Descendants of William RITCHIE & Jane ELLIOTT

The following is a history in genealogical format, of the descendants of William RITCHIE and Jane ELLIOTT as far as I have been able to complete to date. The following article, which appeared in the Owen Sound Daily Sun-Times of August 30, 1930, will serve as an excellent introduction to this family and their descendants.



DURHAM, Aug.30 - On Thursday afternoon the RITCHIE reunion took place in Harrison Park, Owen Sound, when over two hundred descendants of William and Jane RITCHIE registered with the secretaries, Miss Jane RITCHIE and Messrs. John and Will RITCHIE were a reception committee and Miss Kate RITCHIE and Mrs. Ralph CATTON were secretaries. Families were present from Durham, Varney, Holstein, Dromore, Dundalk, Shelburne, Orangeville, Grand Valley, Pinkerton, Fergus, Teeswater, Acton and Paisley. The two eldest present were Mr. Samuel PUTHERBOUGH, who is enjoying his 83rd year and Mrs. George FIRTH (Elizabeth RITCHIE formerly of Edge Hill), who is in her 81st year and enjoying good health.

The youngest member present was the two months old baby of Mr. and Mrs.
MAXWELL of Paisley. The rain came in the afternoon interrupting the games of sport and making it necessary for the merry makers to seek shelter. Fortunately the weather cleared so that the company enjoyed the supper hour and more sports in the evening.

This is the first reunion of the RITCHIE family and though all those who are scattered through the Western Canadian provinces and through the United States were absent in person, no doubt they were there in person and the many who have passed on were remembered. The gathering was indeed a very happy one for all able to be present.

Somewhere about the year 1845 William and Jane RITCHIE came from Tyrone, Ireland, with their five children, Nancy, John, William, Jane and Eliza, and settled in the township of Vaughan, York County. Mr. RITCHIE did not live to come to Glenelg and was laid to rest in Vaughan Township. Mrs. RITCHIE and her family came to Glenelg Township, Grey County, and settled on the farm on the 2nd concession at Edge Hill, now occupied by Mr. George RITCHIE . John married Ann KELLY and took up homemaking on the farm in No.9 Section, now occupied by Wm. ATCHISON . To them were born 11 children, William, Elizabeth, Andrew, George, James, John, Sarah Jane, Samuel, Charles, Thomas and David. Only four of this family now remain. Sarah Jane, Mrs. Wm. COLLIER of Austin, Manitoba, who was unable to be present at the reunion; George, who resides in Acton, Ont., and also unable to be present, and Thomas, who resides at Edge Hill, and David in Durham.

William married Margaret KELLY and lived on the homestead at Edge Hill. To them were born nine of a family, Elizabeth, William, John, Jane, Ellen, Sarah, Margaret, George and Emma. Four of these are deceased, William, John, Ellen, Mrs. A. BEATON and Margaret, Mrs. Wm. WEIR . Nancy married Mr. George
PUTHERBOUGH, a member of a family well known in Glenelg and Bentinck. Their family was six sons and one daughter, William, Samuel, Eliza Jane, John, George, Thomas and William. All have passed on but two, Eliza Jane, Mrs. CHAFFEY of Wisconsin, and Samuel, residing in Bentinck.

Jane was wed to Mr. William
WATSON and resided at Paisley. There were nine in their family; Wm. John, Andrew, Eliza Jane, Sarah Ann, James, Rebecca, Margaret Ann, Robert and David Samuel. Of these Wm. John, Sarah Ann, James and Margaret Ann are deceased.

Eliza became the bride of Andrew McGIRR and seven children were their family; James, Jane, Margaret Ann, William, Eliza, Andrew and Samuel. Only two of these remain. James, who has been ill these last two years, and Margaret Ann, Mrs. James WILSON of Durham.

The first and second generation have lived their day and their bodies are resting in different cemeteries but the good influence they exerted in their days on earth goes on down the generation. Mr. and Mrs.RITCHIE had five children, 43 grandchildren, 171 great grandchildren and at present there is no record of the fifth and sixth generations.

Subsequently (July 1931, I believe) another reunion was held at the Holstein Park in Holstein, Grey County, at which 160 people registered. Those attending from a distance were: Mrs. John RITCHIE , Winnipeg; Mrs. A. ECTOR and daughters, Ethel and Elsie of Elbow, Sask.; Miss Marie RITCHIE , Winnipeg; Mr. Wm. RITCHIE and son Harold of Holland Centre; Mr. and Mrs.
MOFFATT and Lexie MOFFAT , Mr. and Mrs. P. MOONEY from Pinkerton; Mr. and Mrs. ALLEN and family from Riverview; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph FIRTH . Miss Bernice and Master George FIRTH and Mr. and Mrs. George SCOTT of Shelburne; Mr. And Mrs. HENRY , Fergus; Mr. and Mrs. D. FIRTH from near Toronto; Mr. and Mrs. BROWN and family, Teeswater; Mrs. J. VESSY and daughters, Doreen and Elizabeth, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. VESSY of St. Mary's.

The following is a compilation of descendants of each of William and Jane's children to the extent that I have found to date, this is by no means complete and I would appreciate those with more information to please forward it to me for inclusion in future editions of this work.

The Pedigree Chart below is a portion of a larger chart encompassing all the known Ancestors of  Katherine Louise WATSON, daughter of John Mrshall "Jack" WATSON and  and Florence Mae METCALFE. She was born and raised in Greenock Township, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada.
The current Descendant Journal contains as many desendants of the captioned couple as I have been able to idetify todate.   William RITCHIE b1816 below  is as far back as we have researched to date.

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