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Friday, May 4, 1906:
A nice forenoon with rain in the afternoon. It was Arbor Day at school. I went to school in the forenoon. In the afternoon I went over to Sandy McKee's to see Fan. I stayed all night. Mary Donnelly was here this afternoon.

Saturday, May 5:
A nice day. I walked home from McKees this morning. Fan Vina McKee & Bess and Jack Sawyer came over in the evening. It rained while they were here but was a lovely night afterwards. Jack Sawyer stayed with us.

Sunday, May 6:
A very cold windy day, but a calm evening. Sam & Mother & I drove out to church this morning. Geordie & Bess came up from church. I was much disappointed because I did not get to night church.

Monday, May 7:
A very cold day with a little snow in the forenoon. I was at school, Ernest & Melville Reid were up this evening.

Tuesday, May 8:
A very cold day with rain in the afternoon. I was at school. Jack Roumey was up in the evening.

Wednesday, May 9:
A very cold day with snow. I was at school.

Thursday, May 10:
A cold day. Fan, Mother &.I drove old Doll into Paisley. Fan & I got new summer hats. We went to Watsons for dinner.

Friday, May 11:
It is not so cold today. I was not at school today. Lila & I walked down to Guild tonight and walked home again.

Saturday, May 12:
A nice day with a warn wind. There was a thunderstorm in the forenoon. Lila and I walked over to the fourteenth this evening. Fan & Vina cane over a piece of the way with us for a walk. A thunderstorm tonight with heavy rain.

Sunday, May 13:
A showery day but calm and nice in the evening. We drove to morning church. Fan & 1 went to English Church and then over to Uncle Adam's. We also went to night church. Bill Stuart drove Fan over to the frourteenth Ern Webb walked home with me.

Monday, May 14:
A nice warm day. I did not go to school.

Tuesday, May 15:
A very nice day. I was not at school. Mother, Father & Jack Sawyer drove over to Metcalfe's today. Bess came over in the evening for the baby. I went back with her and stayed all night,

Wednesday, May 16:
A nice day I was not at school. I came home from Geordie's this morning. Geordie Purdy was up this evening and him and Harvey went over to the fourteenth to play base-ball.

Thursday, May 17:
A thunderstorm this morning and the rest of the day was very warm. House-cleaning is the order of the day.

Friday, May 18:
A warm day. Harvey left for Powassan this morning. Lila & I walked to Guild and walked home again. There is a party at Tom Richardson's but I did not go.

Saturday, May 19:
A cold day with a strong wind.

Sunday, May 20:
A nice day. Lila & I walked to Sunday School. Alma, Sam & I drove to English Church and after church we went for a drive out to the Grove. Jack & Beck, Daunt & Lou, & Fan were over this afternoon. Sam & I drove to night church. Sam & me drove Fan over to the fourteenth.

Monday, May 21:
A nice day. I was not at school. Mr J.J. Schmacker was here for dinner. Bess was over for supper. After supper Bess & I drove to Pinkerton.

Tuesday, May 22
A very hot day. I was not at school. Martha Elphick was here this evening.

Wednesday, May 23:
A very hot day, I was not at school. Bess & Jack Sawyer were over this afternoon.

Thursday, May 24:
A dark morning and very much like rain, but the rest of the day was very hot. We walked down in the forenoon to see the Calathumpians. There was a run-a-way while we were there. Everybody got off safe though some had very narrow escapes. We walked home at noon for our dinner and back again after dinner. There was nothing very exciting going on in the afternoon. Bill Stuart drove Fan, Mabel & I home for tea but would not stay for tea. Mrs. Tom Thompson, Beck & Jack & Andy Alexander & Mabel Stuart were at our place for tea. Bill Stuart called for Fan & I & Billy Webb for Mabel. I got a ride with Bill Stuart as far as the church and there I met Ern Webb and he took me to the concert and drove me home after it. The concert was a little better than the afternoon sports.

Friday, May 25:
A very hot day. I was at school. Sam & I drove to Guild and after Guild we went for a drive. It is a very lovely evening.

Saturday, May 26:
A rainy morning and the day much cooler. I was sick in the forenoon. Sam, Mother & I drove to Cargill in the afternoon. Martha Elphick was down in the evening. Fan & Alma came over in the evening and I went back to McKee's with Fan and stayed all night.

Sunday, May 27:
A very cold dark day with a drizzling rain in the afternoon. Fan & I walked up to Daunt Metcalf's. We went to Sunday School and Church. After church I went with Ella Cruikshanks to Carr's for tea, & Fan went to Stuarts. After tea, Ella I came up to Stuarts, Ern & Billy Webb & Alf Ausburn & Lena MacNally were there. We had an excellent time. It was a very dark night.. Ern Webb walked up to Metcalfe's with me.

Monday, May 28:
A very cold day with strong wind from the east. I am at Metcalfe's today.

Tuesday, May 29:
A little warmer. Daunt & Lou brought me home this forenoon. Bess & Jack Sawyer are at our place. I was at school this afternoon. Daunt & Lou were here this evening for tea. Fan was over for a while.

The ROUMEY's at home,
note the "swing" on the porch

Wednesday, May 30:
A warm day. I was at school in the afternoon. Bess & Jack Sawyer were here today.

Thursday, May 31:
A warm day. Bess & Jack Sawyer were here today. Auntie was here for a short time.

Friday, June 1:
A warm day. Mother went to a quilting-bee at. Sandy McKee's. I was keeping house. Lila & I walked down to Guild and back again.

Saturday, June 2:
A warm day. Lila went over to Georgie's this afternoon,

Sunday, June 3:
A nice warm day. I walked down to Sunday School and got a ride home with Geordie Sawyer. They stayed at our place for dinner. I went over with them after dinner. Fan came to Geordie's and stayed till after supper and then I came up to McKee's with Fan. Vina McKee & Mabel Watson called for Fan I and the four of us went through the bush. Billy Stuartt walked home with Fan, Geordie Purdy with Vina, Wellie Caswell drove Mabel home. Ern Webb walked home with me. Alma came with us to the corner and then she went the rest with Fan & Bill Stuart. It was the most beatiful night I ever was out.

Monday, June 4:
A very warm day with a slight sprinkle of rain towards evening. Mother & Dad were over at Geordie' s today. I was keeping house. Lila & I over at Uncle Adam's this evening.

Tuesday, June 5:
A showery day. I was not at school. Bess & Mother went to Cargill. I kept house.

Wednesday, June 6:
A nice warm day. I was at school. Alma was over this evening and Fan was over. Alma & I went back with her but did not stay. It is a lovely night.

Thursday, June 7:
A very warm day. I was at school. Bess & Lou were over all day & Geordie was over in the evening, There was a thunderstorm tonight.

Friday, June 8:
A very warm day. I was not at school. Mr Bob Goreman was here all forenoon. Mr. McKinnon and Mrs. Maneely were here in the afternoon. Sam, Lila & I drove to Guild and drove back again. There was a thunderstorm when we were coming home.

Saturday, June 9:
A nice day. Pa & Ma went to Paisley in the forenoon. Sam & I drove down to Pinkerton to the Ice Cream Parlor and back again. Sam took Gertie Pinkerton and me for a drive.

Sunday, June 10:
A nice forenoon and very cold in the afternoon & evening. I was at morning, afternoon and night church. Sam & I drove Fan over to the fourteenth after night church.

Monday, June 11:
A cold day. Bess was over with Jack, and Bess, Jack & I went up to P. Desmond's and then to Pinkerton. Willie T. Reid, my cousin, died this afternoon at half past three with pneumonia and inflamation. I went over with Bess this evening and stayed with her. Mother came over with us as far as Uncle Tom's. Bess & I stayed there for a little while.

Tuesday, June 12:
A very hot day. I brought Jack over home in the carriage and went back again in the evening. Fan & I walked up to the wake at Uncle Tom's and back again.

Wednesday, June 13:
A hot day with strong wind. Bess & Jack & I drove to funeral. The roads were very dusty. We came home for supper and then over to Geordie's. Mr. & Mrs. Thos. Richardson were at Geordie's in the evening and Mabel Stuart came down and called for me and we went up to Sandy McKee's. Fan was sick when we got there. Mabel & I met Ern Webb at the gate and he came home with me. Mabel went home to the fourteenth tonight but she did not walk, I guess.

Thursday, June 14:
A nice day. Bess went away in the afternoon and I had to keep house at Geordie's. I rode over home on the wheel this evening and back again. Fan was down at Geordie's this evening.

Friday, June 15:
A cool day with a little rain. Bess was up at Metcalfe's all day and I kept house. It rained in the evening.

Saturday, June 16:
A rainy day. Fan & I walked out to Pinkerton tonight. Ern Webb came home with us.

Sunday, June 17:
A dark day with a few showers of rain. I walked up to Metcalfe's this morning, I went to Sunday School and Church in the afternoon. Mabel Stuart came to Metcalfe' s for tea. Ern Webb called for me at six o'clock and we drove to Paisley church. Sam & Ella Cruikshanks, Katie & Wilson Metcalfe, & Susan Lamb & B. Lamb & Fan & Bill Stuart were also there. We could not get a seat in the Town Hall so had to go the Methodist Church. The volunteers marched in Paisley tonight. We all had a good time. I came home tonight.

Monday. June 18:
A nice day with a cool breeze. I was at school today. Alma called for me in the evening and we went to Pinkerton. Fan was up at our place. I went over home with Alma.

Tuesday, June 19:
A nice cool day. Auntie Effie, Ernest & Melville and Lila & I went, away to pick strawberries. We got about five quarts.

Wednesday, June 20:
A nice day with a little rain. I was not at school. Bess & Jack Sawyer were over all day. Bess & Mother drove to Pinkereton. Wilson Metcalfe was here for a little while. Sam came home from Brant tonight sick.

Thursday, June 21:
A nice day. I was not at school. Sam still sick. Aunt Effie, Ernest Reid, Bess, Ida & I went picking berries. We gott about five quarts. Willie Cruikshanks was at our place for dinner. I went over to Geordie's and broughtt the wheel back,

Friday, June 22:
A rainy forenoon butt nice afternoon. Mother, Father, Sam & I went to Preparatory Service in the morning. Sam joined the Church this morning. After dinner I wheeled over to Jim Wilson's to a barn raising. I had an excellent time. I wheeled back again in the evening. Willie Cruikshanks, Wes Caswell and Maggie Johnston also joined the Church today.

Saturday, June 23:
A dark and cool forenoon butt nice afternoon. Alma came over in the evening. Fan & Vina came over and then wheeled to Pinkerton. Lila & I went back with Alma and stayed for a little while.

Sunday, June 24:
A very nice day. The sun was very hot all day. Sam & I walked down to morning church. Kate Cruikshanks, Wilson Metcalfe and Ern Webb came up from morning church. Wilson went home before tea. Ern & Sam drove to night church together. We four girls walked down. The Foresters marched to the English Church tonight. We were late and had to go and sit in the front seat of the church. Sam drove Ella home after church, Wilson drove Katie home, and Ern walked home with me. Bess & Geordie were at our place when we got home. Fan & Vina came up after church for a while. Jack Sawyer stayed with us tonight.

Monday, June 25:
A very hot day. I wheeled over to Geordie's this morning. Bess, Lila & I drove to the twentieth to pick berries. We got about a quart. of berries. Lila and I walked home from Geordie's this evening. Mother was sick when we came home.

Tuesday, June 26:
A warm day. Jack Roumey came up in the morning. Bess was over this morning. I went to school this afternoon. It is my last day at school and I felt bad about leaving school, Melville Reid was up this evening.

Wednesday, June 27:
A very warm day. Bess came over in the morning and we went picking berries. We got about seven quarts. Alma & Fan were over this evening. Alma & I went to McKee's gate with Fan when she was going home. Mother went to Metcalfe's this evening.

Thursday, June 28:
A cool breeze all day. We are keeping house today, Myrtle Garland was up in the afternoon. We had a Jew for dinner, Percy Mooney was here in the afternoon asking people to a barn raising at Sam Keyes. Lou & Daunt were over in the evening and brought. Mother home. Lila & I went to Garland's gate with Myrtle. There we met Lily Garland & Alma Reid and we all went. over to Caswells. Sam came in when he was coming home from Pinkerton, Sam & I went for a drive. It is a lovely night.

Friday, June 29:
A very hot day. Mr Fraser, the photographer, was here in the forenoon. Bess & little Jack were over in the afternoon. Bess & Jack Sawyer & Mother went to Cargill. Mother got a pair of fine shoes. Lila & I went to Guild. It was Social & Educational Meeting. We had ice-cream and cake. We all had a good time. Sam brought Vina McKee, Fan & me home. I went over to the fourteenth with Sam and came back with him. We had quite a bitt of lightning but there was no thunderstorm.

Saturday, June 30:
A cool rainy day. Lila & I went over to Uncle Adam's to play baseball this evening.