Descendants of John FISHER & Mary McINTOSH

After the birth of their son Peter in 1832, John and Mary left the highlands of Scotland for the promise of a better life in Canada. They apparently settled in Osgoode Twp., Carleton County were at least six more children where born. By 1851 they had relocated to Blanshard Township in Perth County.
In 1869 son Duncan Fisher purchased a Grist and Saw Mill from David HANNA in Paisley, Bruce County, Ontario.
Later he built a new dam where the present one is located. (the former dam was farther west on the Teeswater). He also erected a new sawmill and added a carding mill. He, in partnership with his brothers Archibald and John Fisher, built a new roller flour mill and a woollen mill. In 1899 the woollen mill employed 11 hands in the manufacture of tweeds, blankets, and f'me and coarse woollens of all kinds. Part of the woollen mills is the building located at the south-west end of the Teeswater Bridge.
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Fisher's Mill Dam on the Teeswater River in Paisley, Bruce County.

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