Descendants of George DAVIE & Barbara HAY

George DAVIE married Barbara HAY Old Deer, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Their daughter Margaret married William AIKEN and emigrated to Wellington County, Ontario, Canada. Son James married Elizabeth GORDON and this family also emigrated to Wellington County in 1844 and relocated to Bruce County in the early 1850's playing a large role in the early history of Paisley and the surrounding area.


New Slains Castle is a ruined castle overlooking the North Sea from its cliff-top site just east of Cruden Bay. Aberdeenshire.
Francis Hay, the 9yh Earl of Erroll built a courtyard and square tower on the present site circa 1700.

James DAVIE 1807-1886 married Elizabeth GORDON 1803-1870 in Slains, Aberdeen in about 1834. They had nine children, five of which were born in Aberdeenshire prior to their emigation to Canada in about 1844. They settled in Wellington County and then in the early 1850's James relocated his family to The Queen's Bush now known as Bruce County and settled on Lot 3, Con 16 of Greenock Township. The following is an excerpt from the obituary of William BROCKIE, also a native of Aberdeen and a pioneer of Greenock Township, Bruce County.

On the 7 th of September 1854 , William BROCKIE, along with two brothers, George and John, his cousin Louis LAMB, David BLACK, James DAVIE, and one or two more, who were desirous of seeing the country, bade goodbye to the old folks at home.
We set out, says one of the two surviving members of this little party of pioneers, for the valley of the Saugeen, at that time the great north-west of Ontario , whence all looking for land were traveling. Some believed it was the last land in Canada upon which man could live. After traveling to Durham, to Walkerton, and navigating the Saugeen River, which took all of the attention of the man at the helm, we at last arrived at Orchardville, now Paisley, where we all received a hearty welcome from the late Mr. John VALENTINE and the late Mr. Sam ROWE . All the company settled in the Gore of Greenock and went to work full of hope of being lairds of the land they had taken possession of.

James DAVIE Jr. 1835-1928 married Elizabeth KEYES and they raised three children in Greenock Township.

Elizabeth Gordon DAVIE 1837-1916 married William C. BRUCE and had five children born in Paisley. The family moved to Toronto in the 1870's.
John DAVIE 1840-1909 apparently did not marry and lived most of his life in Paisley.
Gavin DAVIE 1841-1922. apparently did not marry and lived most of his life in Paisley.
Rachel Forrest DAVIE 1843-1918 married Malcolm McMILLAN 1838-1890 in Paisley and they raised their family of six in Paisley.
William C. DAVIE b.1845 married Elizabeth Emily ANSTEAD 1848-1911 in Paisley and their eight children were all born in Paisley.
Margaret b.1848, Barbara b.1852 and Isabelle b. 1858. I do not have any additional info on these daughters.

George and Barbara's daughter Margaret DAVIE 1809-1866 married William AIKEN 1812-1902 in Cruden Parish, Aberdeen in 1832. They also emigrated to Wellington County where they raised eleven children;
James AIKEN 1832-1912 married Catherine MAIR 1831-1915 in Nichol Township, Wellington County in 1866. They raised seven children there.
Christina AIKEN 1834-1906 married Simpson HEPBURN 1830-1922 in Fergus in 1855. They had twelve children all born in Minto Township, WellingtonCounty. Most of this family relocated to the Bruce Peninsula and settled there.

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