Descendants of James SOUTAR and MARGARET McKENZIE

James and Margaret's son William SOUTAR is a bit of an enigma. He married Elizabeth PATERSON in Midlothian, Scotland and had eleven children between 1843 and 1861.
He apparently arrives in Canada about 1851 or 52 with three of his oldest children in tow.. Shorlty after arriving in Canada he married Amelia DELMAGE (the fact that he actually married her is an assumption on my part) and William has changed his surname to McKENZIE. The difficulty in itracing William's whereabouts in Ontario is due to the fact that I can not identify him or his family in the 1861 census.On the family Gravestone in Necropolis Cemetery in Toronto William passed away 1868. The family, without the father, is in Toronto in the 1871 census. Stay tuned ....


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Jennifer Elizabeth 'Jenny' GRAHAM (1974-1988) was is a direct descendant of the captioned couple and a goddaughter to Kathy WATSON* & Case VANDERPLAS*. See Jenny's Pedigree Chart
Other Ancestral Families connected to Jenny are : ; GRAHAM;; BROWN; McKENZIE; DELMAGE / DOLLMETSCH; ROCHER; ZEIDLER & HOPPER..

* Denotes connection to the principal families on our Home Page.

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