A compilation of  

Kathy WATSON's Ancestors and their Descendants

  Compiled by:
Case Vanderplas

To my wife KATHY

  Without her inspiration this
Work would never have been started  

Without her patience it never would
Have been completed


In 1971 my wife Kathy suggested it would be nice if someone would record her family history while some of the older generation were still available to pass on the information so we embarked on this task together. We visited with relatives we never would have met otherwise, pleasant spring days were spent wandering through quaint cemeteries, and inclement weather found us pouring over dusty books and faded microfilm in local archives and libraries.

Eventually we were able to trace Kathy's ancestors back five generations to the eight families. We have compiled a Family Journal on each of the eight families, which attempts to identify the descendants of these early Canadians. To access these families go to the Pedigree Chart below and click on the relevant families. To find other Family Journals of "connected" families go back to the main menu and click on "Other Families".

It is interesting to note that all of those families emigrated to Canada in the first half of the 19 th Century, with the exception of the TAYLORS who's daughter, Catherine, came in the 1860's. The WATSON , DAVISON and REID Families all emigrated from Ireland , while the LAMB Family emigrated from Aberdeenshire in Scotland . The METCALF (METCALFE) and WILSON Families came from England and the RUMMIG (RUMIG) Family came from Germany . Despite the varied backgrounds they all had a common goal, to become Lairds of their own land, and this they did in the center of Bruce County, Ontario, just south of the Town of Paisley where the Townships of Brant, Elderslie and Greenock meet.

When our first child was born we seemed to run out of time for frivolous things like hobbies and the Family History Project was shelved until recently. The new challenge is to fill in the sixth generation and to date we have had some luck as you will see on the following pages. In the meantime we felt that the information gathered to date should be shared with those who might be interested.

This genealogy is by no means complete and ultimately we would hope to uncover more information leading to the identification of additional ancestors. We would be very pleased to hear from all of those reading these pages that recognize errors or omissions, or have additional information that could be used to update this family history.

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