Sadie Estelle Roumey

Born April 24, 1890 in Greenock Township, Bruce Co, Ontario.

9th child of Joseph ROUMEY and Mary Jane REID

Died August 18, 1917.

This is Sadie's Diary

A Brief Family History

Phillip Rummig, Sadie's grandfather was born in Germany in 1784 and came to Canada with three son about 1840 and became a Canadian citizen in 1841 at Berlin ( now Kitchener ). His son William born in 1827 married Louisa Reisch and farmed first in Brant Township, later taking the crown deed for Lot 9, Con.12, Greenock Township. William and Louisa had four sons and one daughter. Their eldest son Joseph married Mary Jane Reid whose father, John Reid and his wife Eliza Jane McCully had taken the crown deed for Lot 9, Con.13, Greenock Township.

Joseph and Mary Jane purchased the West 1/2 of Lot 6, Con. 13, Greenock Township and raised a family of ten children, four sons and six daughters. The family lived in a two storey log house with a board lean-to until 1899 when a white brick house that still stands was built. This branch of the family changed its name to Roumey.

Adam Reid, Mary Jane's older brother and his wife Effie McMillan purchased the East 1/2 of Lot 6, Con 13, Greenock Township. They had a family of four sons and two daughters.

Since the two families lived side by side and having children the same age it was only natural that they spend a lot of time together. In reading the diary of Sadie Estelle Roumey this will become apparent as few days went by without a visit between the families.


Pinkerton area map

May & June 1906

July - September 1906

October - December 1906

January - March 1907

April - June 1907

July - September 1907

October - December 1907

Dec 19 '07 - Dec 28 '09
Diaries missing

December '09 - March 1910


The ROUMEY Family circa 1900

Left to right along the back :
Samuel 1881 - 1952 married Louisa "Mae" MORE
William 1884 - 1961 married Maud Lorraine PARKER
John 1879 - 1950 married Rebecca ALEXANDER
Left to Right Centre:
Harvey 1886 - ???? married Maybelle BAKER
Joseph (RUMIG) ROUMEY 1852 - 1931
Mary Jane REID 1855 - 1923
Francis 1888 - 1911 married Nelson FLETT
Elizabeth Jane "Bess" 1882 - 1966 married George SAWYER
Left to Right Front Row:
Lila Maud 1892 - 1987 married Colin MORE
Ida May 1896 - 1988 married Elmer James GREGG
Sadie Estelle 1890 - 1917 married Thomas "Alex" CAMERON
Louisa 1876 - 1952 married Jonathan "Daunt" METCALF



Where they lived ............

The photo on the left is of the ruins of the log house that was on the farm when Joseph and Mary Jane were married in 1876 and all the children were born here. The barn behind the house was built in 1892, replacing the original log stable.


The "New" House ...........

This nine room brick house was built in 1899 at a cost of $850, it must have seemed like a mansion after raising ten children in the original log house.



Frances, Sam & Sadie

Diary entry for August 14, 1906:

A hot day. Sam took Lila over to McKee's early this morning and brought Fan back with him. Fan, Sam and I drove to Walkerton. We had dinner at the Central Hotel. We got our pictures taken after dinner. We got home in time for supper



The Entrance Examination Results for 1904

I was forteen years old, April 24th, 1904, and I passed the Entrance in the last three days of June 1904.

Donalda Ross
Jennie McDermid
Sadie Roumey
F. Esplen
Florence Campbell
Mabel Hutchison

Fanny Roumey
Alma Reid
A. Hagerman
M. McKinnon
M. Matheson
Gordon Perdue
J.W. Bryce
V. Isard
L. McGregor
E. McEachern
Minnie Crowe
Annie Purdy
Bertha Garland
S. McGill
Clara Pinch
J. Walks
A. McKay
L. Walker
Ida Wilson
W. Bryce



The following are a few canidates who had a few marks below the minimum in one subject, but on account of good total have been awarded a certificate,:

Mary Carterl
Olive McConachie
Maggie Quale
Mabel Walpole
Paisley School
No. 1 Elderslie
Paisley School
No. 4 Elderslie

The ROUMEY Girls in 1910

Back row: Louisa, Bess and Frances __ Front row: Lila, Ida and Sadie

Diary entry for Feruary 1, 1910 :
A nice calm day. Daunt, Lou and Fan called for Lila, Ida and I this morning about nine o'clock and we drove to Walkerton. Bess, Geordie, Jack and Bob were there when we got there. They went down on the early train. They got their group taken, also the two kids alone, and we girls got our photo taken .... next page

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