Descendants of James GREGG & Ellen WEIR

The following is a history, in genealogy format, of the descendants of James GREGG and Ellen WEIR as far as I have been able to compile to date. James and Ellen were married in County Antrim, Ireland and had at least ten children;

John born in Ireland in 1827 married Christina BOYLE in Grenville County, Ontario in 1851 and had atleast eleven children. This family lived all their lives in the Lennox & Addington County area.
Nancy, born in Antrim, Northern Ireland in 1829, married Alexander McLEAN in 1846 in Prescott, Ontario. They relocated to Brant Township, Bruce County, Ontario after their second child was born and here they had another ten children.
Alexander, born in Eastern Ontario in 1831, married Ann HUNT in 1859 in Lanark County and lived for some time in Carleton County. They had atleast eight children.
Mary Ann, born in 1832, married Thomas CULHAM in Bruce County, Ontario. They had at least four children.
Sarah Jane, born 1834, married Robert MORLAND in Bruce County. Sarah Jane died during childbirth in 1873 leaving Robert with six children under the age of twelve.
James, born in 1840 in Leeds & Grenville County, married in Bruce County and he and his wife Mary Jane WOOD had atleast five children.
Robert born 1841, married Mary DEACON in 1867 in Greenock Township, Bruce County. Their ten children were born in Greenock.
Elizabeth married Robert
DALGARNO and they had six children and lived in Brant Township, Bruce County. Elizabeth and Robert's oldest, William married Mary Ann LEASK and their next, Ellen married David Samuel WATSON*.
Dan Weir, the youngest married Annie J.
SCOTT and they had four children and also lived in Brant Township, Bruce County next door to the DALGARNOs. James "Amsey" Alexander married Mary Jane McKEE and their only child James married Ida May ROUMEY* {RUMIG}. Dan and Annie's daughter Ann Jane married Robert ALEXANDER, Robert's mother was Sarah WATSON. Second son Dan Weir Jr. married Margaret CARGILL and their son Borden married Edith DAVISON*. Third son George Henry married Elizabeth Ann MAJURY , the daughter of Eliza Jane WATSON-MAJURY and George Jr. married Jennie Rosella METCALFE* , Jennie's mother was Catherine May CRUICKSHANK.
Ellen, born 1847 in Oxford Township, Leeds & Grenville County, apparently never married but did have a son, William born about 1868.

Credit must be given to Jim & Kay GREGG who did most of the legwork researching the ancestery of the this family. This genealogy is by no means complete. Meanwhile I would be very pleased to hear from all those reading these pages who recognize errors and/or omissions or those who have additional information that would either help make this narrative more complete or more interesting to those reading it in the future.


The Gregg Family Clydesdales


Jim GREGG was born and raised in Greenock Township, He is a direct descendant of both the RUMIG and REID* Famiies on our Home Page. Jim is also a direct descendant of the captioned couple, see his Pedigree Chart.
Other Ancestral Families connected to Jim are; GREGG; SCOTT; McKEE; McAFEE; RUMIG & REID*.

Dan GREGG (1940-2007) was born and raised in Paisley, see his Pedigree Chart.
Other Ancestral Families connected to Dan are; GREGG; SCOTT; CARGILL; STEWART; McGREGOR; COLLINS; BRYCE, & GRANT.

Bruce Gregg PICKARD (1933-1996) was boorn in Paisley, Ont, where Bruce and his father Frank before him opersted a Hardware business.Bruce first married Joan CHAMBERS and then Fern MAJURY-STOUT . Bruce is a direct descendant of the captioned couple. See his Pedigree Chart.
Other Ancestral Families connected to Bruce are;

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