Descendants of George "Old King" Reeve

George Reeve was born at Friars Maston, Warwickshire, on the 14th June, I774 (?). His wife was Hannah Lawrence, from Byfield, Northamptonshire. Their first house was on Squire Lepard's farm, on the west side of the road, but this was burned down and the second one built on the east side of the road opposite. The site of this was between the top of the hill and the bend of the road on Lot I on the 2nd Concession. This is the farm on which Mr. Traill lives. The house was a log one, two stories high, with large fire places, and was a stopping place for all the first travellers coming to Elora.
Although the proper spelling of the name was Reeve, this house was always referred to as Old King Reeve's place, and in this way the spelling of the name was changed so that the only one of the name, George Reeves, of Fergus, spells his name with an 's' at the end of it.
There was not an early raising, or bee, where hard work had to be done, at which Old King Reeves was not a leading spirit. He was active, supple and strong and there were few men who could outlift, outfight, outrun, or, when he took the notion, outwork the 'King of Woolwich' for, be it remembered, that up to the year l852 this was called the township of Woolwich.
Mrs. Reeve was a good neighbour and, one might say, the only doctor for years. She became partially paralyzed, was, therefore, helpless and falling into the fireplace was severely burned, as she was alone at the time. From the effects of this and the paralysis she died on March l7th, 1851, at the age of seventy six years, and was buried in the old English Church burying ground.
After selling his farm to the late Arthur Ross, King Reeves moved into Elora He was accompanied by Lucy Colby, an adopted daughter, his best friend, who helped and cared for him. George Reeve died on July 13th, 1866 and was also buried in the old English Churchyard.

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