Descendants of Johan Balthasar HETZLER & Anna Barbara DOHM

Johan Balthasar HETZLER emigrated from Germany in 1749 settling in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA where he married Ann Barbara DOHM in 1755. Their son Frederick married Barbara SINGER and they moved to Scottsville, Monroe County in New York State. Hendrich, Frederick's seventh child eventually found his way to Canada where he married Margaret WILKINS and had two children in Jerseyville, Wentworth County, Ontario. Henry died before 1844 and Margaret remarried John W. CLINE. Henry and Margaret's son James found his way to Oxford County where he married Mary PARKER. They farmed in Zorra Township where they had atleast seven children before they relocated to Bruce County, just south of Cargill where the rest of their family of eleven were born.


Grand Trunk Railway Station at Cargill, Bruce County, Ontario.

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