Descendants of John SEILER & Barabara FOERCH

John and Barbara SEILER settled in Eden Grove, Brant Township, Bruce County, before the railroad was put through. They came to Canada from Sweden, they first settling at Balaclava which was a small settlement on the high hill a few miles south of the village now called Mildmay on the Elora road. When they moved to Eden Grove their son John, was only 11 years old and was given the task of leading their cow to their new abode over the corduroy road. They had a stable built and always kept a cow and a horse for some years. John remained at Eden Grove, while the others - Catharine, Caroline and William went to other parts. Mary married Andrew CORMACK of the Paisley area.


John SEILER became a great citizen and an asset to the area in days to come. When he was only 14 years old, he started to service an apprenticeship with George JOHNSTON, carriage and wagon-maker at Pinkerton. ln those days he had to live where he worked, and slept above the shop which did not have too much heat, especially in the wintertime. He often said l endured many a cold night . Saturday was always a work day, but on Sundays he walked home to Eden Grove, attended church, and back again to Pinkerton by night.
In a few years, having completed his trade, he started a business of his own in Eden Grove. He had a frame workshop built and painted red on the south side of the main street and soon began making buggies, cutters, sleighs and wagons, as well as axe handles, neck yokes, and double-trees.
He later purchased KING's store from the west end and moved it down beside his workshop and increased his business of selling furniture, farm equipment, such as, harness for horses and cream separators. ln May, 1908 an advertisement appeared in the Paisley Advocate:
Mr. J. Seiler of Eden Grove has 10 different makes of buggies actually in stock - something you will not see anywhere else in the county. I can give you a full outfit - buggy, whip, harness, rug and fly-net.

In 1894, John married Jane LANCASTER, daughter of Jonathon LANCASTER. They took up residence above the furniture store. Two sons and a daughter were born to this couple: Albert, Oliver and Francis. Here they grew up and took an active part in the community. The boys played hockey on the Eden Grove hockey team. Francis became a registered nurse. Oliver also played baseball on the Bruce County team. Albert married Jessie ALEXANDER; Oliver married Mabel BAILEY, who came from Kagawong, Manitoulan island to Cargill where she was employed as a bookkeeper for the W.D. CARGILL estate; and Francis married Jack ACTON of Greenock.
When the automobile became the way of travel, the sons moved to Paisley and started up an automobile sales agency which they managed for several years, but eventually sold it. Their father slowly went out of business at Eden Grove, sold the shops to the SCOTT brothers when he retired. They operated an auto repair garage here for some years. He continued to live in Eden Grove in the house his father had built those many years ago.
This pioneer family were a great asset in establishing a business in the village. Nany a farmer had a SEILER cutter, sleigh or wagon and some are still around among the pioneer farms to this day. The SEILER family were noted for their great devotion to the church, and John was Superintendant of the Sunday School for many years. His wife also took an active part in the women's meetings until she lost her eyesight. Some may still hear Jack SEILER's jovial disposition; his whistle as he worked in his shop. No doubt, he worked hard for his livelihood; what a great example he left; a great pioneer who helped to establish and build a village many years ago.
The above illustration of the SEILER Family was written by Beatrice DALGARNO-BLACK in her book The Early History of Eden Grove and Vicinity.

Doug SEILER born and raised in Paisley. He currently owns and operates the Paisley Brick & Tile Co. Ltd. and is a direct descendant of the captioned couple. See Doug's Pedigree Chart. For an historical account of Paisley Brick & Tile go to the Historic Album of Paisley. Other Ancestral Families connected to Doug are; SEILER/ FOERCH; LANCASTER/ BENSON; SNAITH/ HALL; BAILLIE/ ROY; FOSTER/ THOMAS; WINCH/ MANN; ARMSTRONG/ MAXWELL; BELL/ CULP; REYNOLDS/ DAWSON; & HERMISTON/ ROW.

Andrew Bell 'Andy'
CORMACK (1930-2013) was a native of Paisley and lived there all his life. He served on the Town Council and as Reeve of Paisley for many years. Andy was a direct descendant of the captioned couple. See Andy's Pedigree Chart.
Other Ancestral Families connected to Andy CORMACK are;

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