Descendants of George SMITH & Elizabeth Nichols COCK


The Parish of St Neot is bounded on the north by Altarnun, on the east by St Cleer and Liskeard, on the south by St Pinnock and Bradock, and on the west by Warleggan, Temple and Blisland. St Neot parish is in the centre of Cornwall, north of Liskeard. St Neot founded a monastery here, and he is believed to have been a relative of King Alfred. A thriving agricultural industry existed in the parish in the past, particularly with sheep, provided enough money to build the beautiful parish church.
During the English civil war, the village supported the royalist cause and this is still commemorated each year by placing an oak branch on the church tower on Oak Apple Day. Tin used to be mined in the area, and the village is said to be honeycombed with old mine workings. Dozmary Pool is reputed to be in the Arthurian legend as the possible site of Excalibur.

Jill Elizabeth LEFEBVRE was born and raised in Bronte (now Oakville, Ontario) and currently lives in Milton, Ontario,with her husband John HOMORODEAN. She is a direct descendant of the captioned couple, see her Pedigree Chart
Other Ancestral Families connected to Jill on her paternal side are; LEFEBVRE; BOIRE; BERNARD; LATOUR, FOYLE; DOWDELL;NOKE(S) & MYALL.
Families connected to Jill on her maternal side are; BUNT; OSBORN; VANSTONE*; SMITH, FRENCH; FIFE; WESTERN; & HOUSE.

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