Descendants of Antione PILON & Marie Ann BRUNET dit LETANG

It was in the 1680s that the young Antoine Pilon, son of the butcher Thomas Pilon and Madeleine Ruault of the parish of St-Patrice in the city of Bayeux in Normandy, crossed the Atlantic Ocean, never again to see the shores of his native land. What reasons incited him to undertake a long and dangerous trip at sea towards a distant land and a future he could not even imagine? Well, perhaps a taste for adventure and freedom for starters. Whatever the case, he arrived in this new land as a young man and at the age of 24 he married the young Canadian-born Marie-Anne Brunet dit Letang (born in 1672). Of this union there would be a rich and fertile descendence. From Website PILON International.

Antoines and Marie Anne's ggggg grandson, Joseph "Rene" LEFEBVRE apparently had a fleeting relationship with Euphemia SAUNDERS resulting in a daughter Jean being born out of wedlock in Port Elgin on November 24, 1915. Jean was adopted by Daunt and Louisa METCALFE of Greenock Township, Bruce County and they named their chosen daughter Florence Mae METCALFE.


Coureur de Bois in Nouveau France

The Pedigree Chart below is a portion of a larger chart encompassing all the known Ancestors of  Katherine Louise WATSON, daughter of John Mrshall "Jack" WATSON and  and Florence Mae METCALFE. She was born and raised in Greenock Township, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada. In 1967 Kathy married Case VANDERPLAS and they have two children Kristine and Robert.
The current Descendant Journal contains as many desendants of the captioned couple as I have been able to idetify todate.   To access further Descendant Journals related to Florence's ancestors click on the forward buttons.

DNA Matches on Ancestry or MyHeritage* to Kathy VANDERPLAS nee WATSON who have a common ancestor in this journal. Click on the underlined to see their Relationship Charts.
Annette LEWIS - 37 cMs - 4th cousin once removed.
Judith LLACASSE - 37 cMs - 6th cousin.
Beaudry56 - 45 cMs - 7th cousin once removed.

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