Descendants of Zachariah & Maria HERRINGTON

Third Annual Gathering of Prominent United Empire Loyalists
at Presqu'lle, July 1st, 1935

The annual Herrington Family Reunion will be held this year at the tourist camp, Presqu'lle, on Monday, July 1st. Dinner will be served at noon, with a program of sports afterwards. REV. L.M. SHARPE is the president of the family reunion association this year, and Mr. THOMAS MIKEL, Consecon, the Secretary-Treasurer.

Written by Thomas Mikel, Secretary-Treasurer (son of Johnson Hope Mikel)

"After the close of the American Revolutionary War of 1783, rather than live in the new American Republic, the two Herrington Brothers, with other United Empire Loyalists, left their home in Duchess County, New York State, and settled in Prince Edward County, to live under the protection of the British Flag.
These two brothers, namely ZACHARIAH and JEREMIAH HERRINGTON, settled on Consecon Lake which is now the farm owned by THOMAS MIKEL the scene of two Herrington Family reunion picnics in 1933 and 1934. The third annual reunion will be held this year at Presqu'lle, which all descendants are requested to attend.
ZACHARIAH HERRINGTON married ABIGAIL WANNAMAKER and to them were born the following:
SARAH ANN HERRINGTON, born in 1815, (d. 1895, age 80)
MRS. MARK SHARPE, ( is the only surviving daughter and her son REV. L.M. SHARPE, is the president of the Herrington Reunion)
SARAH ANN HERRINGTON and her husband lived a number of years at Consecon Lake and the old Herrington Homestead with their son, G.R. MIKEL, then spending their latter days with another son, J. H. MIKEL, ninth concession of Murray, Northumberland County. J.H. MIKEL is the father of the writer. SARAH ANN HERRINGTON and JOHN MIKEL lived to good old ages; he died in 1894 and she in 1895, and were buried in Stockdale Cemetery.
POLLY HERRINGTON married SYLVESTER REDDICK. She was born in 1817 and died at an early age, (age 34 in 1851) her youngest daughter, CAROLINE (b. 1850) being only a year old. Caroline is now eighty-five years of age and lives with her son and daughter in Trenton. WILLIAM REDDICK Ameliasburgh, and OSCAR REDDICK, Wellington, are grandsons.
PHOEBE ANN HERRINGTON married IVES BEACH and lived on a farm along Consecon Lake, now owned by Robert Millar. One of her daughters married DR. DULMAGE, a dentist.
CAROLINE HERRINGTON married SAMUEL McCARTHY. I have no trace of this family and would be glad to have some information concerning them.
MARY ANN HERRINGTON married a MR. MORGAN, had several sons, one a doctor, and a son JOSEPH MORGAN, had a fur store in Belleville, NY at one time. The Morgans all went to the United States. I would be glad to get any information concerning them.
CHARLES HERRINGTON was born in 1826 and died in 1903 (age 77). He married HARRIET KEMP, and lived in and near Consecon and Carrying Place. New-Consecon and Carrying Place. NEWTON and STILLMAN HERRINGTON are his surviving sons. (ROSA) MRS. McMAHON and (ABIGAIL) MRS. GOULD, are living. (ANNIE) MRS. ELIAS CLARKE, (NETTIE) MRS. PHILLIPS, and GEORGE HERRINGTON are deceased. Many of CHARLES HERRINGTON'S descendants live in and near Consecon and Carrying Place.
WILLIAM HERRINGTON married and lived near Madoc. ALLEN HERRINGTON of Rossmore was a son; the rest of his descendants live around Madoc. His oldest son, WILLIAM is living.
JAMES HERRINGTON married and lived near Foxboro; a daughter ABIGAIL married PERRY THOMPSON, Foxboro.
CATHERINE HERRINGTON married and lived near Bellville, NY. She married JAMES REID and a son CHARLES REID lived in Rednersville; He and his wife were the oldest couple at the first Herrington reunion in 1933. His wife passing away before the second reunion in 1934. CHARLES REID received the prize for being the oldest gentleman at the reunion last year. MRS. GEORGE SILLS (RILLA) is a daughter, and lives in Bellville, NY, and with her, CATHERINE passed away in 1915, a very old lady.
ZACHARIAH HERRINGTON lived along Consecon Lake and died there on May 22, 1843. His wife, ABIGAIL WANNAMAKER, lived with her youngest daughter, CATHERINE, and on April 12 1868, the dear old lady was noticed by her granddaughter, RILLA REID, who ran and told her mother (CATHERINE) that her grandmother was gone, having passed peacefully away sitting in her old arm chair.

I love it, I love it, and who shall dare
to chide me for loving that old arm chair;
I've treasured it long as a sainted prize,
I've bedewed it with tears and embalmed it with sighs;
'Tis bound by a thousand bands to my heart,
Not a tie will break, not a link will start.
Would you learn the spell? A mother sat there,
And that sacred thing is that old arm chair!

The descendants of JEREMIAH HERRINGTON and his wife, REBECCA HERRINGTON, are as follows: MOSES HERRINGTON was born November 15, 1808; married ELIZABETH WEEKS, who was born April 9, 1809. To them were born, STEPHEN, ALVIN, REUBEN, ELEANOR, DARUS, RACHEL, HENRY, GEDEON, and by his last wife, MELISSA SIMPSON, JEREMIAH, ALLEN, and EMMA. EMMA married a MR. SABINS and attended the Herrington reunion last year. Most of these descendants live in the vicinity of Hilton and Colborne.
JACOB HERRINGTON married and lived north of Hilton. He had several children. He was drowned when a mill-dam collapsed back of Hilton, carrying the mill and himself down the stream.
JEREMIAH HERRINGTON married and kept hotel at the Carrying Place for a number of years. JOHN KEMP lived where Barton Kemp now lives. Many of his descendants live around Consecon and Carrying Place.
LUCINDA HERRINGTON married a MR. MONTGOMERY. MRS. GORDON T. CHASE(LUCY) and MIRANDA MONTGOMERY were their daughters, who lived near Hilton.
VESTA HERRINGTON married a MR. MONTGOMERY, brother of Lucinda's husband and lived near Hilton. William Montgomery of Codrington, is a grandson.

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