Village of EDEN GROVE and vicinity

In our attempt to trace the genealogy of Katherine WATSON's ancestors and their connected families we have compiled several families that have their roots in this area and we would like to share our information with anyone who may be interested. We would appreciate being apprised of inaccuracies and/or errors you may identify. Please be advised that the bulk of this information has been compiled off the internet and we can not vouch for its accuracy beyond the sources indicated. This project was started in January 2011 and I anticipate it may go on forever.

A more deatailed historical account of Eden Grove and its early
inhabitants has been beautifully preserved in a booklet titled
The Early History of Eden Grove and Vicinity
written by Beatrice DALGARNO - BLACK 1916-2007

Founding Families of EDEN GROVE and Vicinity

ALEXANDER, William & Rebecca (Watson) on Lot 21, Con A of Brant Twp.
ATKINSON, William & Martha (Pearson) on Lot 34, Con A of Brant Twp.
BELBECK, Henry & Ann (Nelson) settled on Lot 9, Con XII of Brant Twp.
BUTCHART, David & Isabella (McLaggan) on Lot 10, Con XIII of Brant Twp.
DALGARNO, Robert & Elizabeth (Gregg) on Lot 37, Con A of Brant Twp.
DOUGLAS, James, Thomas & John. Douglas Hill Cemetery was on their farm
ECKFORD, John & Margaret (Christie) settled on Lot 1, Con VII of Brant Twp.
GREGG, James & Ellen (Weir) settled on Lot 36, Con A of Brant Twp.
LANCASTER, Jonathan & Ann (Snaith) lived in Eden Grove.
James & Catherine settled on Lot 1, Con XIII of Brant Twp.
SEILER, John & Barbara (Foerch) ran a carriage making business in the Grove
STANSAL, Joseph & Jane (Campbell) on Lot 25, Con A of Brant Twp.
WATSON, James & Margaret (Ledgerwood) on Lot 32, Con A of Brant Twp.
WATSON, Marshall & Kit (Lamb) retired to the village in 1947

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