Finding Florence - Descendant Journals

In June 2018 we embarked on a new research project in an attempt
to identify the biological parents of
Florence Mae METCALFE* (1915 - 2005).
Since the adoption of Florence was a family 'secret' there appears to
be no one alive today, who can provide any meaningful information.

Kathy WATSON*, Florence's daughter, had her DNA analyzed, June 2017, at and we started searching for 'cousins'. With their help we researched these cousins to identify a common ancestor. With a set of common ancestors we worked our way back down the tree to identify possible 'suspects'. It took a year of research to identify a family name and in July, 2018, we discovered Florence's birth transcript at the Ontario Archives.

Florence was born Jean SAUNDERS on November 24, 1915 in Port Elgin and her mother was listed as Eupemia SAUNDERS . Click on SAUNDERS to see Kathy's biological family on her maternal grandmother's side. 

We appreciate the help of Patricia ROE, who set us off in the right direction with her comment "you might look at the McLEODs in Kincardine Township, Bruce County". You can find Paricia's connection in the GRAHAM Family Journal.

Unfortunately the father was not named on the birth transcript, so our search continues ......

Update; September 1, 2021

Several DNA connections have led us to Rene LEFEBVRE, b 1891 in Montreal, who was living in Port Elgin in 1915 (the year Florence was born). Rene joined the armed forces in 1917 and came back to Port Elgin after the war and worked at the Stevens-Hepner Brush Factory. In 1921 Rene married Pheobe FINK nee DANHOUSER, recently widowed with three children who lived in Southampton, Ontario. They subsaquently moved to Toronto where in 1942, he and Pheobe where living at 89 Lindsay Ave. I have reason to belive Rene and Pheobe had a caughter Yvette while in Toronto.

In an effort to confirm DNA connections for Rene  I have created a LEFEBVRE Family Journal

Please note, this is a work in progress and not all the connetions have been proven. I am open to any and all, questions, comments and corrections, Case.

Click on the underlined to see Pedirgee Charts and Family Journals.

Surname with asteriisk (*) denotes connection to our Ancestors on our Home Page.

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