Case Vanderplas

Peter van der PLAS


A Compilation of

Cornelis Jan van der PLAS'

and his brother

Peter van der PLAS
1945 - 2019

Ancestors and their Descemdants

Compiled by
Case Vanderplas

In 1971 my wife Kathy suggested it would be nice if someone would record her family history while some of the older generation were still available to pass on the information so we embarked on this task together. We visited with relatives we never would have met otherwise, pleasant spring days were spent wandering through quaint cemeteries, and inclement weather found us pouring over dusty books and faded microfilm in local archives and libraries. This work has been uploaded on the "Canadian" side of this web site.

In December of 2005 I finally had the urge to start researching my own roots which are in the Netherlands and half of this site is now dedicated to all these "Tulip Stompers". Other than some information my parents had provided the majority of this compilation has been derived from the internet and a huge "Thank-you" goes out to all those who did the actual research.

For Case's Pedigree Chart (Stamboom) .

For Peter's Pedigree Chart (Stamboom) .

We have created Descendant Journals for most of our Dutch Ancesters as well as many other families that are not necessarily related but are in some way "connected".

This genealogy is by no means complete and ultimately we would hope to uncover more information leading to the identification of additional ancestors. We would be very pleased to hear from all of those reading these pages that recognize errors or omissions, or have additional information that could be used to update this family history.

The van der PLAS (VANDERPLAS) Family

Vanderplas Family

Peter and Case
Stein, Betsy, Kristy, Kathy, Rob and John

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