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The following is a history, in genealogical format, of the The REID Family as far as I have been able to compile to date. Apparently Thomas & Elizabeth REID had at least six sons, Joshua, William, Thomas, James B, John C and Samurl. With the exception of Joshua, all the sons apparently settled in Ontario.

John C. REID (1816-1885) & Eliza Jane McCULLY (1820-1902)
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John C. REID was born in Ireland about 1816. As a young man he immigrated to Canada. Eliza Jane McCULLY (1820- 1902) came from Ireland later to marry John. In 1855 they came to Lot 9, Con. 13, Greenock Township, and received their Crown Deed in 1873. By 1861 John had cleared and cultivated five and one half acres, built a log house, and acquired five steers or heifers under three years of age, two milch cows and five pigs. John and Eliza Jane had a family of six children: Thomas, Samuel, Mary, Jane, Adam, John and Sarah.

Thomas REID (1851 - 1930), eldest son of John and Eliza married Harriet GOODHAND and purchased Lot 6, Con 15. He was considered an expert at moving of buildings. Thomas and Harriet had nine children: John married Nellie SLOCOME Sarah Elizabeth married James KEYES, Adeline married Rev. Henry MILLER ; Edgar married Mabel WALKER , Charlotte married Alexander MORLAND, Lawrence married Hazel VANCE , and three children died at an early age, William, Mary Jane and William T. After Harriet died in 1899 Thomas married Maggie KEYES, who had one son Harold. Thomas and Maggie had five children: Nellie married Kenneth McKINNON, Joseph died at age 2Z George died at age 69, Neil married Ruth COLWELL; and Mary Married James THOMPSON .

Samuel REID (1852 - 1933) married Mary Jane KEYES and remained on Lot 9, Con. 13. They had five children: Ella Jane (1884 - 1886); Mary married Richard PEARCE, Ella married Clarence McTEER ; Myrtle married Robert SLESSOR , and Sylvia married T. W HUTCHINSON .

Mary Jane REID (1854 - 1923) married Joseph ROUMEY in 1874. They lived on the west half of Lot 6, Con. 13 and had ten children: Louisa married Jonathan METCALFE, John married Rebecca ALEXANDER ; Samuel married May MORE Elizabeth married George SAWYER. William married Maud PARKER . Harvey married Maybelle BAKER ; Frances married Nelson FLETT; Sadie married Alex CAMERON , Lila Maude married Cohn MORE , and Ida May married Elmer GREGG.

Adam REID (1855 - 1930) married Effie MacMILLAN and lived on the east half of Lot 6, Con 13. Adam was for some years a councillor for the Township of Greenock and Chairman of the Board of Management for Knox Memorial Church in Pinkerton. Adam and Effie's children were: John Aylmer who married Jean McRAE , Angus married Mary Amelia GUINAN , Isabelle (1888 - 1889); Ernest (1893 - 1916); Alma (1890 - 1978); and Melville married Hattie GALE .

John REID (1857- 1903) married Esther KEYES and lived on Lot 6, Con. 14. They had nine children: Sarah married George McTEER, Bertha married Theophilus 'Offa' McTEER; Agnes married Wilfred CERSON , William married Emma BARKHOLTZ ; Nellie (Mrs. J.P. JOHNSTONE ); Mabel (Mrs. Wm. SYMONDS ); and Ethel (Mrs. Norman FISK ), all lived in Walkerton; Elmer married Mary BEGG and lived on Lot 9, Con. 15, which has a large stone house, one of two in the area.

Sarah, the youngest daughter of John and Eliza, died when she was almost fourteen years old.

A great deal of credit for the information that follows must go to the following people: Mary Lolita KEYES-YOUNG and Burton T. KEYES for their wonderful book THE ROBERT SAUNDERS FAMILY of IRELAND AND CANADA published in 1973 where they have a complete compilation of the families of Thomas, Samuel, and John REID .

Credit also goes to Jim and Kay GREGG who provided excellent information on Mary Jane REID 's family, and Jim and Dorothy REID for the descendants of Adam REID .

The following pages are a compilation of the descendants of the REID family, but this genealogy is by no means complete and ultimately I hope to uncover more information on the origins of John and Eliza. Meanwhile I would be pleased to hear from all those reading these pages who recognize errors or omissions or have additional information that could be used to further enhance this history.

Katherine WATSON married Case VANDERPLAS and is a direct descendant of this family See Pedigree Chart.

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