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Tuesday, October 1, 1907:
A nice day. Mrs Sturgeon was over today.

Wednesday, October 2:
A very nice day. Bess and I and Jack & Bob drove over home after dinner. Fan & I walked down to the show after dinner. There was nothing very exciting there. Fan and I walked home for tea. Lou and Aunt Effie were at our place this afternoon. Ern called tonight to take me to the concert. He also took Fan. Mr. & Miss Kelly were the chief entertainers at the concert. Dick Connors came second. Bob Banaro third. Ern drove Fan & I up home and Fan went back to the fourteenth with him.

Thursday, October 3:
A beautiful day. Bess and I & the kids drove over to Geordie's this morning. Bess and I washed today. A baloon went up in Paisley. There was also horse-racing. It rained tonight to beat the cars.

Friday, October 4:
A nice day. Geordie Mateer walked over to Geordie's this afternoon. Ida Sawyer came down from the tenth this afternoon. I left Bess's at 6 o'clock and walked up and went into A.C. McKee's and stayed all night,

Saturday, October 5:
A wet cold day. I walked over this morning. My hand is very sore today. I called in at Uncle Adam's on my way home.

Sunday, October 6:
A wet day. Lila and I walked to church and home again. Bill is at home this afternoon for a change. Mother, Father and Ida went to Geordie's this afternoon. Fan came home this afternoon. Fan walked back to McKee's this evening. Ern Webb called for me this evening at half past six. We intended going to church but as it was so wet we went over to Geordie's and spent the evening.

Monday, October 7:

A nice morning, but a rainy afternoon. I got up early this morning and drove Geordie to the threshing near the twentieth. Bess walked out to Pinkerton this forenoon and this afternoon she walked over to Sturgeon's.

Tuesday, October 8:
A windy day. Ida Sawyer walked down from Stewart's. Jack Sawyer & I walked over home. We were in at Sandy McKee's coming over. Fan came over this evening with Wilson when he was going to Pinkerton. I was talking to Wilson when he called for Fan.

Wednesday, October 9:
A rainy day, I was sewing all day. Lou and Daunt came over tonight. Daunt went to the beef ring meeting. He called for Lou when he was coming back. Bill is home tonight.

Thursday, October 10:
A rainy day. Wes Birrell drove in here this morning out of the rain with a load of flour. He took the horses home and came back in the afternoon thinking it had stopped raining but had to go home again without the flour. Bill is home tonight.

Friday, October 11:
A nice day. Mother & I went to Cargill this afternoon. Alma, Ern and Melville Reid came up tonight. Alma, Lila & I intended going to Guild but as it was raining we did not go. Alma stayed all night.. We saw peculiar lights on the road just before going to bed.

Saturday, October 12:
A rainy day. Alma went home this morning. Ida Sawyer brought Jack Sawyer over this evening. Father drove her part way to the tenth and then Lila took the horse back to Geordie's.

Sunday, October 13:
A rainy day. Geordie Sawyer brought Lila home this morning and stayed till the afternoon. He took Jack home with him. Fan came over this afternoon. Lila went over to Uncle Adam's. Fan & I went to night church. Wes Caswell caught up to us and walked down with us. Uncle Adam drove Lila and Alma to church and also home. Ern drove Fan & I home. We went up home for a few minutes and then we drove to A.C,'s and left Fan there and then Ern drove me down to Geordie's.

Monday, October 14:
A cold windy day. Bess & I went to Cargill. Mother came over to Geordie's this morning and kept the children. I walked home tonight and Mother stayed all night at Geordie's.

Tuesday, October 15:
A nice day. I walked back to Geordie's this forenoon. I was in at A.C.'s coming over and also into Uncle Adam' s. Tom Sawyer was at Geordie's today. George Raeburn was over this afternoon and for tea. Mother got a ride home with Tom Sawyer after supper.

Wednesday, October 16:
A nice day. Bess and Geordie went to Paisley this morning. Bess got a tooth out. I minded the kids. I was helping Geordie pick potatoes this afternoon. Fan was down this evening.

Thursday, October 17:
A windy day. I walked to McKee's in the afternoon and Fan & I got a ride to the Thank Offering Meeting with Fred McKee. Jim Cruikshanks and I gave readings. Aileen Pinkerton recited. Mr. Webster lectured on foreign missions. After the programme was over lunch was served. We had a very good time. Mabel Stewart, Fan & I sat together. We had heaps of fun. Fan & I walked to the fourteenth. We were at Uncle Adam's for a few minutes. William J. McKee lost his hat tonight going home and caused quite a bit of excitement getting it. It was after twelve when I got home.

Friday, October 18:
A very cold windy day. This is Preparatory Service in the Presbyterian Church. Bess and the two kids and I drove over home. Bess and Mother drove to church. Mr. McKinnon the tax collector, was in at our place today. Father hitched Net up and I drove to Sandy McKee's. Fan and I had lunch and then we drove to Paisley. We got our shadows struck. Fan and I journeyed sadly to the Dentist and we both got two teeth out.

Saturday, October 19:
A cold windy day. Bess and I worked hard this forenoon. Ida Sawyer came down just before dinner. Ida and I did a lot of work after dinner and then we drove to Cargill. We were up home on our way over. We met Lila and Mother coming from Cargill. Ida and I got home shortly after seven o'colock. When we got to Geordie's, Fan, Mrs. Sturgeon, Offie and Geordie Mateer were there. Lila came over with Ida and I. They all went home shortly after ten. Lila went to McKee's with Fan. I worked till eleven o'clock and Ida Sawyer worked till twelve,

Sunday, October 20:
A cold day. Bess and I drove out to morning church. We called for Fan at Sandy's and took her to church. It is Sacrament in our church today. Bess and I drove over to Geordie's after church. Fan went up hone, Bill and Fan drove over after dinner. Ern Webb cane down in the afternoon. Bill had a fit of talking today. Ern and I intended going to Paisley to hear McNeil's farewell sermon but as it was freezing so hard tonight we just went to Glamis Presbyterian Church. Mr. Webster preached tonight. I don't like him.

Monday, October 21:
A cold calm day. I got up this morning shortly after four o'clock. Bess got up and got Ida, Geordie and I breakfast while we got ready for the roads. I drove Ida to the early train. She is going back to Hamilton. Geordie came as far as the fourteenth corner with us, I went up home for a few minutes when I was coming back from the station. I was over to Sturgeon's early this evening. Bess and I were in bed before eight o'clock. About ten o'clock Bill came and woke us up to ask if we had seen Ern's little driver as it had broken down the barb-wire at the road. Ern was holding the horse in the yard while Bill was in. Ern's horse took fright when he was driving out of J. McKee's lane at their dog and Ern was thrown out and the horse took French leave, but luckily Ern was not hurt.

Tuesday, October 22:
A cold day. Bess was over at Sturgeon's this morning. John McKee was down this afternoon. He told us that Ern had found his driver this forenoon on the town line. It was badly cut on the wire fence,

Wenesday, October 23:
A nice day. Bess, the two kids and I drove over home this afternoon. Lila came back with Bess and I stayed at home. Lila has the job of minding McKee's kids. Ern Webb called for me this evening at seven o'clock and took me to the Shooting Match Supper. Ern was on the winning side. There was not a very big crowd but there was an excellent time. I have nearly forgotten how to dance but practice makes everthing perfect.

Thursday, October 24:
It was half past four when I got home and I was up before five. I drove Geordie to Bill Reid's on the twelfth to thash. I was in home when I came back and had my breakfast. Bess and I were picking apples today. We went to bed early tonight.

Friday, October 25:
A cold and rainy day, Father came over this morning and told us they were going to thresh. Bess, the two kids and I drove over this forenoon, Jack, Beck and Geordie Alexander and Mrs. were up at our place. It was Begg's machine we had this year. They moved to Uncle Adam's this afternoon. I went over to help Auntie to get supper. Bess called for me in the evening and we drove over to Geordie's.

Saturday, October 26:
A nice day. Bess & I worked hard today. Bess, the two kids and I drove over home. Bess left the kids and she drove up to Maneely's to meet Geordie. Jack Sawyer stayed all night.

Sunday, October 27:
A cold day. Lila and I walked down to morning church. We got a ride home with Geordie and Bess. They came up and stayed till after dinner. Fan & I walked up to Uncle Sam's to see Mary. Mary is home now. She fell out of an apple tree about a week ago and is still not able to walk. We walked over to the fourteenth after supper. Ern Webb came down to Geordie's tonight.

Monday, October 28:

A cold and windy day. I drove Geordie as far as Joe Maneely's this morning. Isa and Ellen Russell were at Geordie's this afternoon.

Tuesday, October 29:
A cold and showery day. Bess, the two and I drove to Uncle Adam's. I drove down to Pinkerton and when I got back Bess was ready for home. Bess was over at Sturgeon's this evening for a few minutes. Geordie Mateer was over here for a few minutes. Lila came down tonight from A.C. McKee's and stayed all night. Lila is working in Fan's place.

Wednesday, October 30:
A nice warm day. Lila went to McKee's early this morning. I was working at the barn all forenoon. Bess and I took the kids out and picked apples this afternoon. Geordie Mateer and Mrs. Sturgeon came over this afternoon with some apples for Bess on the stone-boat, Geordie Mateer, was over this forenoon for a long time.

Thursday, October 31:
A nice day. Lila came down from McKee's this morning. Fan has got back to her place again. Bess, Lila, Kids and myself drove over home this forenoon. Bess drove down to Pinkerton this forenoon and back again. We had a fowl dinner. Lila and I went picking beach-nuts after we had piled wood. We called in at Uncle Adam's. Fan and Alma were waiting for us. Mr. & Mrs. MacMillan and baby, Donald were there. Fan, Alma, Ern, and Melville and I went picking beach-nuts. We were at Sturgeon's and A. G'. McKee's before we got home. Bess, the kids and I drove over to Geordie's in the evening and did all the chores.

Friday, November 1, 1907:
A warm and windy day. Stanley Webb came down this morning to lift up the turnips. Mr. Sturgeon was over with the mail. A dark and rainy evening.

Saturday, November 2:
A rainy day, Stanley Webb took Geordie's horse and drove me over home and then he drove over to the sixteenth. I was at Uncle Adam' s this evening for a few minutes.

Sunday, November 3:
A rainy and snowy day. I did not go to church today. Ern, Webb called for me this evening and we drove over to Geordie's. Fan was at Geordie's when we got there. Fan was not home today at all. She stayed at Geordie's all night.

Monday, November 4:

A cold windy morning and a rainy afternoon. I drove Geordie over to C. Webb's this morning. Mrs. A.C. McKee and little Maud were down this afternoon. Stanley gave them a ride home when he was going home this evening.

Tuesday, November 5:
A nice morning but the rest of the day was cold and rainy. Bess, the two kids and I drove up to Lou's this forenoon. Lou was up at Joe Purdy's and I drove up there for her. I was down at Stewart's for a few minutes this afternoon. We drove home early in the evening.

Wednesday, November 6:
A nice day. Bess was over at Sturgeon's this morning. Bess and I cleaned up five bags of chop and one bag of wheat. Geordie and Offie Mateer were over and took the grist to the mill. Mr. Sturgeon was over today,

Friday, November 8:
A windy day. Bess was over to Sturgeon's this morning. She heard over there that Mrs. Jim Keyes had a young daughter. Bess walked over this afternoon. I ironed all afternoon.

Saturday, November 9 :
A cold windy day. Ida walked over today to play with Jack. Bess and I did a big day's work. Geordie came home before supper tonight.

Sunday, November 10:
A nice calm day. I called for Fan at McKee's after dinner and we walked over home. We called in at Uncle Adam's for a while. When Fan & I started out tonight the ground was covered with snow. But however we walked down to night church. The roads are immence. There is just a slight shift of snow on them. Ern Webb was down town though not at church. He drove Fan and I home. Fan went to McKee's and I to Geordie's.

Monday, November 11:
A calm but frosty morning. I drove Geordie and Bill Cruikshanks to Lovat. Geordie came home this afternoon and went to Cargill.

Tuesday, November 12:
A nice calm day. I drove Geordie to Chalmer's this morning. Bess and I sewed all day.

Wednesday, November 13:
A cold windy day. Bess and I washed, scrubbed, churned and baked. I was not in the humor for working as I was sick and I was sicker at night. Bess & I went to bed at half past seven.

Thursday, November 14:
A snowy day. Bess, the two kids and I drove over home and had dinner. Then after dinner Bess & I drove to Cargill, We were cold when we got back home. When Bess & I got back to the fourteenth Geordie was home and had a good fire on. Bess and Geordie were over to Sturgeon's this evening for a few minutes. Geordie and Offie Mateer came back with them to play euchre.

Friday, November 15:
A nice calm day. Geordie and Fan went to Paisley. They got home in time for dinner. After dinner Geordie drove me home, then he went to Cargill. Fan came up as far as McKee's with us. Fan and Will came over home tonight. Will went to Cargill. Fan came to Guild with Lila and I. We had our meeting in the porch. After Guild we all went to the big hill. We had a glorious time. The lads at Sandy's went to Muir's party tonight.

Saturday, November 16:
A nice day. Lila and Ida went to Pinkerton to practice for the Xmas Tree. I went down later in the afternoon.

Sunday, November 17:
A cold windy day. Father, Lila and I drove down to church, this morning Mrs. Angus Cameron's funeral service was preached. We went to the graveyard. She was buried in Purdy's Cemetery. Will was not feeling very well today but however he went away after dinner. Fan walked over this afternoon. Lou, Daunt and Gertie Metcalfe came over this afternoon. Lila and Gertie and Fan and I walked down to night church. Ern Webb drove Fan and I home tonight. He drove me home first and then drove Fan over. He was mad and so was I.

Monday, November 18:
A nice day. We sewed all day. Mother, Father & I drove to Metcalfe's tonight. Ern and Melville Reid were up tonight. Lila and I were keeping house.

Tuesday, November 19:
A cold windy day. Father was down to Pinkerton three times today. Mother was down once. Ern Reid was over today. Mr. Mrs. Henry Purdy were here for a few minutes.

Wednesday, November 20:
A nice day. Mother is sick today. It rained tonight.

Thursday, November 21:
A cold and windy day. Fan was over this afternoon. Mother is still sick. Ern Webb called at the door for a few minutes this evening to see what night we would go to the Bell Ringers.

Friday, November 22:
A nice day and a lovely bright night. Ern Webb called for me tonight at seven o'clock and we drove to the Bell Ringers in Cargill Presbyterian Church. They were the same as last year. Bill went back to Sandy's with Ern.

Saturday, November 23:
A nice day. Mother is worse today. Lila and Ida went to practice after dinner. Mother and Father went to Cargill. I had heaps of work to do today. Lila & I walked down to Pinkerton Church to practice for the Xmas Tree. We got home at eleven o'clock.

Sunday, November 24:
A nice day. Mother was in bed all day. Geordie, Bess and the kids came over this morning. Geordie and Bess went to church. Bill drove down to Jack's this morning and I got a ride to church with him. I came home with Geordie and Bess. Fan came over this afternoon. Fan and I walked down to night church. Ern Webb drove us home. He drove me home first and then took Fan to the fourteenth.

Monday, November 25:

A nice day. Father & I drove to Paisley this forenoon to look at parlour stoves. Aunt Effie and Annie May McMillan were up this afternoon. Mr. & Mrs. Jack Wilson came down and spent the evening. We were playing euchre. Bill came home from McKee's tonight.

Tuesday, November 26:
A windy, rainy and snowy day. Father took five pigs to the station this morning. They weighed 890 lbs. He got $5.15. Bill went to Walkerton this forenoon,

Wednesday, November 27:
A nice but a snowy evening. Geordie, Bess and the two kids came over this forenoon. Geordie went to Pinkerton, then came back for dinner. Jack and Beck drove up this forenoon. Daunt was also here this forenoon but would not stay. After dinner, Father, Geordie and Jack went to the bush and cut wood. Beck, Bess and I killed a chicken though we hadn't very good accomodations. Mother sat up for a while today.

Thursday, November 28:
Rainy forenoon and snowy afternoon. Father & I drove to Cargill this afternoon. We were at the doctor's. We came around by Pinkerton and got the mail. Daunt and Lou were at our place when we got home. Mary Reid also came this afternoon. Daunt and Lou went home immediatley after supper. Mary stayed and spent the evening. Fan and Will came over from McKee's this evening. Will got a ride with Wellie Caswell. Fan got a ride with Wilson and Ern. Fan and I walked up past Chick's with Mary Reid when she was going home. I was speaking to Ern for a few minutes at the door when he called for Fan. Mother sat up for a while today.

Friday, November 29:
A snowy day. Father drove over to Metcalfe's this morning in the buggy. Lila is sick today. Mother is not as well as usual. I would like to have gone to Guild but Lila has been sick all day and was not able to go with me so I had to stay at home.

Saturday, November 30:
A snowy day. Lila is still sick and I had a big day's work to do myself. Lou and Daunt were over in the morning with a stove that Father bought. Mrs. D. Pinkertcn was up this afternoon,

Sunday, December 1, 1907:
A snowy day. I walked down to Sunday School and Church this morning. I got a ride home with Sutherlands. Lou came over this morning and stayed all day. Daunt came over for her at night. Geordie, Bess and the kids, and Jack and Beck came up in the afternoon. Fan and I didn't intend going to night church but got a ride down with Jack & Beck. Ern Webb drove Fan and I home. He drove Fan over to the fourteenth and then he drove me up home. Bill came home before Ern left and Ern put his horse in the shed and came into the house and waited till Bill changed his clothes. Then they went to A.C. McKee's

Monday, December 2:
A snowy day. Lila and I housecleaned the front bedroom and the kitchen. Mrs. Nicholas Garland and Rev. Mr. McKinnon called this afternoon, Alma Reid was up this afternoon. Bill came home from McKee's tonight and went to Cargill. Father drove over to Metcalfe's and brought Lou and her sewing machine over.

Tuesday, December 3:
A nice day. I did a big washing. Lou made me a pale blue silk waist.

Wednesday, December 4:
A nice day. Father & I drove down to Pinkerton this morning. Fan came over today and Lou made her a pale blue crepe de chene waist. Father took Lou home tonight.

Thursday, December 5:
A snowy day. Father was drawing wood for Dick Trotter today. Mrs. Jack Wilson was down this afternoon for a few minutes. She got a ride home with Father when he was going up the road.

Friday, December 6:
A nice day. Father was down to Jack's for a load of wood. Lila & I finished housecleaning today. Mrs. Jack Desmond and Mrs. Jack Armstrong and two children Cora & Annie were down this afternoon. Jack Desmond called in the evening and gave them a ride home. Lila was at Aunt Effie's and Wilson's. Lila and I got a ride down to Guild with Will in the cutter. We were in at Elphick's on our way down. Mrs. Tom Alexander and Harry Elphick came home from the west this afternoon. We had Guild in the porch. Wes Caswell walked up with us.

Saturday, December 7:
A thawing day. Lila and Ida went down to practice this afternoon. Mr. Granger from Cargill was here this afternoon and sold us a set of pails. Lila & I walked down to practice tonight, but as Mrs, McKinnon and Ethel did not agree, we had not much of a practice.

Sunday, December 8:
A rainy day. Lila and I walked down to morning church and back again. When we got home, Maggie and Tom Reid and two kids were at our place. Bess and Geordie and the two kids came over after dinner. Geordie went up to Wilson's. Aunt Esther and Sammy Reid came over in the afternoon. Fan came over from McKee's in the afternoon. Mr. & Mrs. Jake Cruikshanks were here for a short time this afternoon. Tom & Maggie went home before tea. I was feeling kind of tough all afternoon and was sicker at night. I did not eat any supper and went to bed as soon as the company went hone. Lou and Daunt came over after I was in bed.

Monday, December 9:
A damp day. I was just crawling around all forenoon and sewed in the afternoon. Father was down at Uncle Adam's this afternoon. Aunt Effie and Annie May were up this afternoon.

Tuesday, December 10:
A snowy day. Father went to Pinkerton for chop. We did a big washing today. Lila went to Pinkerton tonight. Bill walked home and went away.

Wednesday, December 11:
A snowy day. Bill went back to his work this morning. I was up before half past five this morning. Lila went to Wilson's this afternoon for a while. Mother is not as well as usual.

Thursday, December 12:
A nice day. Bill was hone tonight for a few minutes. Ern Webb and Nelson Flett were with him but they did not come in. Father and I went to Cargill this morning.

Friday, December 13:
A cold day. Geordie Sawyer and Fan were up today on their way to Cargill. They also went to the station. They expected Billy Sawyer off the train but he got off at Paisley. Sam came off the train this afternoon. Geordie and Fan stayed till after tea, Lila, Sam & I walked down to Guild tonight and back again. Ethel PInkerton and I led the meeting.

Saturday, December 14:
A very snowy day. Sam went to Jack's today. Lila and Ida walked down to practice today. Bill came home tonight.

Sunday, December 15:
A snowy but calm day. Sam, Lila & I went to morning church in the cutter. Geordie and Billy Sawyer and Fan drove into the yard shortly after we got home. I was shaking hands with Billy. He looks fine. Mother and Father went over to Geordie's this afternoon, Lila and Alma Reid went down to the hall to hear a Miss Brown and Miss White lecture, but however they went to English Church in place of going to the meeting. Sam. Fan & I walked to night church. We got a ride part of the way with Beaton Wells. Ern Webb drove Fan & I home. He took Fan over to Sandy's and then drove me home. Mr. & Mrs. Nick Garland and Lou and Daunt were at our place when I got home..

Monday, December 16:

I did a big washing today. It was very nice but there was a cold wind. Geordie Alexander and Jack Roumey were at our place for dinner. Norman Birrell came up tonight to practice our dialogue

Tuesday, Decenber 17:
A cold day but a beautiful night. Sam, Fan & I drove to Cargill. We bought Bill a wedding present. It was an eleven dollar dinner set. Father and I went to Eden Grove tonight, also called in Pinkerton, Then Bill and I drove Fan over to the fourteenth, We went into Bill's house and then down to Geordie's. Then we called in at Sandy McKee's and left Fan there and brought Lila home.

Wednesday, December 18: 1907
A snowy day. Well this is Bill's wedding day. Mary Reid drove down to our place this afternoon and her and Sam and Lila drove to the wedding together. Ern Webb called and took Fan and I to the wedding. Bill Sawyer and Wellie Caswell followed us over. The ceremony was at five o'clock. Miss Maude Loraine Parker, Mr. William Albert Roumey and Miss Pearl Parker & Mr. Ernest Webb took their places in the parlor. After the ceremony they partook of a hearty supper in the dining room. Bill Sawyer and I ate supper together. Ern Webb and I ate late lunch together. We went home immediatley after lunch. It was a cold and very stormy night coming home. Nelson Flett drove Fan home. Mary Reid stayed all night.

The end of Book #3.
It is unfortunate that the Diary covering the balance of 1907 and all of 1908 and up to December 28, 1909 is missing.

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