1867 Directory of Paisley

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Some twelve years ago the now beautiful and picturesque village of Paisley was first surveyed by the Government; it has since progressed rapidly, and at the present time boast of a population of from seven to eight hundred. It contains nine stores, four hotels, as many blacksmiths' shops, three waggonmakers' shops, a cabinet shop, a foundry, two tanneries, and many handsome buildings; particularly noticeable among these are the stores of Messrs. McKehnie, Porteous and Orchard; Johnson's Anglo-American Hotel, and the private residences of Messrs. Brighty, Bristow, Beard, Bruce, Dick, and Hanna, all built of brick. Large brick school house is now in course of erection. There are three churches completed, one of which, the Episcopal, is built of brick. The professions are well represented; there are five clergymen, two doctors, two surveyors, and two lawyers. Messrs. Murdock and Orchard have lately erected a large carding and woolen mill, which must prove of no small advantage to the village. Two carding mills are in constant operation, and it is the intention of the proprietors to place power looms in them at an early date. It only requires enterprise and capital to make Paisley one of the best manufacturing towns in the west, its water power being almost unexcelled. Distance 15 miles from Walkerton, and about the same distance from Southampton .


Arneil Robert, shoemaker
Anstead William, brickmaker
Bain Hugh, shoemaker
BAIRD JOHN, physician-See Card
BARBOUR JAMES, waggonmaker.
-See Card
Bonner James, carpenter
BONE JAMES, tanner-See Card
Bishop James M., printer
Briggs George, saddler
Brighty Thomas, yeoman
Bremner Rev. George
Brady James, foundry
BRUCE W. C., merchant
See Card
Buchanan John, blacksmith
Butcher Thomas
Burgess Thomas
Campbell Michael

clerk Div. Court
Christie Joseph, carpenter
Clark John, carpenter
Cobb William J.
Colborne Alexander, saddler
Crow Christopher J.
Dands Charles, bricklayer
Davy William, bricklayer
Dewstow William, miller
Dewstow William, jun., miller
DICK ROBERT, merchant-See Card Doherty William, baker
Downie Andrew
Fan William, shoemaker
Fan Thomas, candlemaker Featherstonhaugh F., merchant
Forsythe George




Fraser George
French William, brickmaker
Gilhuly Joseph, waggonmaker
Paisley Advocate, -See Card
Hanna David, saw miller
Hanna James, jun., miller
Hanna James, miller
Hay Robert M., merchant
Hay Robert, carpenter
Hagan E., baker
Hawks William, painter
Houston James
Hornell William, baker
Irving James, sen., carpenter
Irving Thomas, carpenter
Irving Robert, carpenter
IRVING JOHN, merchant-See Card
Ireland Frederick
JOHNSTON JOHN, hotel-Sec Card
Johnston Richard
Kalbfleisch Henry
KINGAN JOHN D., merchant
- See Card
KEYES WILLIAM, stationer
- See Card
King Joshua
MALLOCH GEORGE W., barrister
-Sec Card
Maker William, cabinetmaker
Martin John, axemaker
Mammersby John, butcher
Merryfield John, butcher
Miller Bryce B., merchant

Miller William
Mills Benjamin, carpenter
Mills , William B., carpenter
Mitchell Robert, plasterer
Murdoch J. A., tanner
MUDIE D., tinsmith-See Card
McArthur John, blacksmith
McAllain Peter, bailiff
McCaulder Forbes, hotel
McDonald Archibald
McDONALD JOSEPH, Paisley courier -See Card
>McGregor Duncan, blacksmith
McGarvin James, saddler
McIntyre David
McKECHNIE NEIL, merchant
-See Card
McKechnie hugh clerk
McKechnie John, shoemaker
McKenny James, shoemaker
McLAREN P. M., physician
- See Card
McLeod Hugh, miller
McMillan M., clerk
McMILLAN JOHN, attorney
- See Card
McNeil Donald
McTavish Robert, teamster
Neelands A.
Norton George
Nichol Andrew, carpenter
-See Card
Orchard Simon
Ogg , David D.





Palmer George gentleman
Parkhouse William, gentleman Palmalan Thomas, gentleman Patterson Thomas, gentleman Patterson William, gentleman
Pearce Thomas, carpenter Penwarden John, gentleman Pinkerton David, gentleman
Peters Alexander, cooper
Porter William, hotel
Porteous &, Co. , merchants
Rattray John, gentleman
Ralston Peter, merchant
Redeoff Richard, merchant
REID PETER, tailor -See Card
Reid Samual, wagonmaker
Robinson William, shoemaker Rolston Colin, merchant
Rowe Samuel, hotel
Sanders James, teacher
-Sce Card
Scott James, tailor
Scott William, shoemaker
Sergison Joseph, shoemaker SHANNON SAMUEL, tinsmith
SHANNON ROBT., blacksmith

Short James, gentleman
Simpson George E., gentleman Sinclair Peter, carpenter
Sinclair Daniel, carpenter
Sinclair James, carpenter
Sinclair Peter, cooper
Smith William, gentleman
SMITH GEORGE, merchant
- See Card
Stewart Elijah, teacher
Steel Samuel, waggonmaker
Steel James, blacksmith
Start George, gentleman
Start William, jun., gentleman
Start William, sen., gentleman URQUHART GEORGE C., druggist, township clerk and treasurer-See Card Urquhart James, gentleman
Valentine David, gentleman
Wallace Robert, sawyer
Welsford E., gentleman
Welsford William, gentleman Welsford John, gentleman
Welsford James, shoemaker
WILSON H. A., druggist - See Card Young Benjamin, gentleman









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