALFE*

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Connected Families
These are families that are not generally related
but they are all "connected" to our families in some way.

Historic Paisley Families
Families who had settled in Paisley by 1861

Early Settlers of the Glammis Area
Families who had settled in the Glammis Area

Founding Families of the Eden Grove Area
Families who had settled in the Eden Grove Area

Paisley Caledonian Games - 1948
 Bruce County Reunion Caledonian Games Official Games Program

Paisley Historic Album - 1974
 Published in Celebration of Paisley's Centennial in 1974

Paisley Public School Yearbook 1950-19511

Paisley Continuation School Yearbook 1950-1951

Saugeen District High School - Student BodyPicture
1955-1956 X X 1959-1960 X X 1961 -1962 X


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