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Tuesday, January 1, 1907 :
Well this is New Year's Day. It is a snowy day. We got word this morning that our great uncle, William Reid, was dead. Mother, Father and Ida went over to Daunt's today for their New Year's tea. Lila, Harvey & I kept house. Ern Webb came up this evening and stayed. There was a ball in Pinkerton tonight. but I did not go so Ern stayed with me. Will & Fan came over in the evening also. Fan & I played euchre against Ern & Harvey. They Beat. I was learning to play Peadro tonight.

Wenesday, January 2 :
A lovely day. Johnny Reid and I drove Harvey to the station. We put. the horse in when we came back as far as Pinkerton and went to the skating rink with the crowd. The crowd were Nellie, Florence and Arthur Campbell, Maggie Chittick, Edna Emery, Aggie Knox, Kit Pinkerton, Johnny Reid, Harold Pinkerton, Mr. Shwader, the new teacher and myself. We had a grand time. I got an introduction to Mr. Swader today. I think he is just fine. He was helping me to skate. I had Norman Birrell's hockey shoes and skates on. Johnny and I left Pinkerton about five o'clock. Johnny came up to our place for tea. Lila, Ida, Johnny and I were the only ones for supper. Mother went to the W, F. M. S. meeting at H. Hettrick's and Father went to Metcalfe's . I went to bed early tonight.

Thursday, January 3:
A rainy day. School started today. Geordie Mateer brought Jack Sawyer. He gave me a letter from Bess telling me that a young chore-boy arrived.( Robert was born Jan.2/07 ). Jack Sawyer stayed and Mother went back with G. Mateer and Father drove over for her this evening. It is a rainy evening and the roads are icy and wet. Lila and I walked over to Uncle Adam's, then Lila, Alma & I walked down to Guild. We had a business meeting after the usual devotional meeting. I was given the office of secretary, Alma, Lila & I walked home. We went over to Uncle Adam's. Mother, Father & Ida were there. We got home about twelve.

Friday, January 4:
A windy day. Mrs. Chick was here this afternoon. Wellie Caswell and Will were over for a few minutes this evening. Alma came over and called for Lila & I and we walked up to Uncle Sam's. We had a dandy good time. It was a quarter after one when we got home. Alma stayed here all night.

Saturday, January 5:
A nice warm day. Alma went home this morning. Mr. Jack Wilson is working here today. I was over to Uncle Adam's for a while this afternoon but Alma was at Pinkerton. Mary, Ellie, Myrtle, Lottie and Alma Reid came here this evening. It was pretty near twelve when I got to bed.

Sunday, January 6:
A lovely day. It is warm and the roads are great for buggying. Lila & I walked to morning church. I came home with Alma & Johnny Reid and went there for dinner. Will was also there for dinner. Alma & I got. a ride down as far as English Church with Will when he was going to Cargill. Alma & I walked to our place for tea after church. We walked over to Uncle Adam's after tea and then Johnny, Alma & I walked to night church. It was very warm in church. Ern Webb sent me word that he was not going to be at night church but however he was there. Alma & I walked home. Wes Caswell and Johnny Reid walked home with us.

Monday, January 7:
A rainy day. This is Election Day. The candidates are as follows:
For reeveship-Sandy McKee, Sam Hawthorne
For Councillors - Adam Reid, Thos. Fulerton, Chas.Webb, Denny Failen, Mr. Hogan, John Mutrie, Jas. Halliday, Mr. Caskanette.
Ida & I drove over to Geordie's this afternoon in the buggy. We called at Sandy McKee's when we were going over. I saw Bess's baby for the first time. I think it looks like Fan. Ern Webb, Wilson Metcalfe & Will drove up here tonight. Will was in the house for a while.

Tuesday, January 8:
A warm soft day but a cool windy night. Father went down to Pinkerton this morning. When he came back he told us that the following were elected: John Mutrie, Hogan, Failen, Caskanette, and Mr. A. C. McKee for reeve. Alma called for me this afternoon and we went down to Nick Garland's. Bertha Garland came to our place this afternoon while I was away. Alma & I had a very good time. Stanley walked home with Alma and Cecil with me.

Wednesday, January 9 :
A cold windy day. The ground is frozen up. It snowed all day. It, was about 4" on the level. Mother, Ida, Jack Sawyer and I drove over to Geordie's and Mother and Jack stayed there while we drove to Metcalfe's, then we called for them. Itt was a very cold and snowy drive.

Thursday, January 10:
A very stormy day. It is just a regular blizzard. Father went to Pinkerton with a load of chop this forenoon. Father & I drove to Pinkerton this afternoon for the mail.

Friday, January 11 :
A lovely day. Mild and soft. Bertha Garland was up this afternoon. Ern Webb & Will tame over tonight and hitched up and drove to a party on the other side of Cargill. Bertha, Lila & I walked to Guild. We laughed a little in Guild.

Saturday, January 12:
A lovely day. Mother & Father drove to Cargill this afternoon. Alma and I were to go to the skating rink but Alma was sick and could not go. Will came home from the mill tonight.

Sunday, January 13 :
A nice day. Lila & I walked to Sunday School. Mabel Stewart, Fan & I came up with Sutherlands in the sleigh. We had a high old time. Mabel came to our place. After dinner Mabel, Fan & I walked down to English Church. We got a ride home with Wes Caswell, We walked down to night church, Fan & Mabel got a ride home with Wilson Metcalfe and Ern drove me home. We went to the sixteenth corner for a drive. It's a highspifiglorious night.. Mother, Father, Ida & Jack Sawyer drove down to Jack's.

Monday, January 14:

A nice soft day. Wellie Caswell drove over here today at noon for me to go over and help McKees to get ready for a party. Fan & I were busy this afternoon. We went down to Geordie's in the evening.

Tuesday, January 15:
A nice day. Mr. & Mrs. McKee & Mary went to Sutherlands tonight, Fan & I kept the baby. Ern, Will & Wellie were at home.

Wednesday, January 16:
A nice day. Will went to Cargill and Wellie went to Pinkerton tonight, Ern, Wilson & Watt Clark were at home. Fan & I went to bed early.

Thursday, January 17:
A nice day. This is the day of the great party. Ern & Wellie were home for dinner. They moved the stove into the dining room at noon. The result was a dirty face for all of us. I walked home about five o'clock and got ready for the party. Ern drove over for me tonight. I had a highspifiglorious time. Ern drove me home after the party. It was twenty minutes to four when I got in.

Friday, January 18:
A nice day. I got up at eight o'clock and walked over to Geordie's to stay with Bess while Mrs. Sawyer went to Cargill. I walked back home in the evening. I called in at Uncle Adam's and stayed for tea. Father, who was working there, also stayed for tea. We walked home and then Lila and I walked down to Guild. We got a ride home with J. Moffat,

Saturday, January 19:
A rainy day. Uncle Sam came down this afternoon and stayed for tea. We played euchre after tea.

Sunday, January 20:
A very windy and stormy day. It is snowing and drifting. The roof blew off Jim Andrews' barn on the farm across the road from us. Will came home from McKee's this morning. Jim Andrews was up this morning. I was at home all day and all night and oh say I was lonesome.

Monday, January 21:
A stormy and snowy day. Uncle Sam was down this afternoon. Geordie Mateer drove Mrs. Sawyer to the tenth and then he called and brought Jack Sawyer & I over to Geordie's.

Tuesday, January 22:
Clear and frosty. That is all.

Wednesday, January 23:
A nice clear day with a little snow and a clear frosty night. I washed, scrubbed and churned today and I feel a little tired tonight. Fan and Vina McKee came down tonight. Fan, Vina & I played three games of euchre. I took the three games. Geordie & Fan played five games against Vina & I. They got all the games though we followed them close. It was eleven o'clock when I got to bed.

Thursday, January 24:
Clear and very frosty with a little snow and a cold east wind towards evening. Jim Cruikshanks drove Kate and Vina McKee in here this afternoon. They are collecting for the Bible Class. Geordie and I played euchre. The games were close though Geordie won.

Friday, January 25:
A snowy day but a little warmer. Fan came down tonight. Geordie, Fan & I played three games of euchre. I took the three games.

Saturday, January 26:
A beautiful day. Lila & Ida came over this afternoon. Mr. & Mrs. Tapir Stewartt came this evening and stayed to spend the evening. Ern Webb came down to go to Pinkerton with Geordie but Geordie did not go so Ern stayed. Mr. Stewart and Geordie played euchre together and Ern and I played. We played ten games in all and we got five of them.

Sunday, January 27:
A snowy day. I walked up to McKee's this forenoon to go to church but Fan did not go so I went back to Geordie's again and waited till after dinner. Fan came down after dinner and then we walked home and we walked down to night church, well we got a ride with Dot Johnston. Ern Webb drove me home and Bill Stewart drove Fan home.

Sandy McKee's Sawmill on Lot 3, Con. 15 in 1906-07
Front Row L to R : Sandy Carr, Tom Richarson, Billy Flett, Harvey Clark
Back Row L to R : George Sawyer, 2 Roumey Bros, Nelson Flett, Ern Webb, Wilson Metcalf, Tom Reid & Sandy McKee.

A.C. "Sandy" McKee owned a saw mill on Lot 3 or 4. Con. 15 Greenock in the early 1900's, He employed a number of young men from the area to work in the mill and in his bush lots in Brant Township. it appears that the McKee's supplied room and board for at least some of the workers. Frances Roumey worked in the McKee house and was visited quite often by Sadie.

Sandy McKee's Mill Crew about 1900
Front Row L to R : Bill Cruickshank, Sandy McKee, Jack Groves, Bill Roumey
Back Row L to R : George Sawyer, Nelson Flett, Ernest Webb, Jim Cruickshank

Monday, January 28:
A clear day with a cold west wind. I washed and scrubbed today. I was over to Sturgeon's this forenoon. Geordie brought Watt Clark in for supper from the mill. Geordie Mateer came over in the evening. He & I played five games of checkers. I got one game. Geordie Sawyer drove out to Pinkerton tonight. Ern Webb and Nelson Flett came back with him but they stayed at the barn. They did not come into the house.

Tuesday, January 29:
A cold and frosty day. I went up to John McKee's tonight. Fan and Fred played three games of euchre against Vina and I. They got two of them. Vina made some taffy. We had a very good time.

Wednesday, January 30:
A clear and frosty day. Jack Sawyer & I drove over home this afternoon. We called in at Uncle Adam's and got Alma and then Alma & I left Jack up home and drove to Pinkerton. Kate Cruikshanks came up with us part of the way for a drive. Mother and Auntie came over with me to Geordie's when I was coming back. Geordie drove them home in the evening. I was speaking to Ern Webb at the door for a few minutes tonight.

Thursday, January 31:
A soft day with a little snow but nice calm night. Nelson Flett and Ern Webb called here for me to go to a dance at Jim Begg's. The following went in the load: Mr. & Mrs. Sandy Carr, Ella, Jim & Willie Cruikshanks, Lizzie, Allie & Mabel Watson, Fred & Vina McKee, Geordie & Clary Mateer, Ern Webb, Nelson Flett, Wilson Metcalfe, Bessie Campbell, Wes Caswell, Jack Groves, Bill Roumey, Edgar Wilson, Sadie Roumey. We had a very good time going and coming, and the dance was a grand success. The sixteenth and Lovat crowd were there. I had a highspifiglorious time. Itt was going on six o'clock when I got back to Geordie's and I put on the fire and gott breakfast.

Friday, Februray 1:
A soft day. Bess went over to Sturgeon's today with the baby. Geordie went over for her after supper. I went to bed before eight o'clock.

Saturday, Fedruary 2:
A soft day and cold and very stormy at night. George Raeburn delivered a "White" sewing machine at Geordie's. Geordie Mateer was in for a few minutes in the evening. Geordie Sawyer and I playedcheckers. Geordie beat me by two games.

Sunday, Febuary 3:
A very stormy day. Geordie Mateer was over this forenoon. Geordie Sawyer went over to Sturgeon's and brought Mrs. Sturgeon over and then he and Geordie Mateer went over home. I went to sleep right after dinner and slept till five o'clock. Fan came down to Geordie's tonight. I went a piece with her when she was going home. Itt is a stormy night.

Monday, February 4:

A clear, frosty day. The mill is not running today. Will Roumey was over this forenoon. Geordie Sawyer went down to McKee's shanty in Brant to work, Bess & I and the two children were alone tonight.

Tuesday, February 5:
A clear day with a little snow. I got up this morning and put on the fire and then went to the stable to feed the stock. Geordie's horse, old Scott, was down in the stall. I went over to Sturgeon's for Geordie Mateer. He came over but could not get him up. He worked with him nearly all forenoon and then went home to do his chores at noon and when he came back the horse was dead. Mr. Tapir Stewart was in this afternoon for a few minutes and Will Roumey was also in for a while.

Wednesday, February 6:
A nice day. Nothing in particular happened today.

Thursday, February 7:
A nice day. I walked over home this forenoon and Mother drove me back. Geordie came home sick with the grippe at noon from Brant. I have a dreadful toothache this afternoon. My tooth stopped aching this evening. Joe, Willie and Mabel Stewart came down to Geordie's this evening. We had a very good time at checkers and other amusements. They went home at twelve o'clock.

Friday, February 8:
A cold south-east wind. I have a terrible toothache this morning. I drove over home for Mother and we went to Paisley. I got my tooth pulled. I drove Mother over home from Paisley and Lila came over to Geordie's with me. Ern Webb came down to Geordie's this tonight.

Saturday, February 9:
A soft day. We are all layed up with the grippe. I slept from half past three till a quarter to six. Jack Raeburn was here today.

Sunday, February 10:
A storm day. Fan and I fully intended going to Tapir Stewart's but did not get. Uncle Tom and Nelson Flet.t were here this forenoon and for dinner. Fan was down this afternoon. Willie and Joe Stewart came down this evening.

Monday, February 11 :
A very cold and frosty day. Nelson Flett and Will Roumey were here today.

Tuesday, February 12:
A frosty day. Mr. & Mrs. McKinnon and Ruth and Dr. Tatham were here today. The bay is sick.

Wednesday, February 13:
A soft & windy day. Geordie Mateer brought Mrs. Sturgeon over today and came after her. Daunt & Lou came for tea this evening. Fan was down tonight.

Thursday, February 14:
A cold day. Bill came over today and Geordie and Bill drove to Jack Webb's sale. Geordie Mateer and Mrs. Sturgeon came over this evening. Bill & I played euchre against Geordie Mateer. We got, one game. I was not in the humour for playing euchre. Bill said I did some morotonous playing. Bill stayed all night.

Friday, February 15:
A stormy day. Geordie and Will went to Paisley. Geordie Mateer brought the mail over this evening. I got a letter, a postcard and a valentine.

Saturday, February 16:
A magnificent day. Mother, Ida & Will drove over this afternoon. Father drove over tonight for them. I walked up to A.C. McKee's and called on Fan and we walked over home. We called in at Uncle Adam's and Alma went over home with us. I was speaking to Ern for a few minutes. Ern & Wellie walked up as far as John McKee's with us.

Sunday, February 17:
A beautiful day. I walked up to McKee's at noon and called for Fan. We started walking over home. We met Ern and Wilson at the corner. Ern walked down to McKee's and we got a ride home with Wilson. Fan and I were going to go to Stewarts today but Ern had to go to Brant tonight so we did not go. Daunt and Lou, Jack and Beck and Andy Alexander were over home this afternoon. Andy drove Fan & I to night church. I got a ride home with Edgar Wilson & Mabel Stewart.

Monday, February 18:

A snowy and windy day. Father called for Geordie Sawyer this morning and the went to Jack's to work. I walked over to Pinkerton through the bush this afternoon. I was at Albert Pinkerton's for a few minutes and at Deobler's also. I got a ride home with Mrs. Sandy McKee.

Tuesday, February 19:
A soft day and a lovely bright night. Geordie Sawyer and Clary Mateer drove to Paisley this afternoon. Clary was here for tea. George Raeburn & Lena Deobler were here this afternoon trying to make the sewing machine go.

Wednesday, February 20:
A stormy day. I was over home and back this afternoon. I got a ride part way back with Willie Cruickshanks. Aunt Esther was here this evening for a few minutes. Ern Webb was down tonight.

Thursday, February 21:
A lovely day and snowy. Ern Webb took Fan & I to a party at Jack Webb's. Jack was presented with a gold chain and locket and Mrs. Webb with a silver cake plate. We had a fine time. I got home at a quarter to five.

Friday, February 22 :
A nice day, I went to bed tonight about a quarter to ten. Wellie Caswell was in for a few minutes.

Saturday, February 23:
A nice day. Mabel Stewart came down this evening. Mabel & I played checkers. It was twelve o'clock when we got to bed.

Sunday, February 24:
A cold wind from the south east. Mabel & I walked to Sunday School through the bush. We got a ride up to the corner with Sutherlands. Then we walked home for dinner. Fan came over from McKee's in the afternoon. Mabel, Fan & I went to night church. We left home at twenty five minutes after seven. We all got a ride home with Will Stewart. Mabel stayed all night with me at Geordie's.

Monday, February 25:

A snowy and stormy day but a grand night. Bright and calm. Mabel Stewartt went over to Sturgeon's this afternoon. Mabel & I walked out to Pinkerton through the bush to an entertaiment. We sat together and laughed a great deal. The Rev. McHaffy, Shore, McKinnon & McEachern gave lectures. The choir gave a few selections. Messrs. Sanderson & McHaffy & Olive Sutherland sang solos. Ernest Reid, Jean Cruikshanks and myself gave recitations. I recited "Curfew Must Not. Ring Tonight" We got a ride home to the fourteenth corner with Sutherlands in the sleigh and Will Stewart caught up to us when we were going down to Geordie's. It was twelve o'clock when we got home. Mabel stayed all night with me at Geordie's

Tuesday, February 26:
A beautiful day. I took Jack Sawyer with me and drove Mabel home. Then Jack & I went over home. Then I went. to Pinkerton and back for Jack and over to Geordie's.

Wednesday, February 2?:
A cold and frosty day. Fan came down this evening. Fan , Bess & I were playing euchre. I went home a piece of the way with Fan.

Thursday, February 28:
A nice day with a thawing wind from the east. I went over to A.C. McKee's this morning and Fan took old Bill and drove over home and her & Mother went to Cargill. I worked in Fan's place. Fan got back to Sandy's about twenty five minutes to seven. Fan came down as far as T. Richardson' s gate.

Friday, March 1:
A nice day but a thawing wind from the east. Clary Mateer hitched old Fan for us and we, Bess and the two kids and I, drove over home. We got back in time to get Geordie's supper. I was going to call for Fan tonight but it wasn't a very nice night for a walking so I did not go.

Saturday, March 2:
A vey stormy day. I walked over to Sturgeon's this morning and back again. I walked over to W.J. McKee's this evening and back again.

Sunday, March 3:
A nice forenoon. I went up to A.C. McKee's this forenoon. Fan & I started after dinner to walk to T. Stewart's. It was storming a little and the roads were not good but we got there just the same. We got a ride from Stewart's gate with Will & Mabel Stewart. We sat behind the stove in church. We weren't a bit cold. Ern Webb drove down from church to Stewart's and gave us a ride. Ern took Mabel & I to Pinkerton church and Willie Stewartt took Lena McNally & Fan. It was a nice night but cold. I came back to Geordie's tonight.

Monday, March 4 :
A beautiful day. I intended going home today but Bess is sick, I guess I will be staying another week. Nelson Flett was in this evening for a short. time. Alma Reid was in this evening to invite me to a party at their place tomorrow night.

Tuesday, March 5:
A cold and very stormy day. Nelson Flett was down this forenoon. He harnessed and hitched up and Jack Sawyer & I drove over home. Bess and the baby came as far as Sturgeon's with us. Ern Webb came down and got Geordie's horse and cutter and took Fan & I to the party at Uncle Adam's. A crowd came out from Lockerby. The following were in the load: Dave, Hugh, Nettie, Annie & Rheta McIntyre and Miss Elves and Miss Lewis. I had a very good time. Ern and I ate lunch together. I said goodbye to the McIntyre boys. They intend going west next Tuesday. Fan brought Fan & T home. We got home about twenty to four.

Wednesday, March 6 :
A nice day. There is a dance at Jack Armstrong's tonight but I thought one night at a time e was enough so did not. go. I went to bed at half passed seven.

Thursday, March 7:
A cold wind from the south all day. I walked up to McKee's this morning and Fan came down to Geordie's to get a horse and then drive to Cargill. Mrs. McKee went away this afternoon. Fan got home just as the men were eating their suppper. I took the horse down to Geordie's then.

Friday, March 8:
A cold wind from the north but a nice night. Geordie, Ern Webb, Wilson Metcalfe and Will drove up to Webb's tonight. Mr. & Mrs. Jack Webb intend going west next Tueday. Mrs. Sturgeon was over tonight. I feel lonesome tonight.

Saturday, March 9:
A thawing day. Geordie drove me home tonight. We called in at S. McKee's for a few minutes. Ern Webb & Will Roumey walked over to our place and then down to Pinkerton.

Sunday, March 10:
A beautiful day. Lila & I walked to Sunday School and Church. Fan came over this afternoon. Mother, Father & Ida drove over to Geordie's this afternoon. Will drove off this afternoon. Fan, Lila & I kept house. We went to sleep. Fan & I walked down to church tonight. Ern drove me home. We went up the road for a drive. Will Stewart drove Farn home.

Monday, March 11:
A nice day. Father, Uncle Adam are working at Uncle Adam's other farm. Mother went up to Annie Reid's place this afternoon. I was keeping house when Jack Lamb & Kate Cruikshanks came along. Jack is inviting to a party. He wanted me to go for a drive so I went with him and Kate as far as Mutrie's.

Tuesday, March 12:
A rainy and damp day. Mother & Father drove to Mr. Wilson's funeral to Purdy's Cemetery. He was in his 70th year. Will drove to Paisley this afternoon. Alma Reid was up in the afternoon and had her tea at our place.

Wednesday, March 13 :
A nice day, Mother & Father drove down to Jack's this :norning. I was keeping house all day. Geordie & Jack Sawyer came over this evening for me to go over. I went. back with them. It was eleven o'clock when I got to bed.

Thursday, March 14:
A nice day. I intended coming home tonight but Geordie and Ern Webb went to a party and presentation at Houston's. Jack & Ross are going west. Fan was down to Geordie's tonight.

Friday, March 15 :
A nice day. I drove over home this forenoon. A very fierce runaway just came down the sideroad ahead of me. Mr. Joe Purdy's horse ran away. I drove back to Goedie's after dinner. Ern Webb called for me in the evening and we drove to a party at Lambs. We had our own troubles getting through the snowdrifts. We had a good time while there. Fan came home with us. When we got to the hill on this side of Lamb's we were thrown out of the cutter. The cutter was damaged but none of us was very badly hurt.

Saturday, March 16:
A very windy day. I walked over home this afternoon.

Sunday, March 17:
A windy but warm day and a beautiful calm night. Johnny Reid was up this afternoon. Fan came over this afternoon. Fan walked over to McKee's in the evening. Johnny & I walked over with her as far as Uncle Adam's. Alma, Johnny & I walked down to church together. We were too early and Alma & I went. down to the bridge for a walk. We sat. together. Ern Webb walked up with Alma & I to the corner and then Ern and I walked up from the corner. Ern was vexed at me since Lamb's party and I heard about it tonight.

Monday, March 18:

A nice warm day. I walked over to A.C. McKee's this evening. I am taking Fan's place for a week. Alma came over a piece of the way with me for a walk.

Tuesday, March 19:
A nice warm day. Fan & I got up and got breakfast for the men. Fan went home this morning. Mr. & Mrs. A.C. McKee went to Sutherlands. I minded young George McKee. He was good.

Wednesday, March 20:
A nice day. Wilson Metcalf went to a party at Wm. Leask's. Wilson was the only one of the gang who was invited. Willie Cruikshanks was in at McKee's for a few minutes, Ern, Harvey Clark, Mrs. McKee & I had a scotch reel tonight.

Thursday, March 21:
A nice day. Fan came over to McKee's this afternoon and Fan & I and the kids went back to the mill. While we were back there George Raeburn came back and wanted me to go there to work. Fan came up to McKee's in the evening and Fan, Vina & I walked up to Cruikshanks. Fan & Kate played euchre against Vina & I. We beat them. Jim & Willie Cruikshanks played against Vina & I and they beat us. We got home about half past. twelve.

Friday, March 22:
A nice night. Vina came over to Sandy's tonight. Wilson played and Sandy chorded and Vina and I waltzed and schottished

Saturday, March 23:
A rainy day. Ern & Wellie drove to Paisley this afternoon. Mr. & Mrs. McKee went to chior practice tonight. Wilson went away and Will went home. I was alone until half past eight when Ern and Wellie came home. There was a heavy thunderstorm tonight. The kids never slept a wink until near twelve o'clock.

Sunday, March 24:
A damp and dark day. The folks went to church today. Ern stayed. Wellie Caswell gave me a ride over home after dinner. When Fan was going home in the evening I walked over to the fourteenth bush. I got a ride back with Fred McKee and Jim Cruikshanks. I didn't go to church tonight.

Monday, March 25:
A nice spring day. Mother went to Uncle Adam's this afternoon. I went down to Pinkerton this afternoon. Lila, Ida I played ball tonight. It's a grand night.

Tuesday, March 26:
A dark day with a very heavy thunderstorm aboutt six o'clock. Father & Mother drove down to Jack's today. I was keeping house. Ern Webb called for me tonight at half past eight and we drove to a party at Sam Keyes. I had a very good time. Ern Webb, Wellie Caswell, Ethel Mutrie and I ate lunch together, then the four of us played euchre. We played four games and Ern and I got, three.

Wednesday, March 27:
A rainy day. I feel very sleepy today. We washed and scrubbed today. I went to bed at eight o'clock.

Thursday, March 28:
A nice day. Mother went down to Uncle Adam's this morning to quilting bee. Jack Armstrong is having an auction sale today. Alma Reid called for me this afternoon and we walked down to Pinkerton. Alma & I were in at school on our way down. Alma wanted to speak to Ern Reid. I was invited to a party at D. Pinkerton's but did not go. Will came over home this afternoon. We heard today that Nell Pinkerton or Mrs. Donald was dead.

Friday, March 29:
A rainy day and a very windy night. Lila & I walked down to Guild. We got a ride back with Johnny Reid. I read Isiah LZII Chapter, verses 5-12 tonight. Ern Webb and Will were over at our place while we were away.

Saturday, March 30:
A nice spring day. Will came over from McKee's this morning.

Sunday, March 31:- Easter Sunday 1907:
A very cold and windy day with a few flurries of snow. Bess, Geordie and the two children came over this morning. Mother, Will & I drove to church this morning. Geordie went up to the tenth and stayed till after dinner. Fan cane over from McKee's this afternoon. Ern Webb came over this afternoon about four o'clock. After supper Ern & I left for Cargill church. We sat. with Will, Maud & Pearl. It is a cold night.

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