Descendants of Alexander GRAHAM and Mary MacIVER

This Journal is a compilation of GRAHAM ancestors all born circa 1750 in or near Upper Shader, Barvis Parish on the Isle of Lewis and they all have descendants who are connected to Kathy VANDERPLAS nee WATSON by DNA. Based on this I have made a "leap of faith" and grouped them as siblings until I can prove otherwise.

Alexander GRAHAM born abt 1749 married Mary MacIVER in Upper Shader. Their son Angus GRAHAM married Catherine MacIVER in 1828 in Barvas Parish on the Isle of Lewis. They had at least four children, all girls. The family apparently emigrated to Upper Canada in the late 1840's. Settling first in Easthope Township, Perth County where they appear on the 1851 Census. By 1861 they had relocated to Huron Township, Bruce County, Ontario.

Their daughter Janet "Jessie" GRAHAM married James SAUNDERS and they had several children, one of whom was Euphemia. Phemie had a daughter Jean born out of wedlock in Port Elgin in November of 1915. Jean was adopted by Daunt and Louisa METCALFE of Greenock Township, Bruce County and they named their chosen daughter Florence Mae METCALFE.


The incredibly barren landscape at Upper Shader on the Isle of Lewis in the Westrn Hebrides.

The Pedigree Chart below is a portion of a larger chart encompassing all the known Ancestors of  Katherine Louise WATSON, daughter of John Mrshall "Jack" WATSON and  and Florence Mae METCALFE. She was born and raised in Greenock Township, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada. In 1967 Kathy married Case VANDERPLAS and they have two children Kristine and Robert.
The current Descendant Journal contains as many desendants of the captioned couple as I have been able to idetify todate.   To access further Descendant Journals related to Kathy's ancestors click on the forward buttons.


DNA Matches on Ancestry and MyHeritage* to Kathy VANDERPLAS nee WATSON who have a common ancestor in this journal. Their DNA online assisted us in eventually identifying Kathy's biological maternal grandmother;
2nd Cousin - click on undelined to see Relationship Chart
Shirley SAUVE nee NICKOLSON - 247 cM - 2nd Cousin
Frieda SYLVEST nee KELLEHER - 177 cM - 2nd Cousin
Christine NICKOLSON - 119 cM - 2nd cousin
Colleen WALKER - 113 cM - 2nd cousin
Cory HIGGINS - 111 cM - 2nd cousin, twice removed
Janet Marie BAKER nee LOUTHER - 37 cM - 2nd cousin once removed.
Avery Hall STEWART - 35 cM - 2nd Cousin, twice removed.
Nicole SUTTON - 32.9 cM* - 2nd Cousin, twice removed.
3rd Cousin
Kay WILSON nee NICKOLSON - 158 cM - 3rd cousin
Patricia ROE - 149 cM - 3rd cousin
Robert NESTOR - 99 cM - 3rd cousin
Caitlin DEKKER - 99 cM - 3rd cousin
5th Cousin
Betsy & Lynda TIZ - 50 cM - 5th cousin once removed
Heather & Jo McLAUGHLIN - 46 cM - 5th cousin once removed
David & daughter Amanda CROSBY - 44 cM - 5th cousin
Donald McKAY - 44 cM - 5th cousin
Peter MacLEAN - 43 cM - 5th cousin
Janet MacIVER - 24 cM - 5th cousin
Alex MATHESON - 19 cM - 5th cousin

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