Descendants of Joseph HEMBROFF & Martha COOK

Joseph HEMBROFF and Martha COOK were married in Yorksire, England where two of their children, Thomas and Ann Bell were born. They emigrated to New Brunswick about 1825 where Mary, Rachel, Jane and Joseph were born. In about 1835 the family relocated to King Township, York County, Upper Canada where Hannah, Susanna and Martha were born.

Thomas married Mary PEARCE daughter of Richard PEARCE and Betsy FRENCH and Ann Bell married Mary's brother, Edward PEARCE. Mary married David LYON*, Rachel married Samuel ASHTON, and lived in Whitchurch Twp, York Co, Ontario. Jane married John DAVIS, the Davis family lived in Owen Sound, Ontario. Joseph married Harriet Ann GRADY, and lived in Sault Ste. Marie, Chippewa, Michigan. Susanna married Samuel RICHARDSON and they resided in Sullivan Township, Grey County.

LYON* and his brother-in-law Thomas HEMBROFF learned of the excellent prospects for settlers in Elderslie Township, Bruce County, through a brother of the last named, who had been engaged with the survey party under Mr. McPHILIPS. These two men lost no time after the survey was completed in selecting a point at which to settle. They were at that time residing at Chatsworth, in the neighboring county. One morning in October, 1851, saw them leaving home loaded with necessaries for a stay in the bush. Travelling south they at length reached the north branch of the Saugeen River ; following it, partly on foot and partly by canoe, they arrived at the county line. Owing to the amount of driftwood met with there they had to pursue the rest of their journey altogether on foot, following the course of the river. Being satisfied with the location where the sixth concession crosses the north branch of the Saugeen River , they, after doing enough work to secure for themselves a squatter's claim, returned home, to return in the following month with necessary supplies. This location would eventually be called Lockerby. The families and effects of these men were brought into the bush in May of the following year. The first stage was by team from Chatsworth to Hanover . There a raft, 12x30 feet, was constructed, and on it the families and their belongings were placed. It took two days to complete the voyage. A shanty, about sixteen feet square, was put u p on that summer, in which both families lived. About a year and a half later Mr. LYONS again placed his family on a raft and floated down to Southampton , where he engaged in saw-milling. Unfortunately he was burned out, when he then returned to Elderslie. The first shanty these men erected was utilized as a schoolhouse, the first in the township, the teacher being Mrs. Thomas PEARCE, a sister of the present township clerk, J. C. McINTYRE.

The preceeeding historical account was condensed from a narrative published in the Paisley Advocate in 1896 and republished in The History of Bruce County by Norman Robertson, published in 1906.


Lockerby Mill on the 8th of Elderslie just East of Paisley

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