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HOW WE GOT INTO THIS ....................

In 1971 my wife Kathy suggested it would be nice if someone would record her family history while some of the older generation was still available to pass on the information so we embarked on this task together. We visited with relatives we never would have met otherwise, pleasant spring days were spent wandering through quaint cemeteries, and inclement weather found us pouring over dusty books and faded microfilm in local archives and libraries.

What started out as a hobby has since become an obsession and now encompasses many additional families (all connected, just follow the *) in the Bruce County / Paisley area as well as our ancestral connections to the Netherlands. We would like this information to be available to anyone and will gladly share it with those who express an interest in it.

Please note that this information has been compiled from genealogy available on the internet and in family histories compiled and researched by others. We know there are errors and discrepancies and suggest you verify any information taken from these Journals for your own purposes.

This genealogy is by no means complete and every day opens a host of new connections and interesting historical facts about our past and future. We would be very pleased to hear from all of those reading these pages, particularly those that recognize errors and/or omissions, or have additional information that could be used to update this family history.

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The only requirement is that you send us any corrections, additions and updates.


Each Journal is a compilation of all the identified descendants of the Captioned Couple. Those families not related are 'connected'. To find the connection click on the surname with the * and it will lead you to a principal family on the Home Page.

The Journal always begins at First Generation as it pertains to the particular couple identified at the top of page one. Each generation is a new Chapter.

  • The first person identified is always #1 and the spouse is not numbered.
  • The first child is #2; the second is #3, etc. All direct descendants in the Journal are numbered.
  • Next to the numerical identifier is either M or F denoting the sex of the individual.
  • The roman numeral denotes the number of children in this specific family.
  • The plus sign (+) in front of the numerical identifier denotes this child as having children and will be repeated in the following Generation. Those without a plus sign will not go forward.
  • The small number at the end of a date and/or location identifies a source. Sources are listed in Source Citations at the end of the Journal.
  • The italicized names immediately after the individual's name denotes his ancestral line.( Alexander, Thomas, Edward ) Alexander being the subject's parent, Thomas his grandparent and Edward his great-grandparent back to Generation One.

The Journal has a list of Source Citations at the end where you can find the sources that were used to compile the database.

The Journal has an Name Index at the end where you can look up any subject and find the page(s) they are featured on.

Some Journals may have a Descendant Chart at the end. This will show the descendants in this Journal in a more simplistic way.

•  The numerical identifier at the left of the person denotes the generation they are in. The subject is #1, + denotes his spouse; his children are all #2, grandchildren #3, etc.

•  The plus sign (+) denotes the spouse of the person above.

•  The children are shown directly below the parents.

You will find the person who these Journals were intended for will be repeated in every Journal, as will their own descendants. We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed preparing it. .. Case & Kathy