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Start of the 4th Diary

Tueseday, December 28, 1909:
Bess came over here for dinner. Bess left the kids here and they went to Cargill. Jenny Pinkerton was up to play with Ida. I got a post card from E.W. today ( A New Year's card ).

Wednesday, December 29: 1909
A snowy day. Joe Stewart drove over and asked me to go to a party at Lou's place. He did not ask Lila or Harvey so I gently refused. Father and Lila drove to Pinkerton tonight. We all got Xmas boxes from Aunt Frances today. Lila & Ida each got a pretty handkerchief, Lou got a hand painted pen wiper, Bess got a pin cushion, Mother got an opera glass holder, Father got a necktie, Frances got a hat, pin holder and I got a belt buckle and a dainty little apron.

Thursday, December 30:
A snowy day. Ida went to Pinkerton for the mail. I got a letter from E. W. tonight. I did not expect one from him, was surprised. Lila also got, a P. C. from E. W.

Friday, December 31:
This is the last day of the old year. It has been snowing nearly all day but is a grand night. Uncle Adam and Auntie and Alma called and gave me a ride to the Oyster Supper tonight in the Hall. I helped to wait on the table. I had an excellent time. I had 3 dances with Harold Pinkerton, 2 with Billy McFadyen, 1 with Andy Alexander, 1 with Nelson Flett, 1 with Ern Webb, 1 with Billy Wangler, a French Minuette with Scott Webb. Johnny Reid, Alma and I were going to drive home together but Johnny's horse was gone and we had to walk home. Bess, Geordie and the kids were here tonight.


Saturday, January 1, 1910:
A nice day. Bill Roumey came over this morning for Jack and Bob. We were all at Flett's for supper. We had a good time. We were playing euchre. Lila & I stayed all night. We had goose for first supper and oysters for late supper.

Sunday, January 2:
A nice day. We had breakfast at half past ten. Fan, Nelson, Lila & I drove over home. Harvey got a ride down to church with Fan & Nelson. Lila & I went with Father and Mother. Mr. Lancaster preached today. Ern Webb was out this afternoon. After church Ern and Harvey went over to Bill's. Lila and I got a ride up with Nelson & Fan. I went over to Flett's with Fan & Nelson. Ern and Harvey came up. After supper Ern asked me to go for a drive. Nelson and Fan drove Harvey home. Ern & I went to the Methodist Church corner at the Grove. Ern put a date on for to go to Flett's some night to play euchre. Harold Pinkerton called to take me for a drive but I was not home. Harold should tell me when he is coming, Lila & I have a bet about next Sunday night. Stanley Webb and Lila were at Glamis church. It was a grand night, not a bit cold.

Monday, January 3:
A very stormy and cold day. This is the day of election. Father & I drove down to Pinkerton after dinner. I spent the afternoon at J.B. Campbell's. Johnny Reid got a ride home with us. He came up far tea. We had a game of euchre. Johnny & Harvey beat Lila & I.

Tuesday, January 4:
A very frosty day. Uncle Adam is helping Father to kill a pig. Lila walked down to Pinkerton this afternoon for the mail. We heard today that the reeve was D. Phelan. He was 100 votes ahead of J.B. Campbell, and the councillors are Irwin, Harvey Clarke, J. Mutrie and B. Wells. Ern Reid was up this evening for a while.

Wednesday, January 5:
A stormy day. Lila is sick this morning. This is Tillie Maneely and Jack Keyes wedding day. Nelson brought Fan over and left her here while he went to Pinkerton. Nelson came back and they had their tea. Fan told us today that Harold Pinkerton went over to their place and asked if I was sick,

Thursday, January 6:
A calm snowy day. Geordie & Bess went to Cargill this afternoon. They left Jack & Bob here. They did not stay for tea. Lila & I walked over to Uncle Adam's this evening to see Alma. She has had the grippe. It was a lovely day.

Friday, January 7:
A calm snowy day. Father was down to Pinkerton this forenoon. Mother & Father drove up to Mrs. S. Bell's this afternoon. Harvey walked down to S. Garland's this afternoon. Lyla and I kept house. Our folks came home early. Lyla & I walked down to Guild. We were down early. Alf Rydirs gave us the Bruce Times to read. It was awful the pieces that were in this week about the Ball. There is a Ball in town tonight. Some of the boys came and looked through the church windows. Annie Murray, Nellie & Florence Campbell, Mandy McGregor, Lyla & I walked down past the hall but we saw two boys come out of the basement of the hall and we got scared and Annie, Lyla & I went into Mrs. Fitzsimmons to watch the dancing but there was neither music or girls. When we were coming up from there, the two boys came up behind us so we stood at Murray's gate until they passed. Stanley Webb passed in the cutter. He nearly stopped when he passed us at Murray's gate. After he came back passed we startel off home. Annie came to the corner with us. We met the lads. They spoke to us and we thought it was Jack McKay and some other fellow. Annie went back home. The lads went back to the hall. It was Jim McKay and H. Neally. Then Jim got Ivan Neally and the two lads had to run pretty fast to keep ahead of Stanley Webb's cutter and also to catch us as we were near D. Elphick's gate. Jim asked to walk with me and I did not answer for a few minutes for I thought it was his brother and that he had made a mistake. Ivan walked up with Lyla. I had dandy good time with Jim. It is a long time since I seen the kid. We talked at the verandah quite a while. Harvey came home while we were standing there.

Saurday, January 8:
A cold day, Geordie Sawyer drove over after dinner. He was on his way to the station to go to Walkerton. He asked me to go over and keep Bess company. Father drove me over, then he went on to Lou's. Geordie got home about half past ten.

Sunday, January 9:
A cold day. Geordie & Jack Sawyer drove me over this morning. Harvey was at home when I got there. The rest had gone to church. Lyla & I walked down to English Church. Mr. & Mrs. Jack Keyes were out to church. She looked real nice. Bertha Garland, Lyla & I walked up together. We got a ride from Garland's with Geordie Mateer & Sarah. After tea Lyla and I walked to night church. We were late. Ivan Neally asked to drive me home. He came to me before I was out of the seat. Stanley Webb drove Lyla home. Jack McKay drove Alma Reid home. The four of us stayed talking in the yard for a long time. We laughed a great deal at Ivan tonight. He is either innocent or slow. Ivan told me tonight that he had heard I was to be married to Job Stewart. I soon changed his idea about that. I got my bet tonight so Lyla owes me ten cents.

Monday, January 10:

A cold frosty day. Father drove over to Wilson Metcalfe's and also called at Fletts. Alma Reid came up this afternoon. Lyla & I walked to Pinkerton. Stanley Webb called before Lyla was ready for Pinkerton. She got a hustle on. He invited us to a party at A. Porter's. Joe and Bob Reid from Dunkeld called at the door today.

Tuesday, January 11:
A nice day. Mrs. Chick was in this morning and told Lyla & I about a good place in Toronto so we have decided to go. Father, Harvey & I drove over to Geordie's. We took the machine over. Geordie Mateer was over tonight and Geordie and him played euchre against Bess & I. We were badly beaten.

Wednesday, January 12:
A lovely day. Nelson Flett drove down for Bess to go and help make sausage. Mrs. Sturgeon was over this afternoon. Bess came back near suppertime. Geordie drove Jack & Bob over home. Harvey came back with Geordie. Lambs were to take a sleigh load but did not so the four of us went in the cutter. I had an excellent time. I had the first dance with J.G. McKay. I had 3 squares and a Jersey with J.G. McKay. I had 4 squares and a French minuette with Jim McKay, I had 3 squares with Nelson Flett, 1 square with Bill Stewart, 3 squares with Billy McFadyen, 1 square with Sam Colwell, 3 squares with Ivan Neally, 1 square with Bert Mawhinney, 2 squares with Percy Mooney, 1 square, a waltz quadrille and a French minuette with Bill Lamb ( also ate lunch with Bill ). Andy Bain, Bill Johnston, Sam Keyes, Bill Cruikshanks asked me but I was engaged each time. Ivan Neally asked to drive me home and I promised and then afterwards I asked him to excuse me. I don't think Ivan was very well pleased. I came home with Stanley Webb, Lyla & Alma Reid. Jim McKay wants to correspond with me when I go away but I hardly think I will.

Thursday, January 13:
A nice day. I feel sleepy today. Jim Andrews came up this afternoon and cut Father's hair. Nelson & Fan called on their way to Cargill. I got ready and went to Cargill with them. Lyla went as far as Pinkerton. Geo. Sawyer called and took Jack & Bob home and Lyla went over also. I got a new brown coat.

Friday, January 14:
A nice day. Harvey & I drove over to Geordie' s this forenoon. We stayed till afternoon, then Lyla came back with us. Lyla & I walked down to S. Garland's for tea. Vina McKee & Alma Reid were there, We all walked down to Guild. Stanley Webb caught up to us coming home and gave Lyla & I a ride,

Saturday, January 15:
A nice day. Father drove Lyla to the station. She went to Paisley on the eleven train. She is going to vist Maggie Sharpe. I went over to Uncle Adam's this afternoon and cut out a Jumper for Alma Reid. After tea Alma & I walked to Pinkerton. Ida walked over to Flett's this afternoon. Fan & Nelson drove Ida back home, I expected Ern over tonight to play cards but he did not arrive. Fan & Nelson did not stay.

Sunday, January 16:
A nice day, Ida & I walked down to Sunday School. We got a ride with Fan, Nelson and Mrs. Flett. Mrs. A. Watson from the west, Mrs, T. Thompson, Flora & Hazel, Jack and Beck were at our place when we got home, Geordie, Bess and Jack & Bob were there before we left. Mrs. A. Watson has been coaxing me to go to the west and I have decided to go if Lyla will stay at home.

Monday, January 17:

A nice day. I walked over to Geordie's this morning. I called in at Maud's for a few minutes, Geordie Sawyer and I played euchre tonight. Geordie beat.

Tuesday, January 18:
It rained this forenoon and snowed and stormed this afternoon. Bess is expecting Jack & Mrs. Webb to visit this afternoon. I walked over to Geordie's this afternoon. Lyla cane home from Paisley this afternoon. Lyla & I went to bed early but we laughed a great deal before going to sleep.

Wednesday, January 19:
A nice day. Mrs. Chick called this forenoon to invite Mother to a quilting bee. I got a letter from W.J.S. A load from the fourteenth called to take Lyla & I to May's wedding. May Mutrie was married to Mr. George Sutherland from the west. The load we went in were as follows: Bill & Mabel Stewart, Ella Cruikshanks, Ida & Edgar Wilson, Jack McKee, Nelson & Fan, Bertha MacFee, Cecil Garland, Alf Fydiss and Myrtle Reid also got a ride down with us. I had an excellent time. Lyla and I gave May a rug. I had the first dance with Bill Stewart, 3 squares, a waltz and a minuette with Harold Pinkerton, 2 squares with Ern Webb, 1 square with Nelson Flett, 1 square, a waltz, a minuette and a schottishe with Scott Webb, I had 2 squares, a waltz quadrill, a waltz and a minuette with Bill Lamb, 1 square with Cecil Garland, 1 square with Edgar Wilson, 2 squares with Percy Mooney. Bert Sutherland asked me for a dance and after we were on the floor I noticed Bert was acting peculiar and finally I noticed that his nose was bleeding. He got Harold Pinkerton to take his place. We laughed a great deal at Bert. I had 3 squares and 4 waltzes with Peter McKinnon, a fellow I met, He also asked me for a Jersey but I did not like to go. We got home about half past four. Maggie Lamb, Vina McKee, Alma, Lyla and I chummed together. I also had 3 squares with Norman Birrell.

Thursday, January 20:
A nice day. Lyla and I slept till dinner. We were tired kids. Lyla & I walked over to Uncle Adam's and had tea. Alma was keeping house. We came home right after tea. We got a ride to the corner with Uncle Adam. Jack Chick and Uncle Sam came down for a game of euchre. Jack & Lyla played against Uncle Sam & I. We beat. Then Jack & Harvey played against Uncle Sam & Father. Jack & Harvey beat. Then Lyla & I played against the two boys and we beat them, and then we played Father and Uncle Sam and beat them, so we were the champion players. It was after eleven when we got to bed. Ern Webb was to call for Harvey tonight but it was raining so he did not come.

Friday, January 21:
A nice warm day. Lyla and I feel tired today. Lyla has got a stale whisper these days. Aunte Effie called for Mother to go to Mrs. Chick's quilting. Father walked down to Pinkerton. Ern Webb called this evening for Harvey but Harvery went to Jack's this forenoon. Lyla & I were upstairs getting ready for Guild and did not see him at all. Alma & Melville Reid called for Lyla & I to go to Guild. The four of us walked down. I lead the meeting tonight. Alma played the organ. H. Hettrick caught up to us coming home. We had him nearly taking a fit laughing but it doesn't take much to amuse him.

Saturday, january 22:
A cold stormy day. Lyla, Mother & I plucked three ducks this forenoon. Father went up to J. Wilson's this afternoon. I intended going to Sharpe's today but on account of the storm did not go. Father & I drove down to Pinkerton for the mail but the trains were blocked and we did not wait for the mail. Father drove down to Elphick's for Martha Elphick & Mrs. T. Alexander and her little boy Edgar. After tea we played euchre. Martha and I played Maggie and Lyla. We beat.

Sunday, January 23:
A nice day, Father & I drove down to church. Will & Maude came over after dinner. Fan & Nelson also came in the afternoon. Martha, Maggie and the kid went up to Wilson's this evening. Nelson & Fan drove Lyla & I to church. Ern Webb caught up to us going down and he yelled at us. Ern was alone tonight. Ivan Neally, Ern and Stanley Webb sat behind us and across the board. Alma, Lyla & I did a great deal of laughing in church. I came home with Lyla & Stanley. There seems to be a mystery tonight and I must find out what it means.

Monday, January 24:
A nice day. Father drove me to the station this morning. I went to Paisley to visit Maggie Sharpe. We called at Mrs. Watson's and Minnie Mawhinney's place now. Mrs. J. Parker, Maggie, Eliza Porter and I went down to the river and were helping Eliza to skate. Maggie and I called down at Dr, Gage's for Eliza Lamont and we went to the rink. They did not skate very much. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Dan McGillivary today.

Tuesday, January 25:
A nice day. I went over to Mrs, Black's this morning, then went to the shop and stayed till dinner time. Was invited to Black's for dinner, Maggie came over for me right after dinner to go skating. She had got Mrs. Fred McLaughlin's skates for me. We went down to Willow Creek. We had a good time. We were looking for Stanley Webb to take skating with us. We went for a long ride on Dan McGillivray's sleigh. After tea Maggie & I called on Mrs. McLaughlin. I got an introduction to Mr. Fowley. Then we called on McBeath's, Mrs. Black was in there. They coaxed us to go to Guild with them so away we went. I met a lot of new people tonight. Mrs. Black wanted to come for a walk with us but we did not want her. We had a date on for the night. We came up to the house and Mrs, Sharpe talked to Mrs. Black. I wrote three post cards tonight to Alma, Lyla & Fan. Dan McGillivary called for a while. Maggie, he & I were in the parlor when Jim McKay came. He came to drive me home but I did not want to come so soon. Jim came in and stayed till near three. Maggie waited up in the dining room alone. Dan left shortly after Jim came. Jim asked me to go to the Ball on Thursday night at Eden Grove but I said NO.

Wednesday, January 26:
A nice day but a heavy fall of snow in the afternoon. Maggie & I called for Eliza Lamont. We went to the rink. I did not have the skates this afternoon as Mrs. McLaughlin went skating herself. Maggie's Aunty and her little girl came today for a visit, Mrs Campbell from the west. Maggie & I went to the rink tonight but did not stay late. We were tired kids tonight.

Thursday, January 27:
A nice day. Maggie & I went down town this morning. I went up to the shop for a few minutes & also called at Mrs. Black's. Maggie & I walked up to the station. I came home on the eleven train. I got a ride in with Edgar MacFee to Pinkerton and walked to the school house from there. I called in to see Florence and came up with Ida at noon. Father went to Cargill today to draw the writings. Father sold Sam's place to J. Wilson for $900. Father drove over for Mother tonight to Geordie's. Ern Webb called tonight to see Harvey. Lyla & I were just going out to go to Uncle Adam's. Ern drove us over. He wanted us to go to the Ball at the Grove that is where he is bound for. Alma, Lyla & I done a great deal of laughing.

Friday, January 28:
A grand day and a clear frosty night. I did not want to go to the Carnival tonight but Lyla coaxed me to go. I have an awful headache today. I feel as though I were getting the grippe. Stanley called about six and we drove to Paisley. I promised Maggie that I would go with her so Lyla & I went down to Sharpe's. Mrs. Ross and Eddie were there, We waited quite a while and Stanley did not come so Mr. Ross, Eddie, Maggie & I went on. Maggie and I started off by ourselves; but Eddie asked us to allow him to take us in. We did not like to but however said yes. We went up to the gallery and were riot long there when Stanley, Lyla & Eliza Lamont came up. Mrs. Ross went home early so we had a grand old time. Norman Birrell brought Alma up to the gallery and then he went down to skate, Eddie Ross is quite a clip. We chummed together all night. When we were coming out through the crowd coming home Norman Birrell asked to drive me home so Eddie stepped back. Well I certainly was surpised at Norman's nerve and he was almost certain I would go for he was planning where he would meet me. I asked Norman to excuse me and walked on out. Then Eddie came and we all went down to Sharpe's again. Stanley called for us. I was a sick kid tonight but just kept laughing to forget it. E.W. had Ollie Watson tonight.

Saturday, January 29:
A snowy day. Father & Mother drove over to Lou's place this afternoon. I am studying a recitation today. Ida went to Pinkerton for the mail. Maude & Will were here for tea. I feel a little sick yet.

Sunday, January 30:
A snowy day. Father, Mother, Lyla, Ida & I drove down to Sunday School. I got a ride back with Fan & Nelson. They came to our place. Lyla & I intended going to see Maud Mawhinney but could not get.

Monday, January 31:
A nice day. Maud Mawhinney left for Neustadt where she is to have her head operated on. Father & I drove over to Metclfe's after dinner. I called in going to see Mrs. J. Cruikshanks who has been sick for some time. Coming home we called in at Flett's, then drove down to Geordie's for a few minutes, then over home. Lyla & I sorted out all our post cards and letters for Toronto. We felt pretty lonesome tonight.

Tuesday, February 1, 1910:
A nice calm day. Daunt, Lou & Fan called for Lyla, Ida & I this morning about nine o'clock and we drove to Walkerton. Bess, Georgie, Jack and Bob were there when we got there. They went down on the early train. They got their group taken, also the two kids alone, and we six girls got our photos taken. Ida came home with Bess & Geordie on the afternoon train and Daunt, Lou, Fan, Lyla & I came home in the sleigh. We were not a bit cold when we got home. It was seven o'clock when we arrived. Alma & Melville Reid came up this evening. Daunt, Lou & Fan stayed for tea. Alma & I played two games of euchre against Father & Lyla. They got both. Then Lyla & I played against Father & Alma. We won.

Wednesday, Februray 2:
A snowy and dark day. Ida went over to Geordie's. Father & Mother went to Pinkerton. Lyla & I kept house.

Thursday, February 3:
A nice day. We had a quilting bee today. The following were at our place: Mrs. Sawyer & Bess & Jack & Bob, Daunt & Lou, Maud & Will, Aunt Effie, Mrs. Wm. Flett & Fances and then Nelson came for them in the evening and had his tea. We had roast duck for supper. Lyla & I went to bed early.

Friday Februray 4:
A nice day. I finished a brown silk waist for Lyla with a brown net yoke. Ida went to Uncle Adam's this afternoon. Father drove to Pinkerton. I walked over to Uncle Adam's to tell Alma to come up and go with us. Uncle Adam drove Alma & I over home, Then Father, Alma, Lyla & I drove to a party at Jack's. It stormed awful when we were going but we got there just the same. I had an excellent time. I had the first dance with Geordie Sawyer, 3 squares with Bill Lamb and ate lunch with Bill, 1 square with Bob Watson, 1 square with Melrose Watson, I square with Ellsworth Watson, 2 squares and a waltz quadrille with Fred Watson, 2 squares with Joe Watson, a shottishe with Stanley Webb, 2 squares with Ernest Butcher, 2 squares and a waltz with a strange fellow and 2 squares with another stranger, and 2 squares with one of the McDole's, 1 square with Dave Lamb. Ern, Scot and Stanley Webb were the only strangers from this way. It was twenty to five when we got home. There was a good fire on when we got home and Alma, Lyla & I talked and laughed till after six.

Saturday, February 5:
A nice day, We slept till noon. Father drove Alma home after dinner. I feel real tired. We got the proofs of our pictures and they are not too bad. We went to bed early.

Sunday, February 6:
A very frosty day. Ida and I started off to walk to Sunday School but Uncle Sam and Myrtle Reid caught up to us and gave us a ride down. We got a ride up with Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Flett. Nelson & Fan came over this afternoon and then they came down to night church. There were not many out tonight it was so frosty, 20 below zero. Stanley Webb drove Lyla home tonight.. I came home with Fan and Nelson.

Monday, February 7:

A very cold and stormy day. Father & Lyla went to Pinkerton. Mr. J. Wilson was down tonight. Lyla and I played euchre against Father and Jack. They beat.

Thursday, February 8:
A lovely day and milder with rain at night. I trimmed my box today. Stanley Webb called and gave Lyla & I a ride down to the Box Social. There was a good crowd there tonight. I gave a recitation tonight entitled "Katrina's Vist to New York". I did not care much for the piece. Alma, Vina, Lyla & I chummed together. Mr. Mills from Cargill got Vina's box. Geordie McDole from Eden Grove got Alma's. Mr. J. B. Campbell got Lyla's and Mr Albert Pinkerton got mine. After lunch we had a dance. I had the first dance with Eddie Ross. Percy Mooney asked me about the same time but Eddie thought, he was first. I did not have a dance with Percy at all. I had 2 squares with Eddie, a waltz with Jack McKay and a minuette with Jack McKay, a square and a waltz with Jim McKay, a waltz with Ern Webb, 2 squares and a minuette with Stanley Webb, a square with a strange lad from Cargill, and a square dance with a stranger from near Malcolm, a scare with Ernest Butcher, a two step with Harold Pinkerton, 2 squares with Willie Bell, 1 square with Cecil Garland, a waltz with Bill Lamb. Mr. McCarther from Lovat asked me for a dance and then they called a two step. He asked for the next dance but I kept out of his way. I did not like him so did not dance with him. Scott Webb asked me for a dance and I was engaged. Norman Birrell asked me for a dance and they had a two step and a waltz so Norman and I sat talking till we came home. Jim McKay came out from Paisley after lodge with McCarthers. Jim McKay, Jack McKay, Eddie Ross, Bell Stewart & Maggie Lamb bade us good-bye. I felt lonesome when they were saying goodbye. I came home with Stanley and Lyla. I had an A.1 time.

Wednesday, February 9:
A nice day. Fan walked over through the bush this forenoon on snow shoes. Geordie & Bess went to Cargill and left Jack & Bob here. Harvey went down to Jack's. I was out walking on the snow shoes. Lyla & I were invited to Uncle Adam's for tea. We did a great deal of laughing. I lost a rubber coming home.

Thursday, February 10:
A cold day. Father & Lyla drove to Pinkerton. I got a letter from R.G. Davidson in Toronto wanting me to work. Father drove Lyla & I over to Lou's. They were going to Acton's so Lyla & I went with them. Mr. & Mrs. Jack Webb were there. We had a good time. I laughed sometimes when shouldn't have. We got home at eleven and did not go to bed till near two. I am a lonesome kid tonight.

Friday, February 11:
A nice day. Lyla & I walked up to Purdy's Church and got a paper and then called at Wright's, then we walked down to Flett's for dinner. Mrs. Hutton and her little girl Alice were there. When we were coming away from Flett's we met Mr. McKinnon. We got a ride down with Wilson Metcalfe on a load of wood to the corner. He was teasing me about getting my box at a box social. We called at J. McKee's to see Vina. Mrs. A.C. McKee was there. Then we went up to Will's place and stayed for tea. Jack Sawyer was there. Will tied his snow shoes on me and we walked across to Geordie's on them. Lyla stood on behind me. Geordie, Bess, Jack, Bob, Lyla & I came over in the cutter. We called for Alma but she had a cold and could not come to Guild. Lyla & I walked home and got ready and then walked to Guild. Stanley was to be down tonight but did not appear. Annie & Jessie Murray came up a peice with us. We got a ride with Jack McKee. Geordie Sawyer went to Wilson's to play euchre, then they stayed all night.

Saturday, February 12:
A snowy day. Father and Lyla drove to Pinkerton. I got two letters. Daunt brought Lou over, she stayed all night.

Sunday, February 13:
A nice day. Eddie Ross and Maggie Sharpe came out to our place this forenoon. I was not a bit dressed up but skipped and got dressed before Eddie got in from the barn. After dinner Eddie, Maggie, Lyla & I drove down to Pinkerton Church. We all sat together. Everbody in church came and shook hands with Lyla & I and said good-bye. We felt lonesome when we got home from church. Vina McKee and Eva Griffith came in the afternoon. Fan and Nelson were over for tea. Daunt drove over for Lou this evening. Vina & Eva got a ride home with Eddie & Maggie.I felt lonesome saying good-bye to all the people. Nelson gave me a dollar tonight to spend in remembrance of him. Lyla and I went to bed after they went.

Monday, February 14:
A nice day. Nelson brought Fan over early this morning. Nelson gave Lyla a dollar in remembrance of him. Nelson is a dear kid. Fan is going to stay till Tuesday morning. Fan went over to Uncle Adam's this morning. Alma Reid was over this afternoon and stayed all night. Mrs. Chick, Bella & Eva came down this afternoon. Father and I drove out to Eden Grove with our trunks. We called at Pinkerton coming back. I brought Alma's mail. I had a valentine for Alma. I also brought a letter for Lyla and three valentine for myself, one valentine from Eliza Lamont, one from Jim McKay and one from a stranger that danced with me at Jack's party. He also was at the Box Social. I did not know his name but he put his name on the valentine, Fred Leifso from Malcolm. Aunty and Uncle Adam were up this evening to say good-bye to us. Alma, Lyla & I slept together and Fan & Ida. Harvey came up from Jack's this evening.

Tuesday, February 15:
A stormy and cold day. Harvey drove us out to the station this morning. The waiting room was not open so we waited in Connor's Hotel. We met in with Minnie Crowe, a girl I knew in Paisley. She was going to Toronto also. We got to Union Station, Toronto, about twenty minutes to twelve. Viola Pitcher was at the station when we got there but we did not know her for some time. Belle also came to the station before we left and we walked a block and then took a King car to the corner of Mores St. Then walked up to Pitcher's, 23 Mores St. We met Mr. Angus Drummond, Belle's cousin. We had our dinner. Lyla, Viola & I walked down Mores St, to Queen St., then down to Broadview Ave., then went on till we found 65 Riverdale Ave., the place where Lyla is to work. Then we went to 26 Elliot Ave, where there was a murder to see the house. Then we went to 6 Sparkhall Ave. and called on Mrs. Frankland, the lady I'm to work for. I like her fine for the first time. Then we went back to Pitcher's and wrote a lot of post cards. We stayed at Pitcher's for tea then Viola & Belle came down to our places with us. Mrs. Frankland is sick so I have to get the breakfast myself.

This is a current map of Toronto showing the area West of the Don River and north of Queen Street.

Wednesday, February 16:
A nice day. I got up this morning at a quarter to eight. Mrs. Frankland showed me where everything was for breakfast. I just got the meals today. Lyla called this evening and then I went back to 65 Riverdale Ave, with her. We went to her room. I wrote a letter to W.J.S. tonight. It was about ten o'clock when I got back home.

Thursday, February 17:
A nice day. I like my place fine. I went to bed early.

Friday, February 18:
A nice day. Lyla came down this afternoon, Mrs. Frankland went to do some shopping. Lyla stayed until she cane home, then Lyla and I went to Pitcher's and had our tea and after tea all of Pitchers and Angus Drummond and Lyla & I went to ball in a hall that the lodge called the Sons of England got up. Mr. Pitcher is a member of this lodge. I had an excellent time. I learned two new dances, the lancers and the Spanish rooster. I was two stepping, waltzing and had two square dances. I got an intoduction to Mr. Burke, a lad who used to live in the country. He seems to be a nice kid. I had quite a few dances with him. It was one o'clock when we got home. We would have to wait 50 minutes for a car so we walked home. When we came to the corner of Queen & Broadview, Angus Drummond walked the rest of the way with Lyla & I. We walked up to 65 Riverdale with Lyla, then on to 6 Sparkhall.

Saturday, February 19:
A nice day. I did not need to get up early this morning. I got a letter from Aggie Reid, one from Bess and one fron Ida. Lyla was talking to me over the phone today. I am real lonesome tonight.

Sunday, February 20:
A nice day. I went up to see Lyla this afternoon, then came back and got tea and then went up again. Met Lyla on Riverdale Ave and we went to night church in St. John's Presbyterian Church. It is certainly different to Pinkerton Church but there is no place like little Pinkerton. After church I went to Lyla's place and stayed for quite awhile. I had a toothache nearly all night.

St. John's, located at the corner of Broadview & Simpson Ave., north of Gerrard Street has been transformed into a Presbyterian Museum.

Monday, February 21:
A nice day. I did a small washing for myself this morning and swept the cellar. I slept all afternoon. I was feeling kind of chilly all day, thought I was getting the grippe.

Tuesday, February 22:
A nice day. I did my ironing today and polished the silverware. I went up to see Lyla tonight. Lyla came home part way with me. I got a letter from Frances and a post card from Alma. Heard today that Will and Maud had a young son.

Wednesday February 23:
A nice day. We swept the upstairs today.

Thursday, February 24:
A nice day. I had a letter fron Eliza Lamont and one from Lou. Lyla came down tonight and told me that Maud's baby had died when it was two days old. We swept the downstairs today.

Friday, February 25:
A nice day. Lyla and I walked through Riverdale Park and out to Sumack St. Then we walked to Queen St. and then up to Mores St. Pichers were not at home so we came back to Nichols and stayed there. I am sick. After tea, Lila & I started off to go to the doctor's but Joe Stewart caught up to us before we got there so went to Queen St. for a walk and back to 65 Riverdale. I went in and stayed with Lila for a while. I had a letter from Ida.

Saturday, February 26:
A nice day. I had a letter from W.L.S. this morning. I went, up to see Lila this evening.

Sunday, February 27:
A rainy day. I went up and called for Lila and we went to Picher's. Belle, Lila and I went to the Bay. Then we went and spent the afternoon at Blakely's. Tom Blakely is a very nice lad. He is very much like Ern Webb, his manner I mean. Belle walked down to Eastern Ave. with us when we were coming home. Lila called for me and we went to church. I did not get the dishes done till I came home.

Monday, February 28:
A nice day. Miss Steele, the washwoman, came today to wash. I helped her a little just for fun. Mrs. Frankland is not very well today. I went to see Lila tonight. We called on Curl's tonight, Mrs. Chick's family. They are certainly nice. Mr. & Mrs. McCall were there, she is Mrs. Chick's sister and Wallace, her brother is just a young lad. He is quite a sport. He can certainly make the piano talk. He and Lila walked down to Sparkall Ave. with me. Maud Mawhinney died tonight at a quarter past ten.

Tuesday March 1, 1910:
A nice day. I got two post cards this morning, one from Vina McKee and one from Annie Murray. I got a letter from Alma, one from Ida and one from Maggie Sharpe this afternoon. Maggie was telling me about poor Maud being so low, but she died that night. Maud was operated on twice for a bealing in her head and it went to her brain. Maud was a dear girl and we chummed together when I was in Paisley.

Wednesday, March 2:
A nice day. I was not doing anything this afternoon. I was keeping house. Then in the evening Mr. & Mrs. Frankland and Mrs.Weir went out and I was alone with Murray. I went to bed at eleven. I did not hear them coming home. Poor Maud was buried today at 2 o'clock.

Thursday, March 3:
A nice day. I ran the sweeper over the upstairs today. I did nothing all afternoon. I washed my head. I went up to see Lila tonight and she got a card from Maggie Sharpe saying that Maud had died. She got a letter fron Bess and she said that Geordie McDole (McDowell) was dead. He had pneumonia.

Friday, March 4:
A lovely day. I ran the sweeper over the downsrairs this forenoon. After dinner I called for Lila and we walked up to Pitcher's. They would not be home till four so we came back to Queen St. and went down to a photographer shop and got our shadows struck. Then we walked back to Pitchers. After tea, Viola and I went to the nickel show. When we came back from there, there was a surprise party at Pitchers. We knew they were coming but Mrs. Pitcher didn't. I had an excellent time tonight. The two nicest lads I met tonight were Mr. Sloan and Mr. Jim Black. Jim Black invited me to a surprise party next Friday night. Lila and I had company with a man that was at the party as far as Gerard St. It was a quarter to four when we got home.

Saturday, March 5:
A nice day. I washed off a piece of linoleum in the kitchen this forenoon and slept all afternoon. I went up to see Lila tonight.. Mrs. Frankland wanted me to go up to VanDoan's and order some things for her, but Lila was tired so we did not go. I had a letter from Vina McKee today.

Sunday, March 6:
A thunderstorm this forenoon. Mrs. Frankland asked me to bake a pie and some tarts this morning but I gently refused so she baked then herself. I went up and called for Lila after dinner and we went up to Pitcher's. We were speaking to Jimmy Black going up. We met Vi and Belle and went for a long walk. When we came back we were talking to Tom Blakely for a while. Johnny Reid was also at Picher's for tea. After tea Lila and I walked to St. John's Church, a distance of about a mile and a quarter and it just poured rain and there was a very heavy thunderstorm. After church I walked up to 65 Riverdale with Lila till she got a letter and she came back to the corner to post it. I had the supper dishes to wash when I got home.

Monday, March 7:

A cold day with snow. I did a small washing for myself this morning and swept the cellar. I was alone this afternoon. I baked a rolled Jelly cake. I got a letter from Belle Stewart.

Tuesday, March 8:
A nice day. I ironed my own wash and aprons this forenoon, also cleaned the bathroom and washed the kitchen windows and swept the cellar. I got a letter from Mother and Ida today. Lila came down tonight and we went to Curl's to spend the evening.

Wednesday, March 9:
A nice day. I swept the upstairs this forenoon. We just had lunch at twelve. Mrs. Frankland had company for a five o'clock tea. I am all alone tonight. Mr. & Mrs. Frankland and Mrs. Weir have gone out. I got a card from Mae Mutrie (Mrs, Geo. Sutherland now).

Thursday, March 10:
A nice day. I swept the downstairs this forenoon. I got a letter from W.J.S. this morning. I wrote letters this afternoon. I went to bed early tonight.

Friday, March 11:
A lovely day. I was through at half past one. I called for Lila and we walked up to Pitchers. Vi, Lila & I went to T. Eaton's. It is certainly a grand store. We bought dresser covers to remember the day and got a hat pin for Vi. We came back to Pitcher's for tea. We laughed a great deal tonight. I got home at half past ten.

Saturday, March 12:
A nice day. I washed off the kitchen floor this forenoon and baked two pies this afternoon. Joe Stewart called me up on the phone this afternoon but I was dressing and so Mrs. Frankland told him to ring me up again in an hour. He rang again about six o'clock and we talked for a while. I went up and stayed with Lila tonight for a while.

Sunday, March 13:
A rainy forenoon with snow in the afternoon and a cold wind. Lila called for me in the afternoon. Mrs. Frankland told me I didn't need to come back to get tea and I said I would come back so she invited Lila to come and have tea with me but Lila couldn't come. We went to the park and saw the wild animals. When I got home it was half past four. They had company for tea. I left the dishes till I came from night church. I met Lila on Riverdale Ave. It was real cold when we were coming home from church.

Monday, March 14:

A cold stormy day. Miss Steele came to do the washing. I helped her a bit and also ironed with her. I feel tired tonight and went to bed early.

Tuesday, March 15:
A nice day. Mrs. Frankland and Mrs. Weir ironed this forenoon. I was all alone this afternoon and ironed all the time. I got a letter from Bess tonight. Mrs. Frankland gave me a months wages tonight. I asked her for a raise but she said she couldn't afford to give me any more. Lyla came down tonight. We laughed a great deal while she was here. When she was going home I went as far as the corner of Riverdale and Broadview with her. It was snowing out tonight.

Wednesday, March 26:
A nice day with a high wind. I ironed today. I was alone all afternoon. Murray was out playing. I wrote two letters then went to bed.

Thursday, March 17:
A nice day. I ran the sweeper over the upstairs this forenoon. I was alone all afternoon, had nothing to do. Mr. Frankland did not come home foe tea tonight. I started off to go see Lila but met her at the corner of Sparkall & Broadview so she came back with me. She had a letter from Alma for me. Alma enclosed my letter in Lila's. Lila stayed for a while then I went to her place and stayed a while.

Friday, March 18:
A lovely day. Lila was down this afternoon before I was ready. We walked to Pitcher's. Vi and Lila went down to Eaton's store. I stayed with Mrs. Pitcher and cut out a skirt for Vi. After tea, Vi & I went down street and then we went to a party at Bowle's. Mr. Burk was there. I had a shake of his hand. He is certainly a nice kid. Jim Black was there tonight. I don't like him as well tonight as I did. We had an excellent time. Johnny Reid walked home with Lila and I. We came down Logan Ave. instead of Broadview till we came to Riverdale and then we went up Sparkall, Mr. Frankland had locked me out by mistake so I just rang the door bell till they came. Joe Stewart had called me up on the phone while I was away and I got a post card from Alice Thompson this afternoon.

Saturday, March 19:
A nice day. I washed off the kitchen and baked four pies.. I had nothing to do this afternoon. I worked a few button-holes, for Mrs. Frankland. I went to see Lila tonight.

Sunday, March 20:
A warm but very windy day. After dinner I called for Lila and we walked near Queen St, then we met Belle and Vi so Lila, Belle and Vi went to Flossie Pitcher's, I would like to have gone but Franklands were having company and I came back to get tea. After tea I walked to the corner of Broadview & Gerrard. I was to meet Lila there at a quarter to seven but she did not come so I came back and after a while Lila called and stayed for a while.

Monday, March 21:

A nice day. I did a small washing for myself and swept the cellar this forenoon and did part of my ironing this afternoon. I sewed this evening for myself.

Tuesday, March 22.
A nice day. I finished my ironing and polished the silverware this forenoon, I washed dishes all afternoon as Mrs. Frankland and Mrs. Weir were out in the morning and did not get back till the middle of the afternoon. I walked to the corner of Gerrard & Broadview near six o'clock for a cake for tea. Tea was late tonight of course when I wanted to get away. Mr. Frankiand did not get home till seven for tea so I just left the dishes and Lila & I met Belle Pitcher on Queen St. and went to the Union Station to see Geordie Sawyer. He is going to the west. Joe Stewart and Ida Sawyer were also there. Dan Desmond was also there. We were shaking hands with him. After we bade Geordie good-bye we went to an ice-cream parlor. Belle, Lila & I had ice-cream, then we went to a nickel show. Then we came home. It was eleven o'clock when I got home and I had the dishes to do after that.

Wednesday, March 23:
A warm day. I swept the upstairs today. Was alone all afternoon. Vi Pitcher called for me in the evening and the we called for Lila. We walked to the corner of Broadview & Queen to meet Belle and waited on the corner for a long time. We took the Broadview car and went down Queen to Church St. We went to a party in the Sons of England Hall. It was a lodge party. We had to wait quite a while to get in as Belle had gone out to a nickel show and she had our tickets. There was an awful crowd, I had an excellent time. I wore my pale blue princess. I got home at two. I had a card from Jim McKay.

Thursday, March 24:
A warm day. I feel tired today. I swept the downstairs, I was alone from morning till near two. Then I got Mrs. Frankland and Mrs. Weir lunch and then went and had a good sleep. I went to bed early.

Friday, March 25:
A nice day. This is Good Friday. I met Lila on Riverdale Ave. this afternoon. We walked to Pitcher's. Then we went out for a walk, Flossie (Mrs. Smith) was there. After tea, Belle, Lila, Annie Blackely & I went to Yonge St. for a walk. We changed partners once in a while. Belle & I had a confidential chat.

Saturday, March 26:
A nice day. I made an apron for myself this afternoon. Lila came down tonight and we walked to Queen St. We met Belle and Viola and went for a long walk with them.

Sunday, March 27:
A windy day. They had company for dinner and tea today. I had a lot of work to do today. Did not get the dishes done till half past three. Lila called for me and we walked to Pitcher's. Then Belle, Lila & I walked to Yonge St, and back. After tea Belle and Lila walked back to Yonge St. again. I stayed in and read a book, Then Lila and I walked home.

Monday, March 28:
A very warm day. Miss Steele came to wash. I helped her, also ironed this afternoon. Mrs. Frankland is vexed at me today because she knows I am leaving but I don't care. I went to bed early.

Tuesday, March 29:
A warm day. I ironed all day. Mrs. Frankland and I had a chat about me leaving. She wants me to stay and made different arrangements. I went to see Lila tonight.

Wednesday, March 30
A warm day. I ironed today and finished. Mrs. Frankland helped me. I sewed this afternoon. Belle Pitcher phoned for me to .........................

Unfortunately this is all that is left of the diaries...... an Appendix follows

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